Best Top 20 Magento Website Development Tools

Magento has become one of the most popular and scalable platforms specifically targeting the eCommerce industry. Even Though it’s an awesome platform, the process behind that , such as developing the store, testing and troubleshooting and setting up the Magento server to make the store live will be quite tough if you are lacking the development knowledge you need. However, it is a bit challenging to capture the suitable tools to develop a Magento store or website. In this article, we are going to introduce the top 20 Magento development tools that you can use in further development of your Magento Store. 

Magento Development Tools

1. Magento Debug

Magento debug offers a developer specific toolbar. This toolbar shows the developer the information about the Magento modules such as on/off status and RAM usage. With this tool, developers can search throughout the application when an issue is raised to capture it and resolve it effectively. Not only that with this you can clear unwanted cache and remove the temporary file utilizing the memory usage.

2. Xdebug

Apart from many debugging tools, this is considered the best tool for debugging PHP code. Xdebug uses DBGp debugging protocols to debug. This tool can be utilized to offer code coverage analysis and other related profiling information and statistics for PHP codes. Xdebug further offers an interactive debugging approach with debug front end. This tool will offer smart memory allocation and protection for infinite recursion in the development environment.

3. Commerce Bug

Commercial bug is both a development and debugging tool used in the Magento platform. This tool is capable of providing some crucially important information about a system in a fraction of an hour. Commerce Bug will give you instant access to the request controller and action name, each Magento module, instant access to clear cache feature, and the components of a particular page. With this tool, you can retrieve the information about Magento blocks and models, provide Ajax search of all class tables, and provide a simple configuration panel, event, and observer tab. Development is much easier with this tool since it provides a full decorative manual for reference.

4. MageTool

MageTool is a development tool that can facilitate a bunch of tasks that occur repeatedly throughout the development process. With this tool, you can easily run commands and improve the workflow without using different tools or administration systems. This tool is capable of automating the development process with the help of a dedicated controller/module.

5. PHPStorm

PHPStorm is an essential tool for Magento which helps in categorizing and managing projects effectively. PHPStorm is easy to install and has version controlling support. This tool enables FTP and remote synchronization which comes in handy when you develop collaboratively. This tool goes through the codes more efficiently without much effort. which saves your time.PHP Storm provides tools that are designed for testing profiling your application including visual debugging features within the IDE.

6. Z-ray for Magento

Z-ray is a great tool that helps developers to monitor and optimize their Magento website while debugging too. This tool helps to analyze the Magento websites thoroughly and capture the flaws and errors while developing the store. This is highly beneficial since it allows developers to detect and resolve the issues early. Even the issues related to database queries and web requests can be resolved using this tool.

7. E-Comm Dev PHPUnit

You can easily integrate with the PHP unit framework using E-Comm Dev PHPUnit. This will facilitate running rapid tests for the components of your websites such as ( models, blocks, modules, controllers and layout, etc.) in multiple scenarios. This is a convenient tool that allows the admin to troubleshoot the configuration issues and errors and validate if a module is functioning properly with the incoming data without manipulating the core files. In addition, this tool can help in configuring module problems and can act as a bridge between Magento and PHPUnit.


MageReport can evaluate the quality and the security of your Magento website and provide quick insight into the security status. This tool is capable of capturing all the unknown vulnerabilities in the Magento store and also in Third-party extensions and provide details about how to fix them.

9. Easy Template Path Hints

With Easy Template Path Hints, developers can turn in the template path hints for both frontend and backend development flow. You can easily capture the paths for a block of code or template file in the given theme. This too enables template path hints more securely by passing an additional parameter to the controller.

10. Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Multi-Vendor Marketplace   allows the vendors to signup and create their seller accounts, They can experience more services and features such as managing inventories, tracking orders, billing activities, producing invoices, etc. Not only them but also it allows the customers to purchase more additional products from extensive collections offered by multiple marketplace vendors.

