How to Setup Outlook with Office 365 to Send/Receive Emails

How to Setup Outlook with Office 365 to Send/Receive Emails. Are you looking to set up an outlook with office 365 to send or receive emails?  Office 365 is the right choice to keep their organization productive and satisfied because an email is the primary method of contact now.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used email applications in the world. Microsoft Outlook is a computer software program that offers services such as email management, an address book, a web browser and any many other.

This article will discuss the necessary steps to setup Outlook with Office 365 to Send/Receive Emails. We will look at the advantages or pros of using Microsoft Outlook.

Advantages of Microsoft Outlook (Pros)

Setup Outlook with Office 365 to Send/Receive Emails

Microsoft Outlook is one of the best email systems you can use to impact your business communication system positively. It can help you provide different functionalities that can help you manage your email account in a productive and better manner.

It’s one of the reasons why the application has over 400 million active users that use its wide range of features and streamline their workflow.

There are multiple benefits Outlook can offer to your work life. Here is 12 benefits of using Microsoft Outlook.

1. Outlook is easy to navigate

The significant aspect of Microsoft’s success is that its products are easy to navigate and user friendly. You can complete your mailing tasks faster using Microsoft Office products like Outlook.

You can improve productivity and create a positive impact on your emailing protocol and systems. It offers the users a built in search option to help them find specific features like Emails, Settings, Inboxes, and Tools.

2.Integrate your email, calendar and contacts

Email is the primary mode of communication at work today. The benefit of Outlook is that it is in one place to effectively communicate at work to get things done. Schedule meetings, setup meetings, email customers or jump into conference calls

3. Schedule tasks and event reminders

Microsoft Outlook offers calendars that you can use to track and schedule different tasks and goals. It offers access to shared calendars that can help you coordinate with your team for better performance results.

You can set up meeting reminders with your email contacts, co workers or employees to remain on track with your workflow and create an enhanced internal emailing ecosystem.

4. Offline access to email

Big benefit of Outlook is to work on email without worrying whether you are connected to Internet.

5. Categorize email items for better organization

There is a possibility to assign categories to various items (like message or calendar appointment). There can be multiple categories for 1 item if you need to classify it in more than one way. There are color code for the categories also.

6. Multiple ways to find email

Outlook has the ability to sort email by date and size, the timeframe to make it easier. 

7. Flags your emails

Ability to mark important email when sending with red exclamation mark to grab attention. 

8. Organize your mails

Outlook offers you great functionalities to organize your email contact, inboxes, sent emails, among others, into categories for better management. The organization can help you access the mails and enhance productivity. You can access the organized data of your email from anywhere and anytime.

Better organization of your email setup and phone systems means better communication with your teams and email contacts. You can schedule meetings, filter your mail flow, set reminders and organize multiple tasks using Outlook.

9. Outlook supports multiple device login

You are not restricted to one device or platform with outlook. It offers you the freedom to use different mobile and desktop devices to login and access your emails and perform your desired tasks. You have the option to set up an automatic login option in your account to escape the hassle of scripting your credentials on different occasions.

You need a compatible device, the latest version of Outlook, and an internet connection to organize your email account or send/receive emails.

10. Outlook offers great security

Microsoft has secured mail services to protect your data from malicious attacks. You can rely on the features and usability of Outlook to remain safe from the spam and phishing attacks used to harm webmail servers and your vital data.

All the mail traffic is scanned thoroughly using its powerful system to detect keywords and documents commonly used by hackers to disrupt your organization or steal helpful information from you. You can safeguard your inbox by selecting different security features.

It also gives users a warning message when bulk emails are selected to be delivered to different email contacts. Sometimes, emails can contain sensitive data, and if it’s delivered to the wrong address, it can cause data leak issues and other substantial losses.

So the confirmation message from Outlook helps to take a well informed wise decision before the bulk order is placed.

12. Improves productivity

Outlook can help you improve your productivity, but there’s more to it. You can customize the Outlook mail client based on your needs and requirements. It can help you increase the speed of email management by flagging urgent emails to other co workers.

You can also spot the flagged emails easily and work on them on a priority basis.

If we wrap it up, Outlook enables you to refine your mailing system and spend less time managing emails to improve the productivity of your work.

Now let’s address the primary question and discuss how to setup outlook with office 365 to send/receive emails.

Setup Outlook with Office 365 to Send/Receive Emails

There are multiple steps involved in setting up Outlook for managing your emails. We have filtered the shortest and easy to use steps to follow below.

We have used Outlook version 16 on our Windows workstation to configure an email address to showcase the process. So let’s get started with Outlook Setup with Office 365 to Send/Receive Emails.

Step 1 – Open the Outlook on your desktop, select File, and click on the Add Account option to kickstart the process.

Step 2 – A small window will open up so you will need to enter your name, company email and password.

Step 3 – Once done, click on Next and Outlook will initiate the setup of your email account. It might take up a few seconds, but Outlook will help you log into the mail server seamlessly.

Step 4 – If your admin has enabled multi factor authentication (MFA) to log in to the mail server, you need to install the Microsoft Authenticator application to prove your identity. Once you have installed the application, click on the Next button to start the two step verification process.

Step 5 – Next step about how to Setup Outlook with Office 365 to Send/Receive Emails is to connect the authenticator app to your account by scanning the QR code visible for MFA. After scanning the code, you need to enter the visible code inside the Microsoft Authenticator application to finish the first step of the verification process.

Step 6 – Following that, the next step is to verify your phone using your mobile number. Enter the country code and type in your mobile number to receive an OTP on your device.

Step 7 – You need to enter your mobile number to receive an OTP to finish the verification process. Click on Next to proceed further.

Step 8 – Please wait for a few seconds until the Outlook application verifies your details and proceed towards logging into mail servers.

Once everything is verified, your email account will be configured on the application and you can utilize all the benefits to send/receive emails and organize your emailing ecosystem.

How to Setup Outlook with Office 365 to Send/Receive Emails Conclusion

Outlook has multiple benefits if you are looking to configure your company email with the application. It can help you connect with the Microsoft reliable ecosystem and customer support to help you bypass any hurdles or issues.

It can help you improve the management of your mailing system and help you achieve better productivity. You can use Outlook to create a better communication environment and achieve your goals with ease.

Once you setup your email on Outlook it’s time to learn and use it. The process is simple and if you face some issues with steps, do let us know or connect with Microsoft support to assist you.

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