Dolibarr vs Odoo – What’s the Difference? (Pros and Cons)

Dolibarr vs Odoo – What’s the Difference? (Pros and Cons). If you are looking for an effective software product that will not only tackle the accounting for your business but will also manage and analyse data for report generation, you must spend a little time researching various available ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software. An ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software is designed to cater to businesses that gather and sort out all the data related to payments and raw materials. This integrated system with automated features helps reduce the manual work and scope of errors.

With many ERP software available, it can be a challenging task that requires comparing their features and facilities to know which will suit the business model better. You can also get an idea about the functioning of each of the products. Comparing two products or figuring out differences between them assists in seeing their weaknesses and strengths. It helps you in deciding which one will suit your requirements better. Other than the best features, an application which is very simple to understand and use is the best option.

Many highly versatile, cost efficient and feature rich open source ERP systems are available in the market, among which Dolibarr and Odoo are two major systems.

By checking the ratings and various features provided by each of the solutions between Dolibarr and Odoo, you can decide which is best suited for your business needs. It solely depends on whether their abilities are important for your success or not, along with the platform they are working on, the integrations they are offering, whether or not they provide supporting growth and, yes, the pricing plans.

Let’s have a detailed comparison of Dolibarr vs Odoo – What’s the Difference? to decide which one is better or will suit your needs better.

What is Dolibarr?

Dolibarr is a web software with a set of tools that are ideal for freelancers, organisations and foundations. An open source tool that and also acts as a customer relationship management or CRM tool. As it is open source, it has a huge user base that constantly offers feedback to assist and enhance the product quality. Dolibarr can be utilised as a separate application or online through a server that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. The user friendly interface assists users in the proper management of their businesses, right from customer relationships, accounting, human resources and invoicing to foundation management. With various modules which users can access without much difficulty, Dolibarr offers end to end solutions for streamlining the whole business process and enhancing profitability. In short, it comprises all things that ERP requires.

Pros of Dolibarr

  • Dolibarr offers integration capability, consistent development and accessibility.
  • With CRM and ERP software, organisations from small to medium size can personalise and configure to their requirements.
  • Integrating Dolibarr with other systems and software makes it easy to match and manage needs that businesses have, whether it is inventory management, accounting, invoicing or anything else.
  • it can also easily manage some of the essential tasks. It is straightforward to install, implement and modify Dolibarr.  
  • Dolibarr is free, which saves money for businesses.
  • Dolibarr provides the following features:
  • CRM / Sales management.
  • Human relationship Management.
  • CMS and website management.
  • Marketing via emails or surveys.

Cons of Dolibarr

Dolibarr has a few drawbacks.

  • Basic ERP requirements of the small sized and medium sized enterprises are met.  But if you are looking for software that assists in complying with the existing federal set up, it requires personalisation which might need addition assistance or tweaking codes.
  • People whose native language is not English can find the translations meaningless, which makes the product loose its efficiency as a tool.

What is Odoo?

Odoo is one of the best platforms with additional applications that you will need for running your business. Like Dolibarr, it also offers CRM applications that provide business insights and help generate sales. The user interface is very simple, and it is liked by many users as it allows them to mechanise their business operations completely. Odoo offers users high flexibility and they can add apps as per the requirement of the company’s growth. But users can add one app at a time to facilitate smooth execution. With these apps, users can easily keep a track of all things in their businesses. With the unique framework with a well designed and latest technical strategy, users get unmatched working experience with Odoo.

Pros of Odoo

  • Odoo is a platform specially designed to cater to the needs of a modern business enterprise. It is a cost efficient ERP support system and an API friendly platform with many other application integrations.
  • Odoo comprises several features for boosting the process of sales by utilising electronic signatures in communication, upscaling revenues etc. Its CRM, which is unbuilt, offers business enterprises perfect sales forecasts and required data for making all smart decisions, personalisation of designs of the dashboard and increasing business performance. Some tools such as CRM and POS are user friendly and easy to set up.
  • Incorporating services such as Odoo project, timesheet and help desk, it consists of an ergonomic information system that helps in business planning, team performance, project merits and set up. These can also be implemented to make precise forecasts for operating projects and resource needs. Odoo offers project management tools that assist its user in streamlining and incorporating systems in the workplace, enhancing collaboration, heightening productivity, and improving team collaboration.
  • Odoo provides a varied source of consumer services which are easily accessible and essential. There is a limit on available resources, but Odoo offers various such resources simultaneously online.

So, with technological progressions, all businesses need to evolve and adapt. Odoo is a platform which covers any business’s whole and exclusive needs. It personalises and automates every business process. With better management of every business aspect, productivity and consumer approach it enhance your business. Odoo is an all in all solution to every functionality and integration of any business process as it decreases errors and cost and streamlines the whole process. Eventually, the critical decision is choosing software that compliments your business.

Cons of Odoo

Like all other things, Odoo also has some drawbacks:

  • Complicated set up structure: Odoo ERP is complex and might be challenging to build up or execute as per the business necessities. Many businesses have faced problems implementing Odoo ERP because of the slow installation procedure.
  • High pricing plans: Among some of the common cons of Odoo, one is high pricing. After you use a single module, changing to another application means high charges besides $30/month for a single user. Therefore, the whole control keeps on increasing. But to resolve this issue, Odoo offers pricing plans according to the application you select beforehand.
  • The limited scope of server support: Because of limited support servers, Odoo cannot offer a customer support service available for the client at all times. Some clients also felt dissatisfied because their issues were not solved fast. The price of Odoo training is also very high for any small organisation.

Dolibarr vs Odoo - Key Differences

Both Dolibarr and Odoo are CRM tools, but there exist some significant differences between the two:

Parameters Dolibarr Odoo
Free or Paid
It is an open source software for managing your business, which means a web dependent ERP and CRM software package for managing your professional or foundation activity such as invoices, plans, stocks, products, orders and contacts.
It is also an open source ERP and CRM. It is a business management software which includes CRM, Billing, manufacturing, project management and inventory management.
Dolibarr has 1.76k GitHub stars and 1.3k forks.
Odoo has 16.9 GitHub stars and 11.9K forks.
Dolibarr does offer a free trial but only on premises.
Odoo offers a monthly payment plan with a free trial. The starting price for Odoo is 24 USD per user per month. You can also make payments every year.
Dolibarr is available on platforms like Windows, Macintosh desktop platforms, Android, iOS mobile platforms and Linux.
Odoo is available on the Web app, Macintosh, iOS, Android mobile Platforms and Windows.
Dolibarr audiences are any company with a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 2000 people.
Odoo is for companies of all sizes and budgets.
Dolibarr training can be provided only through documentation and In person
Training will be provided via documentation, webinars, online mode and InPerson.
Dolibarr's strengths are it is easy to use, free when you use on premises, and consist of every feature required for managing your company.
Odoo's strengths include a user friendly interface, interconnected modules and open source.
Dolibarr provides email as only support to its customer.
Odoo offers Phone, email, tickets, live support and training for customer support.
It can be integrated with PayPal, Google calender, Mailchimp and Adobe Commerce.
It can be integrated with PayPal, Adobe Commerce and Microsoft Outlook.

That is great! We have finished reading about Dolibarr vs Odoo – What’s the Difference ?Let’s conclude. 

Dolibarr vs Odoo - What's the Difference ? Conclusion

Every business has its own objectives, business processes and needs. So, based on requirements and the need for growth and development, all businesses should choose a perfect ERP implementation for synchronising their data and functions within their organisation. While many ERP software is available, the most versatile of those are Dolibarr and Odoo. These two software again comes with their own advantages and disadvantages, but these are solely based on what will benefit your business.

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