Top 10 Free Open Source FTP Server For Linux

FTP or File Transfer Protocol, as the name suggests, is the traditional technique of transferring files between secluded network sites. Developed on a client-server architecture, it has separate control and data connections to engage with the clients and server applications. It means that clients can connect to an FTP server so that they can allow users to send files and retrieve them using the server whenever necessary.  Free FTP Servers for Linux are available to setup on your server.

Today, very few people consider FTP for the general downloading of files. They use direct downloading methods, i.e., using Web Browser, by BitTorrent, Metalink, or other downloading utility to download Linux distributions and software.

Free Open Source FTP Server

However, there are many free open source FTP servers you can use for transferring files to and from computers over Transmission Control Protocol/Internat Protocol (TCP/IP).  We will breakdown a list of the top free FTP servers for Linux that are available to setup.

Top Free FTP Servers

1. Pure FTPd

Pure FTPd is a fast, production-quality, and standard-conformant FTP server that strongly focuses on software security. It is efficient and easy to use and tends to deliver answers to mutual needs. It is beneficial as it provides unique features for both individuals and hosting providers.

Since it is a security-based protocol, it re-audit the code when the system detects any new vulnerabilities. Moreover, it has protocol basics and contemporary extensions like MLST/MLSD for extensible and mirror safe directory listings.


  • Fortune and Apache-like log files
  • Text/HTML/XML real-time status report.
  • Numerous virtual FTP servers can be hosted on the same computer with the help of independent and trusted IP.
  • Users can create home directories on-demand.
  • Ease of including custom authentication methods.
  • Numerous servers with distinct settings can be used on the same host.

2. ProFTPd


ProFTPd is the most configurable and popular free FTP server provider. It uses an original design and implementation. However, it is not a branch of FTPd.

Its numerous service providers allow delivering update access to the web pages of users without even running Unix shell accounts. Hence, it is the best free and open-source software.


  • Configuration of multiple virtual FTP servers and anonymous FTP services is relatively effortless.
  • In contemporary Internet environments, the SITE EXEC command is considered inappropriate. Thus, ProFTPd does not have this command.
  • Source code for audit is only and always available to administrators and developers.
  • It is designed in such a way that it can run either as an independent server or by using inetd/xinetd that depends upon the system load.
  • It has one primary configuration file that includes directives and directive groups. It is inherent to the administrator who is familiar with the Apache webserver.
  • No specific directory structure, system binaries, or other system files are necessary for Anonymous FTP root directories.
  • It’s per directory (.ftpaccess) configuration is similar to Apache’s .htaccess.
  • FTP has shadow password suite support that includes support for expired accounts.
  • It has IPv6 support.

3. Vsftpd


The vs in vsftpd stands for “Very Secure.” It is an FTP server or daemon that uses inetd based services. It can attain ~4000 concurrent users in a production environment of a machine. Moreover, it has 86 Mbyte/sec download over Gigabit ethernet between Linux-2.4.x.boxes.


  • Sturdy per-user configurability
  • IPv6 support
  • Per Source-IP limits
  • Bandwidth Throttling
  • Virtual users
  • Independent or inetd configurations
  • Virtual IP configurations
  • Support of encryption with the help of SSL integration
  • Per Source-configurability

4. The Apache FTP-Server

apache ftpserver

The Apache FTP-Server is solely a pure Java, comfortable, and portable free FTP server that is designed keeping in mind the latest available open-source protocols. It runs stand-alone as a Unix/Linux daemon. It also supports integration within Spring applications and delivers their releases as OSGi bundles.


  • It is a free and open-source presumable FTP source.
  • It comprises User Virtual directory, upload/download bandwidth limitation support, and idle time-out.
  • Users can even add event notifications in Ftplet.
  • Users can easily add a custom user manager, IP restrictor, and logger.
  • It has Mode Z support to upload/download data rapidly.
  • It contains implicit, explicit SSL, and TLS support.
  • Users have the privilege to change the date-time stamp of files using MDTM support.
  • Users can customize every FTP message.
  • Anonymous logins are supported in the Apache FTP server.
  • It manages both ASCII and binary data transfers.

5. CrossFTP


CrossFTP offers highly-secured, high-performance, and effortless configuration FTP servers for numerous platforms. It encompasses versatile GUI for both beginner users for start-ups as well as advanced users.


  • It has multi-platform support and offers multi-threaded designs.
  • Users can use the UTF-8 directory encoding for international support.
  • It helps in monitoring the activities of every user.
  • It assists in resuming both upload and download files.
  • It has IP restrictions that are used to allow or prohibit the IPs.
  • Allows customizing FTP messages.
  • It contains Bonjour discovery protocol support.

6. uFTP


uFTP is an open-source, lightweight, and portable FTP server, that is, written in C for Linux and POSIX compliant Operating systems. It is easy to install, compile, and configure and is cordial to all leading FTP clients.


  • Requires single binary and configuration file.
  • It can be easily installed, compiled, and configured within a few minutes.
  • Uses only one configuration to edit and configure the server.
  • It is an open-source server with a permissive MIT license that allows users to use the server and reuse the code in commercial applications too.
  • Uses a different approach from other servers.

7. glFTPd


glFTPd is created in such a way that it develops and manages an FTP server that is well-versed in transferring protocols like FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, and SFTP. It provides the user with a secure web-based interface so that they can allocate the server from anywhere.


  • Logins are limited by a specific set of IP addresses.
  • The quote transfer is done based on per-user and per-group.
  • It does not allow users/groups to be stored in the system files. It makes the server impressive to warez servers containing topsites.
  • Has the ability to integrate with Eggdrop through IRC channels.

8. ColoradoFTP


A fast, extendable, and reliable FTP server, Colorado FTP is fully compatible with File Transfer Protocol and extensions like RFC 959 and RFC 3659. It makes the implementation process of extending the functionality with any feature virtually effortless. Users can shape the FTP server the way they want with the help of well-commented source codes and existing plugins.


  • It is accessible for platforms featuring Java-like Linux, Unix, etc.
  • Are totally compatible with files like RFC 959 and RFC 3659.
  • Effortless implementation process of extension of functionality with all the virtual features.
  • Customizable FTP server using well-connected source codes and existing plug-ins.

9. DrFTPd


DrFTPd is free software that comprises plugins and file transfer slaves. It does not have root administrator privileges and strip files across slaves. Hence, it is one of the best free and reliable FTP servers for Linux.


  • The slave selection process on this FTP server is done on the basis of used bandwidth.
  • It has archiving and mirroring plugins.
  • It has a built-in zip script.
  • It has sitebot plugins with the martyr.
  • It also has trial plugins for users.

10. Waarp FTP

The Waarp FTP server is implemented keeping in the RFCs like RFC 959, 2389, 2428, 3659, and 775. It also involves extra commands such as XCRC, INTERNALSHUTDOWN, XMD5, and XSHA1. The development of this server is based primarily on the NETTY framework that makes it efficient for memory, threads, and network bandwidth.


  • The limitation of bandwidth can be configured both in stores and retrieved per session or internationally to the server or can not be used as per the user’s desires.
  • This software can be adapted depending upon the needs of the user by changing the pre and post-action of the commands, using any specific authentication mechanism, and changing the underlying representation of files and directories.

Final Thoughts

These open source free FTP servers are considered to be the best when it comes to Linux. They have a well-established security server that helps them to handle the safety of the flies and the site effortlessly. Thus, the user can solely rely on the above-mentioned free FTP server for Linux.

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