Top 20 Best Open Source Ticketing System (Self-Hosted)

Top 20 Best Open Source Ticketing System (Self-Hosted). With the growing number of requests and issues related to products and services from customers and employees, open source ticketing systems and helpdesk systems assist to solve a major problem that growing companies face today.

 The company’s database keeps track of each problem with a ticket number. Through web forms, text messages or an email, you can receive guidance on various electronics, computers, clothing and software issues. A ticketing system is like issue management and inventory system, where you have a platform for organising user tickets, support process and submit the task to IT teams or help desk teams.

A variety of open source ticketing systems are available with comparable features and functions. In this article, we reviewed the top 20 open source ticketing systems for small and medium sized businesses, so that you can choose the right system for your needs.

Let’s start with the Top 20 Best Open Source Ticketing System (Self-Hosted).

Top 20 Best Open Source Ticketing System (Self-Hosted)

1. OSTicket

OSTicket makes it easy to scale your support ticketing system and provide customer friendly support to your clients. With this open source solution, getting started is pretty straightforward, thanks to the simple installation process. It won’t take your support team hours to learn how to use it. Furthermore, it has features that will simplify the process of raising tickets. In addition, you can customize your customer service to exceed your customers’ expectations. Plus, a powerful ticket filtering system and a rich dashboard enable you to manage your tickets efficiently.

More than 15,000 businesses worldwide use OSTicket as a helpdesk and ticketing solution. Since its free package provides a wide range of services, it is no wonder that its popularity is growing.

OSTicket Features

  • IT Management and Comparison features are included in OSTicket.
  • A robust API is available.
  • Manage permissions and access controls.
  • A dashboard shows recent activity.
  • Activity tracking is also available in OSTicket.
  • Getting alerts and notifications is easy.
  • Data can be imported and exported.
  • Data visualization tool can help you visualize data.
  • Drag and drop is available in OSTicket.
  • Several monitoring features are available.
  • Reports and analytics features.
  • Agent Collision Avoidance.
  • Auto Respond.
  • Filter data using search feature.
  • Integrate with email.

2. FreeScout

Next choice is called FreeScout because it’s open source and free. Great for business use but also a start-up. Assists with customer support and uses PHP/MySQL. Grow your business without incurring any expenses. Remember it is also beneficial to medium sized businesses.

Customer tickets can be raised easily with its various features. In addition, you’ll be able to manage and analyze your emails for free. 

Due to the fact that it runs on PHP7 (the Laravel 5.5 framework), it is quite lightweight. This software is ideal for enterprises that want to offer world class customer service to their customers.

FreeScout Features

  • A ticket can be raised an unlimited number of times.
  • Integration with WooCommerce.
  • Jira Integration.
  • Supports authentication.
  • Users can be added in an unlimited number.
  • LDAP integration.
  • You can also access it from your mobile device.
  • Kanban boards.
  • Variety of support languages.
  • Integration with your email.
  • Updates and installers are available via the web.
  • Conversations can be marked with stars and forwarded.
  • Merging conversations is possible.
  • Possibility to hold conversations over the phone.
  • Multiple recipients can be added to a conversation at once.
  • Queries can be tracked at any time.

3. UVdesk

Number three of Top 20 Best Open Source Ticketing System (Self-Hosted) is UVDesk. The UVdesk helpdesk ticket system is free and open source tool  designed to provide the best customer support. The software was released under the MIT License as open source. Without additional costs, it can be integrated with many eCommerce platforms and content management systems.

Furthermore, you will be able to automate the workflow by creating different rules based on the channels from which tickets are coming in. A knowledge base integration, task management and a file viewer app are also important features that will make your support ticketing system more efficient. Additionally, you can connect your eCommerce store’s order details easily.

UVdesk Features

4. OpenSupports

The OpenSupports Ticket System is an open source ticketing system for businesses. It has a simple administration panel. PHP and ReactJS are the primary building blocks of OpenSupports. It is a web application allowing you to perform better management for the queries from users.

OpenSupport Features

  • reCAPTCHA Support.
  • Registration of API Keys.
  • Responsive design.
  • Topics and articles.
  • Write FAQs or articles about common issues.
  • Multilingual.
  • The statistics.
  • A custom response.
  • Open source.

5. Hesk

Hesk is a free help desk system designed to provide businesses and companies with better customer service. Hesk was founded in 2005. The Hesk application was downloaded more than 600,000 times.

Hesk Features

  • A cloud based help desk but available on  SaaS,  Windows and Linux.
  • Email & LDAP integrations.
  • Remote desktop and no need for VPN connections.
  • Response time is faster.
  • Custom workflows and redesigned templates that improve customer support.
  • Charts and reports.
  • A lightweight product
  • A reduction in the amount of support work.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Provides support for a wide range of cloud services.
  • It’s free.

6. DiamanteDesk

Sixth of the Top 20 Best Open Source Ticketing System (Self-Hosted) is DiamanteDesk. It has advanced features that will enhance the customer support experience of your business. The DiamanteDesk customer service software is an open source script and is available for free to both large and small businesses.

DiamanteDesk Features

  • Self hosted.
  • Free and open source.
  • The complete headless mode.
  • CRM system integrations.
  • Support workflows.
  • Using the API, you can control the entire system..
  • The tool is user friendly
  • A full text search is available.

