How to Setup WordPress on Windows Server 2016 or 2019 in Azure

The easiest and quickest way to setup WordPress in Azure is to use our marketplace listings.  Our public virtual machine will setup WordPress on Windows into your Azure tenant. Host as many websites and Mysql databases as you need. Also comes pre installed with phpMyadmin to manage your databases easily.

Setup WordPress on Windows 2016 in Azure


Click to deploy WordPress on Windows 2016 into your Azure tenant

install wordpress server Azure

Setup WordPress on Windows 2019 in Azure


Click to deploy WordPress on Windows 2019 into your Azure tenant

install wordpress on azure

Setting Up WordPress


Once you’ve logged into the virtual machine, the first step is to configure wordpress.

  1. Open up the desktop shortcut called (localhost)
  2. Follow the onscreen setup instructions to configure how you would like WordPress configured



Once you’ve completed the initial setup of WordPress, the login url will be:




The Default installation path of WordPress is: “C:\inetpub\wwwroot\”


MysSQL database credentials are:

MYSQL Username: root
MYSQL Password: #my4q17mgtk


WordPress Database details are:

Database Name: wordpress722

Database User Name: wordpressuser722

Database Password: _D741xv%ORJg


Its highly recommended to change these passwords once you’ve configured WordPress.


Managing the Mysql database


PhpMyAdmin is pre installed allowing you to manage the WordPress database.






From the desktop click on phpMyAdmin and use the Mysql root username and password to login:


MYSQL Username: root
MYSQL Password: #my4q17mgtk


PHP Manager


Within IIS Manager, you can manage the PHP server settings



Connecting to your WordPress website externally


Once you’ve finished setting up your WordPress website and now want to make it publicily available the next step is to add a public dns name for the virtual machine hosting your WordPress website.


In the Azure portal, under the overview properties of your virtual machine click on “Configure DNS



Next choose a dynamic or static IP. Static IP is recommended so you always have the same IP address.


Give it a unique public DNS name of your choice



Your VM should now be configured with a public DNS name:



Next step is to configure a CName record in your public DNS to point to the public DNS name of your virtual machine hosting your WordPress website.  You will be able to do this in your domain registrar where your domain name is hosted.


In this example i will use where i host my domain name. Within your domains DNS settings, add new CName record


Under host add “@” and “www” the value it should point to is the public DNS name of your virtual machine where your WordPress website is hosted.



Depending how quickly DNS propagates accross the internet, may take a few hours, you should be able to use your domain name to access your Azure wordpress website.


WordPress Firewall Ports


You will need to make sure you have the following firewall ports configured. As part of this Azure marketplace solution they are automatically configured via an NSG, but if you need to manually configure them on other firewall appliances, they are:


  • http – 80 
  • https – 443
  • Mysql – 3306 (optional, no need to expose this externally)




If you have any questions about the setup of WordPress in Azure using our WordPress Windows 2016 image leave your comments below and we will reply within 24 hours.


Want some help (hire us)?


If you would like us to implement WordPress into your environment and fully configure it with high availability and get it up and running, get in contact with us and we will get you up and running asap

Andrew Fitzgerald

Cloud Solution Architect. Helping customers transform their business to the cloud. 20 years experience working in complex infrastructure environments and a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert on everything Cloud

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