Top 10 Best FreeRADIUS GUI to Manage WIFI Authentication

Top 10 Best FreeRADIUS GUI to Manage WIFI Authentication.

FreeRADIUS is a robust RADIUS suite ( Remote Authentication Dial in User Service ) that is globally used for wifi authentication and AAA tasks (authentication, authorization and accounting). Despite its popularity, there is a challenge in learning this software. The process becomes more challenging as FreeRADIUS does not have a native Graphical user interface(GUI). 

There are third party software tools have been introduced to bridge the gap to solve this issue. Here we will discuss top 10 Best FreeRADIUS GUI to Manage WIFI Authentication.

What is RADIUS

The RADIUS protocol comes beneficial for networking, infrastructure devices but more importantly a central authentication mechanism that enables access to the network. It connects and authenticates user to the network or VPN. These information about users can be stored in Microsoft Active Directory (AD), OpenLDAP or in the cloud. 

Radius server improves network security and efficiency of IT department. 

Consider these top 10 Best FreeRADIUS GUI to Manage WIFI Authentication.

Top 10 Best FreeRADIUS GUI to Manage WIFI Authentication

1. RADIUSdesk

RADIUSdesk is a popular Free RADIUS . It is a free and open source tool with comparatively lesser features than other cloud based RADIUS tools. 

RADIUSdesk helps manage data usage limits, the bandwidth allocated to each user, device and network usage. Monitoring metrics are presented with graphs and charts accordingly. It also offers the flexibility in creating vouchers for limited time users.

The main disadvantage of RADIUSdesk is its lack of support. Therefore it will be hectic to use this tool for developers who are new to it. Besides, the single point of failure in such an infrastructure will be higher.

2. daloRADIUS

daloRADIUS is a web GUI used to manage RADIUS deployments and server configurations. While it can be used to manage any RADIUS server and database structures, it is mostly being used with FreeRADIUS. DaloRADIUS has a flexible user interface with smooth navigation flow. The main disadvantage of this tool is that it has not been updated after 2007. Hence it is a bit outdated and sometimes vulnerable to threats.

3. Pro Radius

Pro RADIUS manager is a stable software tool that is developed based on FreeRADIUS. It has a rich, centralized, graphical user management interface based on AJAX with more features such as Group management, managing and grouping platform users based on their region, descriptive permission controlling option, automated invoices, real-time user display and reporting and monitoring tools. Pro RADIUS manager is ideal for internet service providers as it supports distance hotspot management.


Therefore large Internet service providers can achieve high functional user management systems while maintaining a convenient system design without hassle. It is used to manage CMTS NASes  (network access servers) and Mikrotik systems displaying NAS parameters and real time usage.

4. RadiusAdmin

RADIUSAdmin is a web based user interface designed for FreeRADIUS to perform single and group user management. It is based on PHP and works with FreeRADIUS SQL databases. RADIUSAdmin is used to manage user groups by adding, editing and reporting users, managing relationships in and within user groups, managing NASes clients, managing user status and maintaining reply attributes, and displaying metrics and statistics via graphs on post authentication data and accounting reports.

5. DMA RADIUS Manager

DMS RADIUS manager is a software tool used to administer Cisco, pfSense, Mikrotik, DOCSIS CMTS, NAS devices, etc. It is an advanced, multilingual, highly available and centralized tool that can be used to fulfill the authentication, accounting, and authorization requirements of your system. One significant benefit of this tool is customizability, as it can be customized to cater to your system requirements. Furthermore, it is compatible with FreeRADIUS and the latest versions of Mikrotik. This tool helps to account for respectful traffic on a yearly, monthly and daily basis.


Advantages of using a centralized controller are that it allows traffic tracing, checking used and remaining data, checking the uptime, changing and resetting Linux and RADIUS passwords, etc. It supports both prepaid and postpaid invoicing. It is very useful in financial reporting as there is flexibility in tracking the payments.

