Bigbluebutton vs Jitsi – What’s the Difference for Virtual Classrooms

Bigbluebutton vs Jitsi – What’s the Difference for Virtual Classrooms. E-learning is one of the best innovations of this century. And all the credit for the e learning goes to the virtual apps that have suppressed distance, time and language barriers. Now, students from all over the world can attend a class by just clicking on the link.

E-learning tools or virtual classrooms have become famous lately because of the pandemic. These apps provide live captions that remove the language barrier. You can also take advantage of the private and group chats. Moreover, you can join the breakout rooms. Recording the classroom session is also possible.

There are several virtual classroom apps and all of them offer interesting features. Here we will discuss two top rated virtual classroom apps: Jitsi Meet and BigBlueButton. Make sure to read the article to full length to know more about the features and installation of Jitsi Meet and BigBlueButton.

What is Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet is one of the most famous free platforms for e-learning, video conferencing, and instant messaging. It started as the SIP communicator but Jitsi Meet has improved a lot in a shorter time, and now it has become a video bridge that allows high quality video calling making it the best choice for the virtual classrooms.

Jitsi features

Jitsi security

The most amazing thing that sets Jitsi apart from all the virtual apps is its security. It is 100% secure and provides end-to-end encryption. When you create a meeting or virtual classroom with the Jitsi you get a specific link. This link is the entry ticket for entering the classroom. Only the people who have the link can join the classroom. Moreover, you can remove the irrelevant participants.

Jitsi group chat

A group of 100 people can join the Jitsi at once and the option of recording is also available. All those people who miss the live session can get the recording. One can save the recording of the Jitsi Meet server. The recording stays on the Jitsu server until the host uploads it to the cloud.

You can also use the recording of Jitsi for the live streaming on YouTube. In this way, a hundred and thousands of people can join the session for free.

Jitsi screen share

Sharing the screen is super easy with the jitsi meet. You can choose to show either full screen or any specific application. Whiteboarding is another amazing feature. It allows you to convey your concept clearly to students. The option of live chats is available, which helps to create a collaborative environment. If a student has a query, they can raise their hand to ask the question.

Jitsi meetings

Jitsi meetings can be scheduled to avoid time wastage. The teacher or the host shares the link, and the participants join the class on time. One click meetings are also available. It creates the virtual classroom in just one minute. The audio and video quality of Jitsi meet is commendable and it works fine even at low bandwidth. A low bandwidth mode is also viable, this mode consumes the minimum data, and there is no compromise on quality even in the low bandwidth mode.

Jitsi compatibility

Jitsi Meet is compatible with desktops, mobiles and laptops. And unlike many other virtual classroom apps, the mobile version works impressively. It is open source: which means you don’t need to create an account to attend your class. Click on the link and the browser application will take you to your meeting.

Recently Jitsi Meet has collaborated with the Hackathon, advanced users from Europe, and experts from all over the world to improve the Jitsi Meet and make it a more appropriate platform for virtual classrooms and e-learning.

Jitsi Meet Pros

  • Instant full screen sharing for a better presentation and understanding.
  • Business Meetings.
  • Whiteboarding helps in better understanding during the virtual class.
  • Jitsi is compatible with android, windows, and iOS.
  • The mobile version of the app is better than many other applications.
  • Low bandwidth mode is available that gives the best result and consumes the minimum data.
  • Jitsi Meet provides the best customer support, and a free trial of the application is also available.
  • It is an open source (no need to create an account to join the video).
  • Jitsi Meet is simple to deploy, even not experienced person can use it effectively.
  • Integrations: DropBox, Moodle.

Jitsi Meet Cons

  • Closed captions are not available on Jitsi Meet.
  • It does not allow you to upload and share the document.
  • Security issues (hackers can easily access the data and meetings by attacking the central server of an app).
  • Large storage space required.
  • Short Time Sessions ( max 3 hours sessions).
  • Poor connectivity at times.
  • Jitsi Meet does not have the feature of creating the live poll.
  • It is compatible only with a few plugins.

