Best FreeRADIUS GUI – Web Interfaces for Ubuntu and Windows Servers

Best FreeRADIUS GUI – Web Interfaces for Ubuntu and Windows Servers.  FreeRADIUS is a highly flexible and powerful cornerstone of numerous RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial in User Service) servers across the globe used for WiFi security and AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) needs. However, it has a very steep learning curve and managing it gets a bit challenging due to the absence of native GUI (Graphical User Interface) web interface.

Since a native FreeRADIUS GUI is not built into the FreeRADIUS standard solution, you can leverage other FreeRADIUS GUI solutions for seamless RADIUS server management. Without third party solutions or add on modules, you will have to manage the RADIUS server manually using the command line, which can be pretty troublesome in the long run.

Here, we have reviewed the top 7 Best FreeRADIUS GUI web interfaces and exceptional server management features. These solutions vary in their functionalities and expertise, but aid in hassle free RADIUS server management. 

Top 7 Best FreeRADIUS GUI – Web Interfaces for Ubuntu and Windows Servers

1. RADIUSdesk

RADIUSdesk is a web based, open source GUI to FreeRADIUS which you can leverage to deploy and manage users, devices, vouchers and mesh setups all from a single intuitive dashboard. It is a perfect solution to manage users accessing Wi Fi hotspots. With professional administration front end to FreeRADIUS, everything is powerful and easy to use. Besides, the initial setup is a breeze!

Key Features Of RADIUSdesk

With RADIUSdesk, you can painlessly manage:

  • Permanent Users
  • NAS devices that are FreeRADIUS server clients
  • Devices used by permanent users viz. BYOD
  • Accounting records
  • Network users

Apart from this, you can easily manage multiple profiles available to Permanent devices/users. And, you can get real time feedback from FreeRADIUS related to debug traces. For your large scale deployments, RADIUSdesk greatly simplifies managing of CoovaChilli pages. It is an open source, free solution to use and it speaks many languages, thereby allowing quick translations.

RADIUSdesk leverages open source FreeRADIUS to offer powerful AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) services to ISPs, WISPs, network departments, corporate companies, conference centers, universities and schools and so on. It is a great solution for all these niches to measure and manage ICT resources.

2. DMA RADIUS Manager

DMA Radius Manager is an administration solution for Cisco, Mikrotik, StarOS, DD WRT, pfSense NAS devices, Chillispot and DOCSIS CMTS. It is an easy to use system that offers an intuitive, centralized console for all your AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) needs.

DMA Radius Managers has a multi lingual, highly available WEB interface that is quite easy to use. Since it has completely siloed design and code, you can easily customize the GUI as per your requirements. It is 100% compatible with FreeRADIUS and newer versions of Mikrotik router OS. 

Key Features Of DMA Radius Manager

  • All operations and account management is centralized using WEB GUI
  • Supports RADIUS and DOCSIS accounts for easy management of multiple NAS and CMTS devices along with DOCSIS compliant cable routers
  • Helps you with traffic accounting on daily, monthly and yearly basis
  • A centralized Users Control Panel allows users to track traffic, change their RADIUS and Linux password, check used MB, remaining MB, online time, etc.
  • Utilizes a free MySQL Database engine
  • Find users quickly by searching the database using different filters
  • Supports prepaid and postpaid billing, invoicing
  • Track payments and generate financial reports
  • Track IP connections comprising their IP addresses, ports, date, time, used protocol, etc.
  • Logical and clear design allows you to painlessly manage thousands of accounts


daloRADIUS is a reputed and powerful FreeRADIUS GUI management platform deliberately aimed towards full fledged ISP setups, VPN solutions and even management of WiFi hotspots. It is open source software that can meet your business needs with its FreeRADIUS GUI that runs on Linux and Windows. It can be used to manage common ISP deployments as well as WiFi hotspots.

Based on a FreeRADIUS deployment, daloRADIUS has a database server that acts as the backend. It can seamlessly manage FreeRADIUS and its database structure. 

One of the main highlights of this solution is how it offers seamless integration with GoogleMaps for geo locating. Other features of daloRADIUS include accounting, graphical reporting, billing engine and easy user management.

Based on JavaScript and PHP, daloRADIUS can handle various RADIUS servers and also support multiple database systems such as Sqlite vs MySQL, PostgreSQL vs MySQL and so on.

Key Features OF daloRADIUS

  • Simple UI Management: No need to edit FreeRADIUS setup files or utilize MySQL database console. daloRADIUS features an intuitive and highly flexible UI with which you can quickly and easily manage your FreeRADIUS deployment. It has a seamless navigation flow.
  • Business Intelligence: Intelligent graphical reporting feature produces valuable insights which help you make well informed business decisions.
  • Accounting: It can manage user accounting records with ease. Use various connection attributes to quickly search users.

4. Openwisp Radius

openwisp - freeradius management GUI

OpenWISP is a powerful software platform developed and designed to automate network management, focusing majorly on wireless networks. Its main goal is to create web interfaces that people with limited experience and knowledge of computer networking concepts can easily use. To make it possible, OpenWISP RADIUS was introduced.