Other features worth mentioning are Automatic disconnection of expired users, burst mode and priority option and Linux mailbox synchronization with disk quotas. 

6. OpenWISP

OpenWISP is one of the advanced software tools dedicated to network management automation. Most computer networking techniques and tasks are a bit challenging to understand and execute. OpenWISP offers an attractive web user interface, helping even newbies to easily adapt to the networking techniques and learn quickly. It is a Reusable App based on Django server and a free radius database. One interesting point of OpenWISP RADIUS is that it can be integrated with other OpenWISP apps and serve as a standalone app. Additionally, it can be used as a base system to implement customized systems and integrate with more advanced features such as social media login services and enable login from third party websites.  


KaplanSoft TekRADIUS runs on Windows system. The basic features are free, while users can purchase additional versions with advanced features.

TekRADIUS features are log system messages, errors and session information are sent to daily rotated log file and Windows Event log. Another feature of TekRadius is that RADIUS Dictionary can be edited through TekRADIUS Manager. There is a benefit of creating SQL database and tables. There is also authentication only or authorization only mode.


There is free and enterprise version. In Enterprise version it supports EAP-TLS, authentication with NTLM, and offers a dynamic self signed certificate. A more advanced version offers VoIP billing facility and the other features available in the enterprise version.

8. RadMan GUI

RadMan is another GUI that is designed for FreeRADIUS management purposes, by Unimus. This software is written to provide proper GUI management tools and features. RadMan itself does not intervene with the configuration of the FreeRADIUS. It only focuses on offering an easily manageable FreeRADOUS database with a proper web graphical user interface. Radman works with two database connections, one is to the Radius database and the other one is it’s own. These databases are used to insert, update and remove records easily from FreeRADIUS tables.

RadMan  is another choice of top 10 Best FreeRADIUS GUI to Manage WIFI Authentication because of its s simple and convenient GUI tools in maintenance  and deployment

9. Passport

Passport is a GUI used to manage FreeRADIUS. It is capable of providing authentication options to secure networks with a high level of configuration ability, features and functionalities.

There are multiple interesting features of the Passport:


  • Supports multiple authentication options ( PAP, MSCHAP, CHAP, MACHAPv2,  GTC, TTLS, TLS etc.)
  • Authentication and reporting in RADIUS
  • CoA (Change of Authorization) feature to support session controlling and additional authorization.
  • Auto registration portals for users .
  • Hardware based address caching.
  • HTTPS logging portals for specific TLS base certificate based authentication.
  • Available certification authorities .
  • Performance metrics, trends identification and generation of traffic reports.

10. Django Freeradius Manager

Django Freeradius Manager is another popular Graphical user interface that is used as an admin interface for FreeRADIUS. It works along with credentials provisioning and identity management features.

It has two main components: 

  • Django-freeRADIUS : is used to manage all the definitions available and used in freeRADIUS databases tables. Managing definitions is done using the Django Admin Model Backend ( This is tool is there in Django Freeradius Manager itself)
  • Identity app: used to handle the identity provision process.

A few of the main features of Django Freeradius Manager are


  • The identity management feature.
  • Freeradius accounts with expirable timelines.
  • Django based support on localization.
  •  Multiple FreeRADIUS accounts under a single identity.
  •  User connection and device lists are exposed to users.
  •  Expirable tokens are shared through emails for credential provisioning.

Great job! You have followed this article to learn top 10 Best FreeRADIUS GUI to Manage WIFI Authentication.

Top 10 Best FreeRADIUS GUI to Manage WIFI Authentication Conclusion

WiFi security is one of the major requirements in any organization as much as authentication, authorization, and accounting ( AAA functionalities). Therefore identifying the methods and means of managing it is very important.

Here we have discussed the Top 10 FreeRADIUS GUI solutions. All these solutions offer free and open source tools for you to try. They are easier to use, convenient and flexible in managing. Apart from basic features such as tracing, reporting, invoicing, and logging, they also have advanced features to help you ensure that you have a proper wifi authentication to fulfill your requirements. 

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