How to RDP to Google GCP Instance

If you have deployed one of our Google marketplace images and want to RDP to the newly created instance, you must use the generated admin user and password created during the deployment 

After the deployment has finished you will see the password that is generated as per the following screenshot example:


Alternatively you can set the password to the existing username. Once logged in, you will be able to setup more local users if needed.

Within the GCP console, navigate to your newly created instance “Compute Engine / VM Instances

On the details page of your instance select “Set Windows Password


A new window will pop up asking for the username you want to set the password for. Enter ‘admin‘ and then press ‘Set

set new password

You should now be able to RDP to the instance using the username and password once the VM has fully booted up.

If you can’t RDP, check that the VM has finished booting up. To check this, under the VM properties click on Serial Port and check that the boot up messages have stopped, if messages are still being written, this means the VM is still loading.  Usually the following messages are the last messages to be written in the serial port.

Booting from Hard Disk 0...
GCEWindowsAgent: GCE Agent Started (version x.x.x@x)
GCEMetadataScripts: No startup scripts to run.

vm instence  details

If you still can’t RDP, check that your GCP firewall isn’t blocking the RDP port 3389

Refer to the following GCP documentation on checking your GCP firewall rules:

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