Follow this article Bigbluebutton vs Jitsi – What’s the Difference for Virtual Classrooms to learn more about BigBlueButton next.

What is BigBlueButton

BigBlueButton is a unique application for the virtual classroom and the best thing about the BigBlueButton is that it is compatible with several plugins, like canvas, Moodle, Camilo and many more. These plugins make the virtual class secessions fun and interesting.

BigBlueButton features

BigBlueButton is continuously evolving and developers and programmers from all over the world are contributing to making the BigBlueButton a better version. Moreover, teachers from different countries are also contributing to adding all the possible features required for e learning in BigBlueButton.

BigBlueButton languages

It has broken the language barrier. The inbuilt option of closed captions in 65 different languages is available. Most virtual classroom applications do not allow you to share the documents, but with BigBlueButton, you can upload and share the documents in real-time. Once you upload the document all the participants can download it from the chat box. And you can even share the videos. Isn’t it amazing?

BigBlueButton whiteboarding

Whiteboarding is also available with the BigBlueButton. BigBlueButton whiteboard is multi user, which means more than one person can use it simultaneously. It gives more of a real time class experience. Moreover, BigBlueButton allows you to create the poll during the live sessions. It helps you to survey the live virtual class.

BigBlueButton breakout room

Breakout rooms are another feature of the BigBlueButton. Breakout rooms allow you to divide your virtual sessions into different small groups for group studies and better understanding. You can also raise your hand anytime during the live session in case of queries.

Regular virtual and breakout classes are super easy to record with the BigBlueButton, and you can save your recording in the cloud for future use. It ensures a seamless virtual classroom experience. The application can be used on a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

BigBlueButton Pros

  • Multiple participants can use the whitebeard.
  • APIs.
  • File Sharing.
  • Presentation Tools.
  • Integrations (Drupal, Jenzabar, WordPress).
  • Breakout rooms and the option of live pooling are available.
  • Closed caption in 65 different languages is valuable.
  • It is open source. No need to create an account.
  • It is simple to install, launch and implement and has quite a simple view. 
  • Different plugins are integrated with the BigBlueButton.
  • You can share the videos and documents in the chat box.

BigBlueButton Cons

  • Some features of the application are difficult to understand and work with.
  • It requires high bandwidth for a seamless experience. The data consumption is sky high.
  • Audio quality starts to fluctuate as the number of participants increases.
  • A high speed device is necessary for the proper functioning of the application.

Now in the article Bigbluebutton vs Jitsi – What’s the Difference for Virtual Classrooms is vital to compare the two tools. 

Jitsi VS BigBlueButton – Key Differences


Jitsi Meet Security

Jitsi Meet is one of the most trusted apps for virtual classrooms. It uses end-to-end encryption for safeguarding the valuable information of its users. All you need to do is turn on the end-to-end encryption before starting the class.

For the 1 to 1 interaction, Jitsi uses the peer to peer option, which is also reliable. Jitsi Meet also uses the Jitsi video bridge to secure the data of its users.

BigBlueButton Security

BigBlueButton uses the standard SRPT and DTRS security protocols to secure the data. DTRS is also a reliable security protocol, but not as secure as the end-to-end encryption. So, in terms of security Bigbluebutton vs Jitsi – What’s the Difference for Virtual Classrooms- Jitsi Meet is a clear winner.

Platform Supported and Data Consumption

Platform Supported by Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet is a multi platform based application. You can use it on the web, iOS, and Android phones. The performance of the app on all the gadgets is pretty impressive.

Unlike most video conferencing applications, the mobile app of Jitsi works efficiently. Moreover, there is also a data saving mood that has less data consumption.

Platform Supported by BigBlueButton

BigBlueButton is a web based application. To use the application on iOS; you need to have a 12.2+ version. For android, a 6.0+ version is necessary. Moreover, the data consumption is high, and there is not any data saving feature.

