How AI is Used in Cyber Security – Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

How AI is Used in Cyber Security – Benefits of Artificial Intelligence. This article helps you in learning more about artificial intelligence, and more specifically its uses in cyber security. We know that AI is like a intelligence and simulation of given human intelligence processes by machines, and mainly by computer systems. In contrast, cybersecurity is the so called practice of protecting computers, mobile devices, servers, electronic systems, etc. Also known as electronic information security or information technology.

So let’s take a closer look at artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. Let’s find out how artificial intelligence is used in cybersecurity, and what benefits and features it has. 

Shall we start with How AI is Used in Cyber Security – Benefits of Artificial Intelligence. If so, let’s get started!

What is Artificial Intelligence?

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First of all, activities like simulating human intelligence processes by machines that mimic human intelligence for given tasks is artificial intelligence. Moreover, AI get’s better based on the information gathered. To improve AI language processing expert systems, speech recognition are used and so on. 

Some of the Artificial Intelligence  applications, that I have found worth mentioning are:

  • Chatbots use artificial intelligence to understand customer problems faster and provide more effective responses.
  • Intelligent assistants use artificial intelligence to examine important information from large free text datasets to improve programming.
  • Recommendation engines automatically make recommendations for TV shows based on users’ viewing habits.

What Artificial Intelligence is used for Cyber Security?

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  • In general, Artificial Intelligence tracks suspicious activity on known sources of various threats, we refer to hacking. 
  • In addition, it protects against threats or improves the update speed of special signatures that are centrally distributed.
  • It is also worth adding that the most important thing for any type of artificial intelligence is data. 
  • Truly, it’s most effective operation is the lightness and speed of analysing a huge amount of information about behaviour in domains.
  • Moreover, this intelligence is designed in interesting ways. This is the main algorithm which can be static and the endpoints use intelligence locally to detect new threats. 
  • Alternatively, they also take advantage of a distributed model where this approach is combined with the ability to upload results to a central repository and download regular updates based on linked learning. This approach makes the evolving based on data from all users of cybersecurity systems.

Use Cases for AI in Cybersecurity?

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Detecting anomalies

Cybercriminals often hide online and avoid detection by encrypting communications, using stolen credentials, and deleting or changing protocols. But a machine learning algorithm is designed to flag abnormal behaviour and catch it.

For example, by continuously monitoring web traffic for variances, a machine learning model detects risky email sending frequency patterns, that indicate an attack on email access. Models are also programmed to monitor insider threats. In addition, machine learning adapts to changes, acquires new knowledge, and adapts to dynamic environments.

Detecting advanced malware

Malware detection has traditionally followed and looked for pattern matches in network traffic, that is, similarities to known intrusion detectors. As malware evolves rapidly, deep learning models can keep up. In fact, SearchSecurity says, “The availability of tens of millions of labeled samples of both malware and malicious applications has made it one of the most successful applications of deep learning and artificial intelligence in cybersecurity.”

Preventing DNS data exfiltration

DNS information is typically transmitted through firewalls and hijacked by attackers to deliver malware, take control of devices, and steal customer data, email, and other sensitive information.

Additionally, machine learning detects and prevents so called DNS tunnelling to filter data. Black Hat says, that they are continuously trained on the trillions of DNS queries generated and collected around the world every day.

IT operations AIOps

What is more, artificial intelligence systems for IT operations (AIOps) aggregate vast amounts of data from multiple sources, enabling the detection of malicious parties, even if their behaviour is imperceptible in individual cases.

The main part of How AI is Used in Cyber Security – Benefits of Artificial Intelligence.

Benefits of using Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

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1. Better vulnerability management

Most companies nowadays deal well with many threats. Above all, vulnerability management is the key to the security of the company’s network. As for threats, it must necessarily detect them, identify and prevent them from becoming dangerous. Also, through the analysis and assessment of security, artificial intelligence should significantly help in the management of vulnerabilities.