OpenWISP RADIUS is a Django reusable app that provides users a web platform to interact with the freeradius database. FreeRADIUS is a fast, feature rich, open source RADIUS server developed and distributed under the GNU General Public License for Authentication and Accounting of network access.

Developers can integrate OpenWISP RADIUS with the rest of OpenWISP or use it as a standalone application. Also, in some cases, developers can use it as a base system on which one can design or build custom solutions. It comprises various advanced features like social login (disabled by default) that use social networking services to sign in to a third party website.

Features of OpenWISP

  • User self registration
  • SMS verification
  • Allows importing users from CSV files
  • Creation of new users for events
  • VPN tunnels creation
  • Defines configuration templates
  • Supports captive portal authentication
  • Enforcement of session limits
  • Single Sign On (SAML)
  • API Documentation
  • Allows Captive portal mock views

5. Pro Radius

Pro Radius Manager is feature packed, easy to use and stable software built upon improved version of FreeRADIUS. It is a perfect solution for Internet Service Providers as it can manage distinct hotspots. As you install Pro Radius, you will get a fully configured Linux OS along with a centralized Radius Manager Panel. You can use this panel to modify systems such as domain name, MySQL, network interface, etc., as and when needed.

The AJAX based interface is fully optimized to suit modern browsers and display real time updates without any lags. It is well optimized and highly functional to aid user management, ideal for large ISPs. At the same time, the intuitive design is easy to use.

Pro Radius is designed with an aim to reduce the hassle involved in IPS user management and provide a centralized console. It can manage Mikrotik and CMTS NASes (Network Access Servers) in a streamlined manner.

Key Features Of Pro Radius

  • Rich User Management platform
  • Group Management system
  • Grouping and Managing Users by Region
  • Detailed permission controls
  • Automatic Invoice Generation
  • NASes with integrated API makes it compatible with CMTS and Mikrotik systems
  • Displays real time user and NAS parameters
  • Reporting and Taxing

6. RadiusAdmin

Written in PHP, RadiusAdmin is a FreeRADIUS web interface that helps in the manipulation of FreeRADIUS’ SQL database for user or group management. However, to conduct this process, all you require is an rlm_sql module that aids in authorization and accounting of network access.

FreeRADIUS is one of the reliable open source RADIUS servers. Its database comprises tables such as radreply, radgroupreply, radusergroup, radgroupcheck, and radcheck used for client management, post authentication logging, and accounting of network access. RadiusAdmin uses Bootstrap front end framework to provide statistics and reports in case of accounting and post authentication logging.

Another key feature of RadiusAdmin is it does not replace FreeRADIUS’ default SQL schema instead makes use of another database to fulfill RadiusAdmin’s own data storage requirements. At present, RadiusAdmin is still in the early stage of development and is not ready for use.

Key Features Of RadiusAdmin FreeRADIUS GUI

  • RadiusAdmin allows addition, elimination and modification of users and groups
  • User group relation management
  • RadiusAdmin is written in PHP
  • Monitors and manages each user’s or group’s check
  • Manages reply attributes of users and groups
  • Client Management
  • User Management
  • Group Management
  • Provides stats and graph reports related to accounting and post auth data
  • Support Bootswatch Flatly, a Bootstrap theme
  • Javascript library
  • Compatible with other RDBMSs

7. KaplanSoft TekRADIUS

KaplanSoft’s TekRADIUS is RADIUS management software that runs on Windows with a built in DHCP server. It comes with a Windows management interface.

It is a good RADIUS management solution with an intuitive GUI and feature rich design that you would basically expect from any RADIUS service. Despite its simple GUI and detailed documentation, TekRADIUS is a bit complex to configure. Basic functionalities are free, but upgrades and access to support requires paid licenses.

Key Features Of TekRADIUS

  • Built in DHCP server to allocate IP addresses to wireless and wired devices
  • Complies with RFC 2865 and 2866
  • Supports TCP and TLS transports
  • Limited to Windows Service and comes with a Windows Management interface
  • Logs session information, errors, system messages to a daily rotated log file and Windows Event log
  • Supports IPv6 attribute
  • TekRADIUS Manager helps you create SQL database and tables
  • Supports Microsoft SQL Server
  • TekRADIUS LT supports SQLite
  • Is able to proxy RADIUS requests to other

Best FreeRADIUS GUI – Web Interfaces for Ubuntu and Windows Servers Wrap Up

With this, we wrap up our review for Top 7 Best FreeRADIUS GUI solutions. All of the software solutions mentioned in the review are fairly easy to use, highly flexible and power packed with distinct features that make RADIUS server management effortless.

As per the WiFi security and authentication requirements of your organization, you can choose the one that is best suitable. Along with AAA functionalities, many of the solutions reviewed above also offer impressive features such as user grouping, graphical reporting, tracing and logging capabilities, invoicing, billing and accounting and so much more.

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