FreePBX vs 3CX – What’s the Difference? (Pros and Cons)

FreePBX vs 3CX – What’s the Difference? (Pros and Cons). FreePBX is an open source web based graphical user interface (GUI). It manages the Asterisk PBX, a voiceover VOIP server. The FreePBX indirectly helps in building communication applications. 3CX is a software based PBX (private branch exchange) based on the session initiation protocol (SIP).

What is FreePBX?

FreePBX is a IP phone system. It manages Asterisk and is a voiceover IP and written in PHP and JavaScript. Enterprises widely use FreePBX to create a telephonic internet service over IP for staying in contact.

It uses Asterisk and FreePBX is free and open source framework for building communication applications. With the help of Asterisk, you can turn a simple computer into a communication server.

Interestingly now the FreePBX is the best solution for enterprise communications. PBX, with the help of the Asterisk software implementation, allows phones calls to one another; moreover, it helps to connect with other telephone services, such as PSTN (public switched telephone network).

Interestingly PBX is a telephone system and FreePBX is a web and together with Asterisk is software. Combined together they both give a complete communication system for telephony. To have complete communication solution for your company why don’t you look at  installing FreePBX application and connect the devices.

What is interesting is that FreePBX gives a specific number to call with the members and shares a particular number with all the users for the external phone lines. Why don’t we take a look at some of the features of FreePBX.

OK next with FreePBX vs 3CX – What’s the Difference? is to look at the free phone system features. 

Features of FreePBX

  • It is open source. It provides a free solution to the inter organization communications.
  • Changing or adding the extensions is super easy and quick.
  • You can send voicemails using this application.
  • It helps to create interactive digital receptionist menus.
  • Backing up and restoring the system is super easy with FreePBX.
  • View call records on the Asterisk recording interface (ARI). It is the best way to keep things under control.
  • You can also save the recording of the conversations.
  • With FreePBX, you can upload custom on hold music.
  • Also route the calls based on a specific time and preference.
  • Call queue option is also available.
  • Supports all Asterisk supported trunk technologies.

Pros of FreePBX

  • Secure and Reliable

The maintenance of FreePBX is done by the Sangoma’s quality assurance and growth infrastructure. It goes through several in house testing before becoming available to the general public. Regular and modern security updates keep your data and information safe.

  • Impressive Extensions and Features

For the impressive features and extensions, you need to log in to the store; from here, you can select excellent items like high scalability, flexibility, high availability and call center bundles.

  • Scalable and Flexible

The most significant advantage of the FreePBX is that it is compatible with the majority of commercially available software devices and hardware. And due to its widespread use worldwide, it has almost 200 endpoints. So, you can integrate already available devices with the FreePBX.

  • Language Support

There is an understanding with FreePBX  that their users are present worldwide, so they allow users to choose local languages and support endpoint devices on the individual level. It means you can keep your phone operational with the FreePBX no matter where you are.

  • No License Limitation

Even though it is a free resource, there is no limitation on the number of extensions, queues, and users you can build on one system.

  • Easy To Manage

There is an easy way with FreePBX to manage the Asterisk PBX system; setting a premise based PBX solution was never easy. It keeps the difficulty level down by quite a few notches.

  • Excellent Support

Hosting with FreePBX has been around for longer and its service has dramatically improved. The answers to almost all the common queries are already available, and customer support is also active.

  • Open Source

Last but not least, FreePBX is an open source, which means anybody can use the service. It is entirely free to download and use.

Cons of FreePBX

  • The installation process is a bit complex and time consuming. We recommend you watch a tutorial on installing the FreePBX before downloading the application.
  • The advanced features are not free. You must purchase the module to enjoy the advanced part.
  • The updates sometimes lead to quick calls, mostly when the update is incomplete or slow. It happens frequently.

And next with FreePBX vs 3CX – What’s the Difference? is to introduce 3CX.

What is 3CX?

3CX is an open standard phone system based on the SIP standard. This software is compatible with several phone hardware and mobile apps and with several web browser extensions.

It is a blend of advanced communication features, and it helps users in increasing their mobility and productivity. It is a cloud based PBX business communication solution designed to improve workplace communication.

The most enticing thing about the 3CX is that it can be organized on the remote server, the local server, or at them both for extra flexibility. Because of its cost efficiency and flexibility, it is regarded as an excellent IP PBX for small or growing enterprises.

 Moreover, it has integrity with tools like Microsoft teams. The application gives you freedom; you can manage inbound and outbound calls directly from their app or via the web browser.

3CX is a significant opportunity for organizations that offer work from home. This app helps you stay connected no matter where you work. According to the reports, 3CX has improved employers’ productivity several times; that is why it is the choice of thousands of renowned enterprises.

So, if you want to cut the communication cost in your organization, you need to switch to 3CX. According to the reports, the companies who have started using the 3CX have saved up to 80% of their culmination costs.

