10 Best Zoom Alternatives for Video Calling Free & Paid (Pros and Cons)

10 Best Zoom Alternatives for Video Calling Free & Paid (Pros and Cons). Video conferencing apps have become a crucial part of our lives and zoom is one of the most used apps for video conferencing. But as the popularity of zoom increased in the past two years, more loopholes came to the surface. Like in the free version of zoom, you can do video conferencing for just 40 minutes. Also, zoom requires high end internet and device; otherwise, it does not work appropriately. To avoid these cons, we would like to introduce the alternative to zoom. So, which is the no.1 alternative to zoom?

If your plan is to use online meetings then it is worth to take a careful look at the alternatives for video conferencing platforms and we will compare and view 10 Best Zoom Alternatives for Video Calling Free & Paid (Pros and Cons).

10 Best Zoom Alternatives for Video Calling

Jitsi Meet is top first best alternative to zoom. The app is designed for quick installation and work. The best thing about the Jitsi Meet is its freedom of customization. Jitsi is a selective forwarding unit (SFU) it allows its users to forward the selected streams to other participants of the meeting.

It is an open source video conferencing, which means you don’t need to create an account to host and attend an audio or video conference on it. Jitsi Meet gives freedom to join the only audio or audio video conference.

Jitsi Meet is the inexpensive, fully encrypted solution for video conferencing. The free version allows you to host a meeting of 50 participants. Jitsi Meet is one of the best platforms to share a wide range of content like PowerPoint presentations, videos and documents. Sharing screen is super easy with Jitsi Meet and it permits all the users to control the screen that is being shared.

Installation, Set up and control of the Jitsi Meet is easy. Jitsi Meet’s unbeatable privacy policy, uncountable custom options and powerful analytics makes it the best alternative to the zoom.

Jitsi Meet Pros

  • Jitsi Meet offers top notch features at the best price.
  • Better quality and lower latency.
  • You can customize your meeting and add various advanced features.
  • Real time closed captions are available in different languages.
  • It has a wide number of built in meeting and conference tools.
  • Jitsi Meet, provides end to end encryption, through the room security panel.
  • Jitsi Meet is compatible with all the available clients (Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)

Jitsi Meet Cons

  • The large storage requirement for data storage.
  • Some users have mentioned the audio delay during the meetings.

We are aware that the limited time of the zoom meeting is quite frustrating, but do not worry. We have a RingCentral Video for you. This app allows you to host a 24 hours long meeting of up to 100 participants. While in the paid version, you can host a meeting of up to 200 participants. Isn’t it amazing? Moreover, RingCentral Video is integrated with third party software like Microsoft 365 and G suite.

The audio, video and screen sharing quality of RingCentral video are breathtaking. It allows you to create a meeting with just one click and you can assign a task and fix the deadlines with this app.

RingCentral Video Pros

  • Attending the meeting and sharing the screen on the cell phone is super easy and quick.
  • HD audio video quality.
  • Easy to install and create a meeting with one click.
  • Affordable paid version.
  • Setting the sophisticated IP PBX is super easy with this App.
  • It is compatible with all the devices; fax functionality and chat features are seamless and excellent on all the devices.
  • Calendar integration is available for deciding tasks and setting deadlines.

RingCentral Video Cons

  • Video quality needs improvement.
  • For now, you cannot customize the greeting text of conferences.

Google Meet is one another 10 Best Zoom Alternatives for Video Calling Free & Paid and one of the best zoom alternatives for business purposes. Unlike zoom, you don’t need to install the application. You can host or attend the meetings by navigating the app through google. Google meet allows you to schedule calls, share meeting links and screens as well as record calls.

The free version allows you to host a meeting of an hour of up to a hundred participants, while the paid version allows you to host a call of over 200 participants.

Google Meet Pros

Google Meet Cons

  • No hand raise feature.
  • Better UI needed.
  • Requires higher bandwidth for better video quality.
  • Limited features in free version.

If you want to have the HD video conference experience, then don’t look anywhere else and start using Webex Meetings for your video conferences. It is another choice of 10 Best Zoom Alternatives for Video Calling Free & Paid. Webex Meeting App is the only video conference app that comes with artificial intelligence based features. It allows you to give your reaction during the conference and remove noise and input voice enhancement.

The AI transcription of the app makes it one of the best alternatives for zoom. Moreover, the Webex assistants translate in 10+ languages in real-time. Changing presenters, mouse, and screen control are easy.

Webex Meetings Pros

  • AI integration.
  • High quality audio and video.
  • Document/File sharing and whiteboards.
  • International calling.
  • User authentication.
  • Confidential attendee list.
  • It is one of the best apps for educational purposes because it allows you to take notes, and decide the deadlines, etc
  • You can stream the live video of the meeting on social media
  • Sharing the information with the participants is super easy
  • Webex assistant real-time translator that can translate the audio into several languages
  • One to one audio call during the meeting, for personal discussion

Webex Meetings Cons

  • A bit tricky to use.
  • User Experience and reliability.
  • Noise cancellation  doesn’t always work.
  • The website version does not work appropriately.
  • Unfortunately, the security system of the app is a bit weaker. Several invasive activities have been observed by the users.

Skype needs no introduction. The most amazing thing about Skype is that you can call anyone in the world. There was a time when Skype was considered the only reliable source for video conferencing. it is a free web meeting, video conferencing and VoIP software. Some features are background blurring, voice and text translation, and location share. Skype some of the integration include Microsoft’s Digital Assistant, Cortana.