11. AEO Scheduler

AEO Scheduler is another important open-source tool for process management. This tool allows you to manage the jobs and graphically interpret the timeline, and have quick yet descriptive insights into what’s happening behind the process. For example, it will show when a job is done, yet to finish, completed, or about to finish. This tool comes in handy in identifying glitches, bugs and troubleshooting them in an early stage.

12. Lanot-Cron Scheduler

Similar to the AEO scheduler, this is also an open-source tool that is used to process management. Lanot-Cron Scheduler can show your existing cron tasks and provide the functionality to add new tasks and remove whatever tasks are not created by the system. Administrators can have a list if the system defines cron tasks and a queue of all the cron tasks.

13. Advanced Reports

Advanced Reports is a real-time reporting tool integrated with Magento which gives you a full picture of your store performance. This tool is capable of showing data such as profit, stock reports, abandoned carts, order reports, sales in terms of many insights (overviews, sales by week m by customer group, etc), analyze the customer behavior, and so on. You can utilize this tool for sending the remains of the reports regularly.

Magento Reporting Tools

14. Ultimate SEO Suite

Ultimate SEO Suite is another useful tool in terms of SEO. This tool will protect your website from fake content. This product will help you to automatically optimize a large number of product meta descriptions, URLs, keywords, images tags, and product SEO names. This process is done by placing a few canonical URLs in pages that contain duplicate content. This process is capable of leading the customer to the legitimate source page successfully.

15. Magento Developer Toolbar

Magento Developer Toolbar is a free tool. Using this is easy as it provides an overview of the templates that can be used. nice tool to capture the bottlenecks in the development process. This tool offers information about the number of queries executed, parse time, and memory consumption. This tool is also capable of providing details about the modular and the actions which cause the current requests.

16. Enhanced Admin Product Grid

Enhanced Admin Product Grid is one of the best Magento development tools which helps in the product search process letting the customer fund the required items over the website. With this tool, developers can easily make display options for the users to perform their product search in a better way. This tool can also be utilized to highlight a set of product rows. In addition, Enhanced Admin Product Grid can show the product thumbnails images in the website’s catalog product grid.

Enhanced Admin Product Grid

17. Store Maintenance Lite

Store Maintenance Lite is one of the most important tools for a developer. With this, you can display a temporary website maintenance page in the frontend with less effort. Some of the versions of this tool can customize the maintenance page for each store, and also gives the flexibility to define a list of IP addresses that are allowed to access the frontend. This also gives the facility to keep a log of users who visited the site during the maintenance period.

18. Percona Toolkit

Percona Toolkit is a collection of advanced CLI ( command inline) tools that support performing various based server tasks and system tasks which are more difficult when performing manually. This tool supports MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MariaDB. Having this tool in your development toolkit shows that you are updated with the database server. Percona Toolkit is compatible with cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft, Azure, and Google cloud and also will save your time with very simple operational strategies while improving productivity.

19. Watir

Watir is another important open source testing tool used for web application testing in Ruby. This tool is capable of interacting with the web browsers the same as people do; clicking links, validating texts and filling forms, etc. Watir allows you to take screenshots while testing if required which helps in tracking intermediate testing. It is easy to test file download and test alert popups in your UI or website. This supports headless testing, where the tears are run in the CLI without having it on the browser.

20. Modman

Modman is another Magento productivity tool that helps users to mix the extension files throughout the code directory. Since this tool is capable of keeping the extension file separately in its modern directory, without mixing with the Magento files, it is easy to map and update a particular extension. With this tool, you can maintain the symlinks which become easy to deploy the code file. If by any chance you need to remove an extension from your application, you can do it with just one click with Modman.


In this article, we have discussed the topmost development tools which will be used widely when you are developing an e-commerce website with Magento. Having an understanding of these tools will save much of the time since the lack of suitable tools will make the development of Magento more complex. Therefore if you have experience with many new tools, it will improve your efficiency and reduce the possibility of failures in development. Not only the above tools but there are also a large number of tools that can support development. It is your choice to pick the rightmost tools to match your development process and requirements.

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