How to Enable and View Sharepoint Logs Tutorial (Step by Step)

How to Enable and View Sharepoint Logs. SharePoint is a site based framework for collaboration that utilizes workflow applications, combining databases and numerous other web features and security elements to enable business groups to work with one another. Sharepoint is a robust, highly flexible, versatile and secure web based collaboration and document management system  powered by Microsoft. 

The Microsoft Cloud variant of SharePoint,  has numerous extra capacities available for integration with other cloud applications. Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud based service that helps organizations share and content management, knowledge and applications. SharePoint Online is a component of the cloud based Office 365. SharePoint Online is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) with an Office 365 subscription.

How does Sharepoint Work?

SharePoint provides a web based space where users can upload a document to immediately be shared with other people that need to see it. Links to shared documents or collaboration spaces can also easily be sent amongst users via email, making it easy for users to be quickly directed to exactly what they want to see.

How to Access Sharepoint

The following steps will guide you on how to access SharePoint:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in (you can use your work or school account).
  3. Find the App Launcher in the upper left corner of your screen.
  4. Click on All apps.
  5. Click on SharePoint tile.

6. In case you are unable to find it in the All apps, use the Search box near the top of the window to search for SharePoint.

7. If you can’t see or find the tile for the SharePoint app, look at your subscription information:

8. You may need to select Install Office then select Other install options.

9. From  My Account page go to View subscriptions.

10. This page shows which apps and services are included in your Microsoft 365 subscription.

11. Check your list to see whether SharePoint is included.

If SharePoint doesn’t appear in the list, contact your IT admin for assistance and let them know to make SharePoint subscription available to you.

SharePoint benefits

In this section of  how to Enable and View Sharepoint Logs we will mention key benefits of SharePoint:

  • You can Create internal company websites or intranets for easy information access and sharing among team members.
  • Can be used for Document Sharing.
  • It is a centralized document storage and collaboration with SharePoint’s content management system.
  • You can track tasks, clients and other items in list formats.
  • Can integrate SharePoint with major Microsoft applications and services, including Office 365 and OneDrive.
  • Logs and Log reports in Sharepoint.
  • The audit feature for Microsoft SharePoint and SharePoint Server lets you track user activity on content types like lists and libraries within your site collection. You can use the audit log reports provided with SharePoint to view the data in the audit logs for a site collection.

Access and Enable SharePoint


Audit log search is accessed from the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center.


To enable auditing for the site collection, follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Site Settings 

If you don’t see Site settings, select Site information and then select View all site settings.

Site Collection Administration > Site Collection audit settings. Under Documents and Items, you can specify the events that you would like to be audited.

2. Site Collection Administration > Site Collection audit settings.

3. Finally , Under Documents and Items, you can specify the events that you would like to be audited.

4. The Configure Audit Settings page allows you to turn on the auditing.  You can also use the Audit Log Trimming settings to select how long the audit logs will be retained.

Our next step in How to Enable and View Sharepoint Logs in SharePoint Online, trimming is automated and cannot be disabled. The retention period for audit log data can be set to any value between 0 and 90 days. 0 meaning all audit log files to be deleted monthly. To retain audit logs for a period longer than specified on this page, selecta document library on this SharePoint site to which audit logs will be copied:

Run and view SharePoint


  1. Select Settings > Site settings. If you don’t see Site settings, select Site information and then select View all site settings. Some pages might require you to select Site contents, and then Site settings.
  2. If you are not at the root of your site collection, under Site Collection Administration, select Go to top level site settings.

3. On the Site Settings page, under Site Collection Administration, select Audit log reports.


  1. Login to SharePoint Online as described in the steps to access initially in the article.
  2. Click the Settings icon to launch Settings, and then click Site settings.
  3. Audit log search is accessed from the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center as SharePoint Online does not have a dedicated audit log search.

4. The unified audit logs let you check users’ and admins’ activities in your organization.

Understanding Sharepoint Logs

Learning SharePoint is a process. It takes a combination of training, practice and continual use to fully master the platform. Learning a few basic SharePoint tasks can help you build some foundational skills. Here are six tasks.

  • Effectively name your documents.

The most effective way to guarantee you and your clients can track down the thing you’re searching for when utilizing SharePoint is to give each document a significant and uniquely identifiable title. The title field is the thing that is first shown in query items, so assuming you rehash a similar title, or don’t offer an adequately remarkable title, it very well may be lost among the wide range of various records on SharePoint.

  • Integrate with Excel

Make use of Excel to make your lists and import them to Sharepoint, as it supports the import of spreadsheets with ease. Further from here, you can easily populate your spreadsheets with data accordingly.

  • Making use of Add ins

Utilize one of the many Add Ins that have been created to address the issues of a wide range of organizations and to make the day to day routines a lot more straightforward and easier.

Benefits of SharePoint

  • Easy and Real Time Collaboration. One of the most important aspect is effortless  sharing documents in real time that leads to improved workflow and decision making aspect of any organization. 
  • Meet Governance and Legal requirements. High governance can enhance your organization or business by broadly incorporating this platform with your business objectives and goals.
  • SharePoint secures business IP and improves consistency guidelines so limits the major risks
  • Document Sharing that leads to streamlining document sharing in much simpler, smarter way to so editing and reviewing documents happens in real time environment.
  • Enhanced Security with your documents and communications due to SharePoint robust data encryption and cloud backup that keeps data safe and secure.
  • Consistent and Streamlined User Experiences that instantly integrates all your web browsing, web applications and email.
  • Better Productivity as SharePoint streams and automates business operations. 
  • Centralized Information Center.

How to Enable and View Sharepoint Logs Conclusion

SharePoint is one of the most used document collaboration platforms that has carved a niche for itself by offering some amazing features to users.

This easy step by step guide will help you familiarize and grow comfortable with SharePoint and its features. SharePoint helps you to understand your environment better. This will help you optimize your work and get the best out of this integration.

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