Top 10 Most Popular MongoDB Admin GUI for Your Database

MongoDB is one of the most popular,  open-source, NoSQL database management systems (DBMS) that are used in the industry. It uses documents instead of complex rows and columns to store and process data. You can set up MongoDB in different environments. For example, you can setup MongoDB on AWS or Azure.


Mongo shell is the most fundamental method to access and execute queries on MongoDB. However, Mongo shell is a command-line tool. There are many benefits of using a GUI instead of Mongo shell for database operations. Those are


  • No need to memorize commands, they are one click away
  • Can display the data
  • Convenient even for a new user
  • Can see the performance metrics 
  • Better learning curve.
  • Suitable for the data which have graphical applications, such as image editing


Now, you know the difference between GUIs and Mongo shell. So, let’s find out the best 10 GUIs for MongoDB.

1.) MongoDB Compass

MongoDB Compass

MongoDB developers themselves created Compass and made it available as open-source on GitHub. This cross-platform tool works fine on Windows, Linux, and macOS. You can easily install this software by following the steps here


Key features of MongoDB compass


  • Perform CRUD operations easily on the UI without writing queries
  • Visual representation of your schema so you can better understand your dataset
  • Simplify validation of data by allowing you to write JSON schema validation rules
  • Provide visual explain plans so you can identify performance issues quickly
  • Simplify, add, remove, and utilization of indexes.
  • Functionalities can be easily extendable using plugins. 


There are many more benefits to using the MongoDB compass. A couple of the many reasons to use it is it’s easier to learn and it has huge community support. So considering all these (features, free, easy to learn) I put it to number 1 place in my list. 

2) Studio 3T


Studio 3T is considered to be the most advanced GUI tool for MongoDB. There are Over 100,000 users including leading organizations like Atlassian, eBay, Nvidia,  Microsoft,  Intel, and Tesla. Studio 3T is a cross-platform tool and is available on all major platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac OS. They offer three paid plans that you can select depending on the size of your applications. 


Key features of Studio 3T


  • Studio 3T uniquely stands out from the rest because of its query feature. There are four ways to query and view data

  • Ability to use SQL query language to Query MongoDB
  • IntelliShell: Offers auto-completion feature that supports quite a lot of Javascript standard library functions, methods, operations, and collections.
  • Visual Query Builder: Ability to drag-and-drop components to build queries.
  • Flexibility in using both IntelliShell and Visual Query Builder side by side. If you are a newbie, this feature is perfect for you. 

  • The Aggregation Editor: Ability to break down complex queries into simple stages. This gives the opportunity to apply pipeline operators on each stage 


Additional features in Pro / Enterprise


  • Task Scheduler for repetitive MongoDB task automation.
  • LDAP and Kerberos Authentication 
  • Easy to export queries into Python, PHP, Node.js, Java, C#, Ruby, and mongo shell language 
  • Supports data imports from other databases such as SQL, Sybase, and Oracle.


This is a great tool to use even if you don’t have any experience in database operations. However, having experience will be helpful to make the best use of it. This is the perfect tool to buy if you don’t have any problem with their pricing.  Therefore, I put it in 2nd place behind Mongo compass.


3) Robo 3T

Robo-3T gui for mongodb

Robo 3T is an open-source GUI  that can be used for both commercial or non-commercial applications. This native and cross-platform GUI application is considered the most popular MongoDB GUI for Mac OS X.


Key features of Robot 3T


  • Lightweight application
  • Based on the original MongoDB tools
  • Runtime auto-completion feature through an internal virtual machine ( doesn’t have the autocompleting feature like in  IntelliShell)
  • Operates asynchronously. Therefore has a fast and non-blocking UI
  • There is an embedded MongoDB shell


The Embedded MongoDB shell provides increased functionality compared to the emulated shell. This is mainly because the embedded shell works directly with MongoDB as it is not running on top of an API layer as of emulated shell. Robo 3T is built on top solid and robust open-source projects and also gets updated regularly since it has a community-driven approach. 



HumongouS gui for mongodb is a MongoDB GUI that works entirely online. Instead of having a GUI, you might build it up as a more robust internal admin tool.’s online nature allows users to collaborate quite easily. Instead of sharing database credentials, you can ask others to work with you from the app directly. You also can use a mobile device to access your data.


Key features of


  • Smart filter feature: you can create filters to display your collections as chips to access quickly
  • Dashboards and Charts are included for monitoring 
  • Advanced Search capability
  • Customizable widgets: Can customize the way that your data displays and can pull data from reference collections using the widgets.  
    • Viewer widgets – To represent data in a meaningful format. 
    • Form widgets – The building blocks of the form.
    • Layout widgets – An alternative to the table view


HumongouS is all about simplicity. It is easy to set up as it requires no coding and no configurations. You can choose your plan according to the size of your business.  

5) NoSQLBooster


NoSQLBooster is another MongoDB GUI that has both free and paid licenses. As usual, the paid license comes with a wide range of features which is not included in the free license. For example, code completion and the visual query builder are only available on paid plans. NoSQLBooster doesn’t have a subscription model and therefore you have to purchase it only once. 


