10 Advantages and Benefits of Video Conferencing

According to research by Logitech, it is proven that 80% of employees use video conferencing for remote working as it is found that the productivity increases by 50% while the quality of communication has risen to 99%. So if you’re still not using video conferencing in your organization, you probably still don’t know the benefits of it. Even some of them who use it don’t exactly make the best use of it. Let me help you with this article by explaining the real benefits of video conferencing.


In this article we will break down the top 10 advantages and benefits of video conferencing.

1. Improves communication

It is a fact that visual communication is way faster than any kind of communication process because it clears out most of the to-be-clarified points in real-time. Having a mutual understanding is much easier since you can visually see what the other party is referring to. This process will be more convenient than following up on hectic mail threads and audio calls. Despite the size of your business, clear communication is critical and important. When you have video conferencing the participants can grab more information and comprehend them more efficiently. Participants can show materials to clarify their presentation, show things, identify each other’s facial expressions and react accordingly without creating unnecessary issues among them.

2. Improves efficiency

Video conferencing is much similar to a face to face meeting. You can collaboratively work on the task to meet the targets. Video conferencing saves a lot of time since it takes away the burden of typing lengthy emails and messages. Now you do not have to wait an eternal time to get an email response. You can get the information you need quickly. This helps you a lot in making critical decisions in an organization, without getting idle and stuck when a decision or a clarification is pending. The time you save can be invested in more complex tasks and improve productivity within the organization.

3. Increases productivity

As mentioned before, video conferencing makes it much easier to collaborate on shared materials in real-time. For example, now you do not want to type down hundreds of comments or e-mails to review a peer’s work. It’s easy for you to make a call and get him throughout the work and pinpoint the improvements. This saves you from multiple issues such as getting lost in lengthy email chains, messages and documents which can cause delays and confusion.

This method ensures that everyone gets a chance to share their ideas for brainstorming at the very early stage and everyone is on the same page. Since this does not include travelling overhead, your team can spend more time on the tasks which increase productivity in an organization.

4. More Structured Meetings

advantages and benefits of video conferencing

Imagine you have to arrange. Booking a place, arranging transportation, refreshment costs, the human hours you spent etc. Why do you need to go through all these when you can host a video conference? No matter what the locations of the participants are, if they have a good internet connection, you can get them to the conference. In this method, you can schedule a meeting in seconds, provide a proper agenda and stick to it, start and end of time and manage the inquiries and suggestions very easily. This method is cost-effective, efficient and adhering to the new work from the home norm.

5. Reduced Employee Retention

Work is hard. Keeping work and personal life is even harder. This is a common issue that we can see in any organization. It is hectic to manage all the work at home and then travel to the office. You should get in on time. If you get to do more work you do not get time to attend to personal tasks, which then would affect your personal life. At this point, most of the employees take down their positions to give more time to their personal life. Employee retention is directly affecting a company because the investment they put on an employee is wasted. When you can work remotely with the help of video conferencing, the mobility and the flexibility you get in other eBay to day work life will give employees more freedom to plan their personal life too. Even though co-workers cannot connect face to face, video conferencing will connect them regularly.

6. live events

video conference benefits

Video conferencing helps you in managing events with a large number of people. You can now host panel discussions and awareness sessions conveniently. Product demonstration sessions and launching sessions can be arranged with more partners at once. Since you can keep recordings of these sessions, sharing them among other relevant parties without an effort. You can take your brand name to the public by arranging free webinars, sponsoring other events and marketing your brand through video conferencing with them, hosting online competitions etc without much hassle. Therefore we can say that video conferencing can benefit your organization’s marketing strategies also.

7. Provide a Gateway to other apps

Most of the video conferencing tools offer built-in support or plugins for other available tools. For example, Microsoft teams support app editor, SharePoint access and Microsoft planner within the app. Syncing up with the calendar, file uploading and sharing support is also included. Apps like zoom support online streaming to social media platforms like Facebook, youTube, cloud recording etc. This approach is more appealing to the users because ethos reduces using multiple apps or switching between them.

8. File and screen-sharing capabilities

advantages of video conferencing

Modern video conferencing software also offers the ability to share content and a user’s screen with one or more meeting participants. Screen sharing has become exhausting, as employees require remote assistance at times from their team members. Employees could also collaborate and work on shared documents together in real-time or through screen sharing. Using a screen-sharing feature saves time, rather than having to travel to your client’s site each time you want to discuss. By incorporating sharing alongside your video conferencing explanation, you’ll reduce local travel and the need for overseas business trips. Screen sharing application allows real-time office collaboration with many teammates. Simply by sharing the same screen content like a graph or an image meeting attendees can see what others are seeing very quickly

9. Helps building relationships

Maintaining a better relationship with people in our life is important despite the type of it. Although where and how we work has changed, the need for personal relationships, trust, and collaboration haven’t. Video conferencing technology can bridge that gap. By being able to see and be seen, hear and be heard, and share information in a personal, meaningful way, video meetings allow us to not only feel connected to our clients and colleagues but be more efficient essentially anywhere.

10. Improves Attendance

It’s often challenging to coordinate busy agendas and bring staff together for in-person meetings. Due to the busy schedule, people tend to take leaves to attend personal events. Video conferencing allows them to attend to the organizational tasks while managing their time to attend the personal matters also. This is highly beneficial for the organization as there are no impacts on the daily deliveries and estimated timelines. Video conferencing allows the kind of flexibility in scheduling and conducting meetings as you can see the availability of the employees at the time of scheduling the meetings ,and can arrange it accordingly.It allows you to track the attendance and get a confirmation before the meeting. Furthermore you can record the discussion for non-attendees to ensure that they do not miss any important detail. 


With the new norm, video conferencing has become a must-have feature. There are many video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Google meets, Microsoft Teams, Jitsi, Skype etc. which have their advantages and features. You can choose the most suitable one to match your requirement and the budget.

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