In this comparison Bigbluebutton vs Jitsi  once again Jitsi is best in this regard because it does not require any specific gadget. 

Screen Sharing and Recording

Screen Sharing with Jitsi Meet

Sharing the screen is super easy with Jitsi. All you need to do is click on the share screen button and you are good to go. With Jitsi, you can choose to share either full screen or any specific application. The teacher and all the students in the classroom have equal opportunities of screen size display.

Screen Sharing with BigBlueButton

BigBlueButton also provides the one click screen sharing option. Sharing your screen is super easy with BigBlueButton. But only the host or the teacher can share their screen. Students cannot share their screens with BigBlueButton.

Again, Jitsi is better in this regard because the right of screen sharing helps the students to present their PowerPoint during the live virtual class.

Chats and Document Sharing

Chats on Jitsi Meet

Jitsi allows its users to use the group and the private chat box for the discussion and greeting. Moreover, Jitsi Meet has also introduced the Breakout rooms for discussion and better learning. But you cannot share videos, documents and images in the chat box.

Chats on BigBlueButton

BigBlueButton also shares the group and personal chat feature. In the chats of BigBlueButton, you can share documents, videos, links and images. And all the participants can directly download the shared material from the chat box.

BigBlueButton also has the breakout rooms for the 1 to 1 interaction for better understanding.


Whiteboarding is a crucial feature of all virtual classroom apps. Let’s compare Jitsi Meet and BigBlueButton on this feature.

Whiteboarding with Jitsi Meet

Whiteboarding helps in better understanding during the live sessions or class. Whiteboarding is fun with Jitsi. All the users or the attendees of the Jitsi Meet get an equal chance to whiteboard during live sessions. But only one participant is allowed at a time to use the whiteboard.

Whiteboarding with BigBlueButton

Using the whiteboard is super easy with BigBlueButton. BigBlueButton whiteboard is a multi user. It means two or more participants can use the whiteboard at a time. A multi-user whiteboard is better than a single user because, in this way, students can convey their queries more appropriately.

Customer Support

Jitsi Meet Customer Support

Jitsi Meet customer support is the best, the team is available 24\7 to help their customers, and the whole team makes sure to help their customers in the best way. Moreover, they also customize the jitsi meet for their valuable clients.

BigBlueButton Customer Support

BigBlueButton customer support is also pretty comprehensive. But BigBlueButton does not provide customer support online and on phone. You need to go through a complex procedure to get help.

Ease of Use

Jitsi Meet Ease of Use

Jitsi Meet is super easy to understand and use. Moreover, several tutorial videos are available on the website that will help you.

BigBlueButton Ease of Use

BigBlueButton is a bit complicated to install and use, and the features are tricky to understand, especially for a not experienced person. But fortunately, tutorial videos are available online, which will make BBB easier for you.

Great effort! We have learned more about Bigbluebutton vs Jitsi – What’s the Difference for Virtual Classrooms (Pros and Cons).

Bigbluebutton vs Jitsi - What's the Difference for Virtual Classrooms Conclusion

BigBlueButton is one of the best applications for virtual education because it was designed for educational purposes. It has surpassed the boundaries of time, distance and language. It is a web conferencing and social collaboration software for educational purposes mainly and provides e-learning facilities.

Jitsi is created to help businesses create password protected virtual meeting rooms to host audio and video calls. You can create custom meeting URLs, mute or remove participants and share the whole screen.

Jitsi Meet is one of the best video conferencing apps. It was a web conferencing app, but the recent colorations and several other improvements have made the Jitsi the top rated application for virtual classrooms. Seeing the undeniable growth of the Jitsi, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Jitsi Meet  is quickly becoming the top virtual classroom app. So, what are you waiting for? Install Jitsi Meet and unlock the doors of e-learning for you.

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