Features of 3CX

  • It is a software based phone business. It enables the connected devices to make calls via the PSTN (public switched telephone network) or VoIP (voice over internet protocol) services.
  • Also offers messenger and SMS texting integrations.
  • The 3CX ensures the best meeting experience; with the help of live chat, you can share your views and clear out all the queries in the chat box.
  • Call management features like an automatic call back, estimated waiting time, priority queueing and much more. You can also forward the inbound call to the business groups.
  • The application is flexible; you can integrate it with several devices and browser extensions to enhance productivity.
  • Integrates with Office 365, Freshdesk, HubSpot and Zendesk.

Pros of 3CX Phone system

  • Affordable and Reduced Communication Cost

It is one of the most affordable phone systems, giving you the best value. It helps considerably to reduce your communication cost. Users have reported that 3CX have reduced their communication cost to 80%.

  • Easy Installation and Management

The installation and management of the application is easy. Additionally 3CX academy and video tutorials help you set up the application in no time.

  • Cloud and On Premises Installation Ease

Whether you enjoy office life or want to do everything from home, 3CX has your back. We will help you to provide the best communication solution.

  • Top Notch Performance

3CX is the only application that provides so many features for the ease of the users. All the parts are designed after considering the users’ needs.

  • Website Chat

If your company website doesn’t have the chat feature, don’t worry because 3CX has your back. It has a unique feature that comes with the WordPress plugin. This plugin will help you to communicate with the website visitor in real time.

  • Security

It is one of the most secure phone applications; all the audio, video and voice chars are safe. The inbuilt security system protects your PBX system from hackers.

  • Integration with Several Excellent Application

3CX integrates with several cool applications like; office 365, Facebook messenger, and much more.

  • User Friendly

The app is super easy to use, this life saving app is super user friendly and customer support is very helpful.

Cons of 3CX Phone System

  • The mobile app has some outdated interfaces. However, the web application works pretty well.
  • Direct customer support costs you $75 for every ticket. The other compatible applications are far more economical.
  • SIP trunk setup is complicated; you might need a local integrator.

The core of this article FreePBX vs 3CX is to compare both solutions:

FreePBX vs 3CX Comparison and Key Differences

freepbx vs 3cx comparison

Integration with the Extensions

Regarding extensions with 3CX is far better than FreePBX. It integrates with hundreds of excellent applications and websites. These extensions aim to increase your productivity and save time. Other benefits with FreePBX are several extensions, but they is less compared to 3CX.

Customer Support

Both applications have reliable customer support. With 3CX it provides you the phone, live and training support. Whereas FreePBX provides you with documented material and online support. But remember that the 3CX customer support session will cost you an additional $75.

Operating System

A sound operating system is essential for the seamless functionality of any application. Remember that FreePBX has only one Linux operating system, whereas the 3CX has several operating systems, including Linux, web based, Mac, Android, iOS, and windows.

Call Management

Call management is an excellent feature of phone systems. Both apps have several call management features like; call queue, ring groups, and much more, yet the call management features of 3CX are one step forward. It helps you make an automatic call, tells you the estimated waiting time and allow you to forward the call.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is one of the most enticing features of 3CX. It has pretty cool features like; remote control, whiteboarding, waiting rooms, calendar integration, polling and question answer session, in meeting chat, meeting report, and much more.

Unfortunately, FreePBX has an inbuilt video conferencing feature. However, it can be enabled on a rugged phone with the help of a video codec.

CRM Integrations

CRM integration is essential for the smooth flow of data between different connected applications. 3CX CRM integration helps you to offer a higher level of customer service, and it helps to collect customer information into a single omnichannel platform.

FreePBX also supports CRM integrations, the most famous include; Sugar CRM, Salesforce, Zoho, and ConnectWise. Although the CRM integrations of FreePBX are quote enticing, 3CX has more native CRM integrations, so 3CX is the winner.

User Friendly

If you want a beginner, user friendly experience, go for the 3CX. It requires a less DIY approach than the FreePBX and provides feature rich advanced customization. Setting up both applications is easy, and management is also effortless. The 3CX comes with a live website chat support system that makes things easier.

Thank you for reading FreePBX vs 3CX – What’s the Difference? until the very end. Let’s conclude. 

FreePBX vs 3CX - What's the Difference Conclusion

FreePBX and 3CX are excellent phone systems for enterprises, and they have earned loyal users worldwide with their exceptional services. Although both provide phone system services, they are pretty different.

If you want to start from scratch, you must have FreePBX system. However, companies who want to customize their phone system should go for the 3CX because it provides pretty nifty features. Both the applications have pretty awesome features, but if we have to pick one, that would be the 3CX due to the features mentioned above.

Why don’t you take a look at our FreePBX content here.

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