Additionally, it helps you evaluate systems much faster than cyber security individuals, allowing you to solve problems in a variety of ways. It’s main advantage is the identification of weaknesses in computer systems and business networks. Importantly, it helps the corporation to deal with important security tasks. In turn, it is easy to manage vulnerabilities and collateral on time.

2. Better overall security

It has been known for a long time that hackers have a lot of their strategies. Therefore, there are a plethora of numerous threats to corporate networks that evolve over time. In fact, for this reason, there are tons of problems to prioritizing security activities in your corporation. I mention the possible attacks: “Access Denied”, phishing or ransomware.

Therefore, these attacks have almost the same ability, but first you should learn how to deal with them. Certainly, human beings have a harder time being careful about given situations and sometimes make mistakes that lead to big problems with cybersecurity hacks. So the ideal solution is to introduce our artificial intelligence, precisely in order to verify threats and help in setting anti-intrusion priorities.

3. AI learns more over time

As the name suggests, artificial intelligence is gradually increasing its capabilities in the internal security of corporate data or global systems. We assume, that machine learning and deep learning capabilities are able to understand the behaviour of business networks over time. Additionally, it recognizes network patterns and is able to group them together. It still detects any deviations or incidents deviating from the norms.

Over time, the patterns that are transmitted cause successive learning in neural networks, thus contributing to the improvement of security in the near future. Moreover, dangers with similar characteristics to those registered are blocked. So this intelligence is constantly gaining experience and learning, and it also makes it difficult for cyber criminals to overcome its intelligence.

4. Artificial Intelligence identifies unknown threats

The obvious fact is that a person cannot identify all the threats that each corporation has to face. Altogether, cyber threats hacker attacks occur on different times each year with different purposes and motives. Unknown and undetected threats do serious damage to your network. And the worst-case scenario is not to detect them on time.

Because attackers use new ways, from social engineering even to malware attacks, therefore, improvement and learning allows you to learn about modern solutions in order to prevent. Everyone in the world will admit, that this intelligence has become one of the best security technologies in mapping them and stopping unknown threats from destroying your business.

5. Secures authentication

Every website, and if not all, has the function of a user account, through which he logs in in order to have access to a given service or product. Few also have contact forms where visitors should fill them in with confidential information. You as your business will absolutely need an extra layer of security in order to run such a site, as it has your confidential information and personal details. This layer will make you feel safe while browsing the web.

Certainly, artificial intelligence has a nice option, we are talking about securing authentication every time the person logging in wants to enter his account. Besides, it also uses various tools, face recognition, fingerprint scanners, mainly for identification. As a result, this allows these features to collect information to determine if the right person is signing in and not someone else.

It is known from many sources by what methods hackers gain access to corporate networks, such as brute force attacks or credential stuffing. Therefore, when a hacker gets into your usage account, your business and all its contents are at risk.

6. Detection and response times are boosted

Detection of threats is an ideal scenario for securing your company. Every company would like the threat of an attack to be detected immediately. This protects your network from permanent damage. There is no better solution than combining artificial intelligence with cybersecurity, it is the perfect method to detect and respond to attacks. Intelligence examines the entire system for threats. By comparing people now, intelligence detects an outbreak early and facilitates development with security.

Thank you for reading How AI is Used in Cyber Security – Benefits of Artificial Intelligence. We should conclude, 

How AI is Used in Cyber Security - Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Conclusion

Summarizing the entirety of this article, we can say that a lot needs to be done in the current business environment to maintain data and network security. The fact is that, in order to take a decisive step towards increasing security, the introduction of artificial intelligence is the best solution here in order to make your business safe from danger. As we can see from the above article, there are many benefits of using artificial intelligence in your company to strengthen business security. The predictions are that artificial intelligence will soon become a major part of business cybersecurity.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. If you want to know more  about artificial intelligence, click here and more blog content for cyber security is here.

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