Skype app is available for all the android and iOS devices, it is also AI integrated app, and it allows you to search for other users by entering their names and number.

Skype Pros

  • AI integration makes the use of the App easier and more interesting.
  • Excellent end to end encryption.
  • It offers a secure and reliable audio and video calling experience.
  • Skype allows you to whiteboard, hold a poll and post question- answer sessions.

Skype Cons

  • Making an account or profile is necessary to use this app and the process is a bit tricky.
  • It is one of the most used apps in the world, but still, there isn’t an option for the real-time captions or translation.
  • The quality of the voice and video depends on the speed of the ISP. For the best function, Skype needs high speed internet. 
  •  Improvement in Performance needed.
  • PowerPoint interface.

FaceTime is one of the best zoom alternatives for Apple devices. FaceTime is different from traditional video conferencing apps. Attending or hosting the call on FaceTime is easier than on zoom. You can add up to 32 participants for the video calling. The app gives you the freedom to select the audio, video, or only audio mode for the meeting. Video conferencing is fun with FaceTime.


  • Video conferencing and audio calling.
  • Free  preinstalled app in Apple Devices.
  • Modern video conferencing app, you can select the required mode.
  • The app is super easy to use.
  • Calls are end to end encrypted.
  • It is an intel based Macs app.
  • The video quality of the App is better than many other apps.
  • Has a larger base compared to other apps


  • Not great for work related applications.
  • Not ideal if you thinking productivity- tends to be more social app.
  • There is no text based messaging.
  • Not compatible with windows.
  • Only a limited number of participants can join the meeting.
  • Consumes a large amount of data

The robust security and intriguing features of GoToMeeting, making it one of the best apps for video conferencing. The app provides several custom options like choosing your background whilst sharing the screen. You can get the transcriptions, meeting reports, recordings and integrated chats in minutes.

GoToMeeting Pros

  • An affordable app.
  • Several custom options  to select themes, background and other during the meeting.
  • Choose service plans (it allows you to create a meeting for 10 to 2000 people) so you can choose the one that suits you best.
  • Lots of integrations.
  • It delivers the HD video quality
  • Sharing documents in real-time is possible with GoToMeeting.

GoToMeeting Cons

  • No free version.
  • High pricing.
  • A few weaker encryption.
  • It requires fast and error free internet.

TeamViewer is a top-notch zoom alternative, and it is best for large enterprises and businesses. It allows you to share multiple screens, pre-meeting setups, and controls of the screen being shared.

If you want a quick and secure video networking solution, then don’t look anywhere else and install TeamViewer. It offers Wake-on-lane and many advanced features for free.

TeamViewer Pros

  • It is a quick app that you can create and join the meeting in minutes.
  • Remote access– listeners can control the screen of the presenter.
  • It provides commendable customer support.
  • Sharing files is super easy. The drop and drag feature help you to share the files on other platforms. You can even share sensitive data files with the help of TeamViewer. 
  • Router configuration is not necessary.
  • It offers the highest security and has the best customer support

TeamViewer Cons

  • A bit pricey.
  • It is not free for commercial purposes. You need to have license to use the app. 
  • It is not compatible with the proxy servers

With the help of this app, you can organize calls, conversations, texts,and tasks. The free version of Chanty allows you to create a meeting of up to 10 participants, but the free version restricts audio calls. For one-to-one video calls, you need to have the paid version. The app is super simple to use and gives you an opportunity for private and group chat and collaboration.

For the smooth flow of information, you can create threads, and after creation, you can share images, videos, and documents with the relevant members.

Chanty Pros

  • Super easy to use.
  • Built-in task management feature.
  • Kanban view.
  • Set due date notifications.
  • You can share voice messages in the chatbox.
  • The auto setting of the app sorts your inbox messages based on your preference.
  • Kanban board view helps you to maintain your workflow 
  • It is integrated with several useful apps. Moreover you can request the custom integration

Chanty Cons

  • For video calling, you need to purchase the paid version.
  • Not an open source software.

BlueJeans is one of the best video conferencing tools for large businesses. This smart app allows you to tag critical business moments, assign tasks to members and highlight events. It is a futuristic app it gives you a notification of the problem before it appears.

Creating and attending the meeting on the BlueJeans doesn’t require installation. Other  options include hand raising, Q&A chart creation, moderator control and polling.

BlueJeans Pros

  • Best to host a video conference for a larger group.
  • Several advanced features.
  • It helps to create high-quality, interactive and secure conferences
  • Make the video conference room for the interruption-free video calling. 
  • Gives you the best value for your money. Many advanced features are available at a lower cost .

BlueJeans Cons

  • The privacy policy does not have end to end encryption.
  • Some users have faced the interruption in the voice .
  • It does not work without high-speed internet.

Well done! We have compared 10 Best Zoom Alternatives for Video Calling Free & Paid (Pros and Cons). Let’s summarize.

10 Best Zoom Alternatives for Video Calling Free & Paid Conclusion

We have introduced you to the top 10 best Zoom alternative. When picking a Zoom alternative please do some research and decide which software is most suited to your needs. Don’t just look at the attractive pricing but all the features and read the reviews.


We have tried to provide you with the most authentic information so you can choose the best alternative for you. So far, we think that Jitsi Meet is capable of fulfilling all the modern requirements of the video conferencing app hence why we have placed it at no.1.

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