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Active Directory Reporting tool.  Run over 200+ Active Directory reports, Azure AD, Office 365 on Users, Passwords, Groups, Computers, GPOs, OUs.  Customise reports based on any AD Objects attributes.

Developed by Active Directory Experts

Active Directory Reporting Tool and Office 365 Reports by InfraSOS

InfraSOS-Active Directory Reporting

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On Prem AD / Azure AD / Office 365 SaaS Reporting Solution

Improve the Security & Health of your Active Directory

Is your Active Directory Compliant?

Our AD reporting solution will give you detailed reports on Active Directory, Office 365, Azure AD on all your Active Directory Objects and attributes.  It will allow you to secure and make sure your Active Directory is compliant.  Create your own custom reports about your users on any type of user setting, passwords, groups, attribute entries, GPOs, computer objects and so much more.  Automatically schedule reports to run and email you on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.  Export reports as csv or html.

  • Do you need to find the true last login time for users?
  • Do you need to receive a report of users who haven’t logged on in the last 30 days?
  • Do you need a report on users who’s password has expired ?
  • Do you need a report on locked out users ?
  • Do you need a report on user accounts set to never expire ?

Our Active Directory reporting tool will help with your compliance and making sure your domain is secure and detect if your AD is vulnerable to attack.  Once you know where your weakness is within your domain you will be in a position to apply changes to improve your Active Directory security.

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Developed by Microsoft Server Cloud Experts

Get complete overview of your Active Directory domain / forests and improve the speed of AD user logons with Active Directory replication status, Active Directory health check tool and DNS monitor.  Common problems admins have are badly configured domain controllers and DNS servers.  Our tools will show any misconfigurations and point out the errors causing your replication error issues. Find any potential security risks and resolve with our password and AD user reporting tools.

InfraSOS - Active Directory Reporting Tool Features

Active Directory Reports

Run over 200+ AD Reports and export as csv or html. Very comprehensive pre-built list of Active Directory reports

Active Directory User Reports

Generate reports on AD users for example inactive users, locked out users, real last logon of users and disabled user reports.

Azure AD / Office 365 Reports

Run reports on Office 365 licensing, Users, Groups, Mailbox, OWA, Contacts and much more..

Active Directory Logon Reports

Generate reports on AD User logins from logon activity to detail reports on logon time, logon hours and any user logon attributes

Active Directory Password Reports

Run AD password reports on your users (status, security permissions, password expiry, invalid logon, password changes and more).

Active Directory Computer Reports

Generate complete reports on computer objects, domain controllers, workstations, computer account status and OS based reports.

Active Directory Group Reports

Run reports on all your AD groups types and scopes of security groups, distribution groups and their members

Active Directory OU Reports

Generate reports on Active Directory Organizational Units (OU), recentley created, changed, GPO linked, GPO Inheritance blocked

Active Directory Attribute Filter

Create your own custom filters to search any AD attribute, including missing attributes based on AD User attribute entries

Active Directory GPO Reports

Create reports on GPOs including recently created, modified, disabled, unused and OU, site or domain linked GPOs.

Active Directory Health Check

Run reports on domain controller replication status health, DNS, Set alerts on Active Directory DC replication status

Active Directory Contact Reports

Generate reports on creation, modification and deletion of Active Directory contacts and mail enabled contacts.

AD Reports

Secure your Active Directory

Run Compliant Reports

Password Reports

Identify Vulnerable AD accounts

Filter Reports by number of days

Attributes Filter

Active Directory Attributes

Office 365 Reporting Tool

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Run Active Directory Reports and Office 365 Reports via SaaS

No need to learn PowerShell or create complex PowerShell scripts.  Easy to use Web portal and set access levels to your IT helpdesk admins.  Create any type of reports using our Active Directory Reporting Tool and Office 365 / Azure AD tools.

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  • Active Directory Reporting (200+ Reports)
  • Azure AD Reporting
  • Office 365 Reporting
  • Active Directory Health Check Reporting
  • Azure AD Health Reporting
  • Azure AD Risky Users Reporting
  • AAD Connect Sync Health Reporting
  • 1 Administrator License
  • 1 Domain / Tenant


InfraSOS. Try Our Free Trial.
  • Active Directory Reporting (200+ Reports)
  • Azure AD Reporting
  • Office 365 Reporting
  • Active Directory Health Check Reporting
  • Azure AD Health Reporting
  • Azure AD Risky Users Reporting
  • AAD Connect Sync Health Reporting
  • 3 Administrators License
  • 1 Domain / Tenant

Enterprise / MSP

InfraSOS. Try Our Free Trial.
  • Active Directory Reporting (200+ Reports)
  • Azure AD Reporting
  • Office 365 Reporting
  • Active Directory Health Check Reporting
  • Azure AD Health Reporting
  • Azure AD Risky Users Reporting
  • AAD Connect Sync Health Reporting
  • 5 Administrators License
  • Unlimited Domains / Tenant

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InfraSOS Reviews

I've been using InfraSOS for about 6 months and we use it daily for running reports on users, especially the password reports. Great tool. This helped us with compliance reports on password polices.
Paul Farzil
IT Security
I need to run reports on our Office 365 users to find out who has a license and if they have the correct license. This tool has saved a lot of time and money on O365 licensing
Office365 reporting tool
Candice Davis
Project Manager
Very useful reporting tool. We have several domains and this helped us cleaning up AD before we did an AD migration. The AD Health status was very good to fix isses we had with replication.
Azure AD Reporting
Mike Wisinowski
AD Architect

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Cloud Infrastructure Services Ltd was founded in 2014 by myself – Andrew Fitzgerald.  I’ve worked in complex infrastructure environments over 20+ years for many global companies (HSBC Global Banking, Microsoft UK, Deloitte, NHS, Lloyds of London, Serco, and more).  I’m a certified Microsoft Cloud Architect (MCSE Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Charter Member), TOGAF, CCNA, SNIA SCP, Vmware VCP.  I’ve designed and been involved in many Active Directory migrations, upgrades and designed complex Active Directory architectures.


I enjoy helping customers with their AD implementations and cloud transformations and hope we can add you as one of our many clients.  We are a dedicated team of Active Directory experts, Linux specialists, cloud architects, Windows engineers, security professionals, WordPress developers and Microsoft pioneers.

Andrew Fitzgerald

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