Key features of NoSQLBooster


  • IntelliSense: This gives a tooltip with suggestions for methods, variables, properties, collection, keywords, field names, names, and operators. 
  • Built-in snippets offer code completion for operations like SQL to MongoDB data conversions and date ranges. 
  • The capability of adding customized snippets
  • Can find interactive samples with queries and descriptions on MongoDB


The best feature of NoSQLBooster so far is the capability of adding any NPM package into the MongoDB shell script. This GUI comes with many useful utility modules such as bluebird, lodash,  ShellJS, moment, and math.js. For these reasons, this is another great tool you can try. 


6) NoSQL Manager

NoSQL-Manager gui

NoSQL Manager is a shell-based, high-performance desktop GUI that is used for database development,  management, and administration purposes. This offers support for Amazon DocumentDB, MongoDB Enterprise, and  MongoDB on Azure Cosmos DB. 


Key features of NoSQL Manager


  • Supports standalone hosts, replica sets, and sharded clusters connections, 
  • Offers SSH tunneling for MongoDB connections
  • Ability to Import tables from SQL and MySQL Server databases
  • Can Import / Export documents in multiple formats such as CSV, JSON ,XML etc.
  • Document viewer and editor with multiple view modes such as Table, Tree, and JSON 
  • Convenient navigation, view, and other operations in documents  
  • Manage collections and indices, users, user roles, and their functions
  • Performance monitoring tools
  • Integrated LINQ Query Tool


NoSQL Manager also has a fully functional MongoDB UI Shell with features such as autocompletion of codes, syntax highlighting, and providing hints. When you type a command in the Shell, NoSQL Manager facilitate the auto-completion using context clues.

7) DbSchema

DbSchema gui for databases

DbSchema is a visual designer for MongoDB. It allows you to design validation rules for the databases. The validation rules model can be shared within a team and also get deployed on different databases. You can use this to document the validation schema and output HTML5 documentation, build native MongoDB queries, analyze data visually, build reports and generate random data, etc.


Key features of DbSchema


  • Can compare the validation schema among the two databases.
  • Creating  native queries is now one click away
  • Schema management automation
  • Build data Interactive Layouts
  • Relational Data Browse
  • Visual Query Builder 
  • Schema Synchronization 
  • Data Loader 
  • Forms & Reports 
  • SQL Editor with autocompletion 


DbSchema stands out from the rest because of its flexibility and efficiency in documentation. Therefore this GUI is ideal for the application with complex databases and when comprehensive documentation is needed. You can learn more about the tool from their documentation. 

8) Mongo Management Studio

Mongo-Management-Studio gui

By now we have discussed many GUIs, which are used to manage even complex databases and activities. Mongo Management Studio has a simple interface that contains only the core features. The key strength of this GUI tool is that it has a lightweight and clean interface.


Key features of Mongo Management Studio


  • Simple, flexible, and intuitional GUI
  • Cross-platform system
  • Inline-edit feature
  • Can query in many formats upon convenience
  • Powerful aggregation framework
  • Deep documentation on all the features of the GUI


This offers three different versions called Community, Professional, and Enterprise. While the community edition has all the basic features, paid versions offer more services, such as import/export, user management, SSH connections, and support, etc. Considering all the features discussed here, we can say that this too is a tool that is worth trying. 

9) Nucleon Database Master


Nucleon Database Master is easy to use yet powerful MongoDB GUI. This also can be used as a management tool for effectively managing, manipulating, querying, visualizing, and monitoring databases.


Key features of Nucleon Database Master


  • This includes a powerful  SQL, LINQ, and JSON query editor
  • Code highlighting
  • Code completion
  • Find and replace feature
  • Capability of exporting data into different file formats  : XML, HTML,PDF, XPS , MS Office, CSV etc,
  • Import database data into tables from  CSV, XML, and SQL files
  • Dynamic C# Scripting query editor
  • Provides SSH Tunnelling Support
  • Database backup


This is an ideal tool if you have to go through an intense data analysis or if you are going to deal with multiple file types. 


10) MongoJS Query Analyzer

MongoJS Query Analyzer is a JavaScript editor for MongoDB, which allows users to execute commands in JavaScript.

Key features of MongoJS Query Analyzer


  • Can view the data in three hierarchies; tree, grid, and a text
  • Displays query results in three ways; grid, and pivot grid. text, text history
  • Content can be saved in various formats
  • Code Autocompletion
  • Highlighting syntax 
  • Advanced Search
  • Generating database related documents
  • Server script generator
  • The capability of comparing data and files
  • Reverse-engineering flexibility from databases into entity-relationship diagrams




There is no  MongoDB GUI that can be considered to be the best of all. The best choice depends on the requirement of your application. If you want to completely avoid the command line, you can use MongoDB Compass. If you want a simple and open-source GUI, Robo 3T is the best GUI. I hope this article will help you to decide the most suitable MongoDB GUI for your business. You can also find reviews given by real users from sites like 

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