How to setup Jenkins on Windows in Google GCP

To install a Jenkins server in Google GCP on Windows 2016 or 2019, the easiest and quickest way is to use our marketplace images that are available to download and come fully configured with Jenkins.

Setup Jenkins on Windows 2019 in GCP


Deploy Jenkins on Windows 2019

jenkins on GCP

Setup Jenkins on Windows 2016 in GCP


Deploy Jenkins on Windows 2016

jenkins on GCP

Getting Started


RDP into new server


Once you’re new deployment has finished booting up, you will need to RDP into the server:


How to RDP to Google GCP Windows Instance


Once logged in, you’re now ready to start setting up your new server as per the following sections.

Jenkins Setup


Once logged into the Jenkins server via RDP,  To start using the Jenkins server deployment , click on the Jenkins desktop icon to launch the application:


setup jenkins on GCP



The first time you launch you will see the following screen. Follow the instructions to locate the initial administrator password in order to complete the setup and create a new admin account:


unlock jenkins


Jenkins Amin URL


By default, your Jenkins runs at http://localhost:8080/. This can be changed by editing jenkins.xml, which is located in the installation directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins). This file is also the place to change other boot configuration parameters, such as JVM options, HTTPS setup, etc.


There are a few ways to access the Jenkins login page, either locally on the server by accessing http://localhost:8080


Or by the servers internal DNS host name on your internal network: http://dnshostname:8080


Or by using GCP instance public IP/DNS Name. 

Jenkins Firewall Ports


The Jenkins Windows GCP image comes with port 8080 configured to allow you to access the admin URL both internally and externally.


Depending on what you will be using the Jenkins server for, you’ll need to confirm if any firewall ports will need to be open in order for the Jenkins server to reach any resources in your environment.


To setup GCP firewall rules refer to – Creating GCP Firewalls




If you have any questions about the setup of Jenkins in GCP using our Windows Jenkins image leave your comments below and we will reply within 24 hours.

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