How to Install Weka Machine Learning on Windows Server 2019

How to Install Weka Machine Learning on Windows Server 2019. In this tutorial, we will introduce Weka Machine Learning, its features with it’s benefits, and move on to the installation phase.

Weka is a free platform that provides a set of tools for data preprocessing and implementation of several Machine Learning algorithms. It helps developers to implement machine learning techniques to solve data mining related problems.

What Is Weka Machine Learning?

Machine learning is an iterative process in which every step is revisited thoroughly to learn more about the program. To perform this process, you need to have several different tools, programs and scripts. This is where Weka Machine Learning comes into the picture.

Weka Machine Learning is an open source platform that offers its users tools used for data preprocessing, implementation of multiple Machine Learning Algorithms, and visualization tools. With the help of these tools, users can not only develop machine learning techniques but also apply them to real world data mining problems.

Weka Machine Learning comprises several stages to deal with Big Data and make it suitable for machine learning. It usually includes:

  • Raw data is directly collected from the field. This data usually constitutes multiple null values and irrelevant fields. With the help of Weka’s prepossessing tool, you can effortlessly cleanse this data.
  • This prepossessed data is saved in the local storage for applying ML algorithms.
  • Then, based on the type of ML model, you can select any options like Classify, Cluster, or Associate. It also contains Attribute Section that automatically selects the features used to create a reduced dataset.
  • You can apply multiple models to the same dataset. The outputs of the different models are then compared and a selection is made according to the one that meets the purpose.

Features Of Weka Machine Learning

The features of Weka Machine Learning are as follows:

  • Open Source – As discussed earlier, Weka is an open source platform under the GNU GPL. This dual licensed software is owned by Pentaho Corporation. Its exclusive license makes the platform efficient for business purposes.
  • JavaAPI – The software is written in Java and also provides an API documented appropriately. It also promotes integration into your application. Its GNU GPL features tell you to release your software as GPL.
  • Graphical Interface – It has a straightforward Graphical Unser Interface, which enables you to complete your machine learning projects without programming.
  • Documentation – It constitutes books, manuals, wikis, and MOOC courses that you can use to learn about the platform effortlessly.
  • Command Line Interface – Every feature of Weka is used from the command line. It is highly useful for scripting large jobs.

Follow this post to learn how to install Weka Machine Learning on Windows Server 2019.

Install Weka Machine Learning on Windows Server 2019.


  • A user with administrative privileges.
  • Minimum 4 GB of RAM with 2 Cores CPU.

Download and Install Weka

First, you will need to visit the Weka download page and download the latest version of Weka to your system. Follow the below steps to download and install Weka on Windows Server 2019.

Step 1 – Click here to download the latest version of Weka.

Step 2 – After the successful download, double click on the downloaded file to start the installation. You should see the Weka welcome page.

Step 3 – Click on the Next button. You should see the Weka license agreement page:

Step 4 – Read the license agreement and click on the I Agree button. You should see the component selection page:

Step 5 – Select the full component and click on the Next button. You should see the select destination folder page:

Step 6 – Define your installation location and click on the Next button. You should see the start menu selection page:

Step 7 – Select the start menu and click on the Install button to start the installation. Once the installation has been finished you should see the following page:

Step 8 – Click on the Next button. You should see the complete setup screen.

Step 9 – Click on the Finish button to close the installation wizard.

At this point of the article how to Install Weka Machine Learning on Windows Server 2019 we will access Weka GUI.

Access Weka Graphical User Interface

Weka graphical interface provides five tools such as Explorer, Experimenter, Knowledge flow, Workbench, and Simple CLI. You can create and test all your machine learning related tasks using these tools.

To access the Weka graphical user interface, go to the Weka installation location as shown below:

Now, double click on the Weka shortcut to launch the Weka graphical interface as shown below:

Weka Components

Now, let’s access and understand each Weka component individually.


Click on the Explorer to open its graphical interface as shown below:

Here, you can see different tabs starting with preprocess. Each of the major weka packages Filters, Classifiers, Clusters, Associations, and Attribute Selection is represented in the Explorer.


Click on the Experimenter to launch its graphical interface as shown below:

Using the experimenter interface, you can create, run and modify different schemes in one experiment on a dataset. It also allows us to run experiments locally and on remote computers.

Knowledge Flow

Click on the Knowledge Flow to open its graphical interface as shown below:

Here, you can see a graphical representation of Weka algorithms. You can select the components and create a workflow to analyze the datasets.


Click on the Workbench to open its graphical interface as shown below:

This screen contains all the GUI in a single window.

Simple CLI

Click on the Simple CLI to launch the Simple CLI interface as shown below:

This interface provides a Weka command line interface to access all classes such as classifiers, clusters, filters, etc.

Great effort. We have learned How to Install Weka Machine Learning on Windows Server 2019. Let’s summarize.

Install Weka Machine Learning on Windows Server 2019 Conclusion

In this step by step guide we gave you a brief overview of Weka Machine Learning with their features. We also explained step by step process of installing Weka Machine learning on Windows Server 2019. Machine Learning is a science field where machines can learn by themselves without any coding. It acts as an artificially intelligent system and is used by machine learning and applied sciences researchers for learning purposes.

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