How to Install CentOS Server on Azure/AWS/GCP

To install or setup CentOS Server on any of the cloud platforms, the recommended way is to use the latest Cent OS image from any of the cloud marketplaces below:

Setup CentOS Server on Azure


Deploy CentOS Server on Azure

setup centos server on azure

Setup CentOS Server on AWS


Deploy CentOS Stream 9 AWS

install centos server on aws

Setup CentOS Server on GCP


Deploy CentOS Stream 9 on GCP

Install centos server on gcp

Getting Started


Once your CentOS server has been deployed, the following links explain how to connect to a Linux VM:



Once connected and logged in, you’re all setup and good to go.

Disclaimer: This CentOS® server image is maintained by Cloud Infrastructure Services and is not sponsored by or affiliated with Red Hat, Inc. CentOS® is a registered trademark owned by RED HAT, INC. in the United States and other countries and is licensed under GPLv2. No warrantee of any kind, express or implied, is included with this software.

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