7. OpenDesk

The OpenDesk ticketing system is free and open source. Small and medium sized companies can optimize office desk utilization using its full features. Working from the office is easier with OpenDesk. The software was released under the GPL 3.0 license.

OpenDesk Features

  • Project management.
  • Management of leads.
  • Reservations that have already been made can be cancelled.
  • Reservations can be modified.
  • Suitable for small and medium sized businesses and enterprises.
  • Multi user options (admins, managers, etc.)
  • Open source.
  • Booking confirmation alert.
  • Ticket management & processing.
  • Rich widget dashboard.
  • Assists in updating or removing the existing infrastructure.

8. Handesk

Our next pick with Top 20 Best Open Source Ticketing System (Self-Hosted) is Handesk. With Handesk, companies can manage multiple teams, multiple users and create effective reports using this modular and self hosted system.

The Handesk platform is a Laravel Help Desk and Lead Management application. The Handesk platform supports multiple languages has been released under the MIT license.

Handesk Features

  • Notifications within the app.
  • A task management system.
  • Leads management.
  • Mailchimp subscription based on tags.
  • Email attachments can be captured as ticket attachments.
  • Charts and reports.
  • Escalating tickets is possible.
  • An open source software.
  • There are no limits to tasks, projects, or leads.
  • Email polling.
  • Tickets can be merged.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Reporting of tickets.

9. Liberum

A tool like Liberum might be a good choice for small and medium sized businesses. It offers an easy to use interface that helps you track and manage support requests. The system will also make it easy for you to manage notifications via email and SMS. In addition, the tool offers detailed reporting options and flexible customization options.

Liberum Features

  • Small and medium sized businesses can easily use this as a customer support solution.
  • Active Directory Authentication.
  • An option for email notifications as well as SMS and page notifications for crucial tickets.
  • Web based interface.
  • Configurable e-mail notifications.
  • It is fully customizable.
  • Features for detailed reporting.

10. Bitrix24

With Bitrix24, you can integrate CRM, task management and instant messaging for the best results. Instantly resolving customer queries can reduce the number of tickets. Also, multiple channels can be used to engage customers and collect details related to their interactions. In addition, there are advanced features such as a virtual assistant and ticket routing.

Bitrix24 Features

  • Easy to use mobile app.
  • Enhance communication with live chat.
  • Workflow automation.
  • Collaboration with customers to improve customer service.
  • More efficient lead capture with CRM web forms.
  • The ability to share files as well as queue and route tickets.
  • Social media integration.

11. Odoo

Customer support is made easier with this agile tool. Odoo has an easy to use dashboard that will let you organize your tickets and view their status. Multiple channels are available out of the box, including email, a customizable web form, and a live chat. Moreover, the tool provides a great range of helpful features for enhancing your customer support system. Among some of these are the ability to create SLAs easily, send automated emails, and create canned responses. Additionally, it allows you to create customer payable support contracts.

Odoo Features

  • Integrating knowledge bases for effective self service.
  • For a faster resolution, canned responses are available.
  • The option to sell support contracts is available.
  • A user friendly interface.
  • Multi channel support is provided.
  • Automated workflow and easy SLA configuration.

12. X2CRM

The X2CRM offers a comprehensive solution that integrates CRM, marketing, sales, orders and service interactions seamlessly. Your business will be managed without hassles if you use this platform. It will also help you integrate engagement data from different channels of communication. In addition, it offers several useful features to improve customer support, such as ticket tracking, support reports, file sharing, etc.

X2CRM Features

  • Create cases automatically to make assignment and reporting easier.
  • Integration of knowledge bases.
  • A comprehensive CRM solution that combines marketing automation with customer service.
  • Automated messages and reports.
  • Providing better customer service through escalation and satisfaction surveys.

13. ERPNext

You can elevate your customer support process with ERPNext open source, SaaS help desk. With it, you can manage tickets more effectively, automate workflows, generate detailed reports, and more. With real time insights, you will be able to make important decisions in real time and improve your processes in a significant way. Moreover, it enhances the ability to communicate with customers across multiple channels and automates the assignment of tickets.

ERPNext Features

  • A comprehensive tool for improving customer service.
  • Tracking SLAs more effectively.
  • Integration of knowledge bases.
  • Keep customers updated about their issues.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Provide omnichannel support.
  • Easily customizable forms.
  • Assign tickets automatically and monitor the performance of the support team easily.

14. SuiteCRM

The SuiteCRM solution is an open source and cost effective CRM solution for businesses. They offer services with transparent pricing and eliminate the worry of hidden fees. You can easily build better relationships with your customers if you have a central repository of customer data. SuiteCRM offers you the flexibility to customize the support system based on your specific needs since it is an open source program. You can also enhance your sales number with several lead management tools. In addition, it gives your customer support team all the tools they need to respond quickly to customer requests.

SuitCRM Features

  • An open source CRM solution that is comprehensive.
  • The open REST API makes it easy to integrate the API with your business systems.
  • An efficient way to store customer data.
  • Gain actionable insights with their powerful reporting dashboard.
  • A business can segment its customers and send targeted marketing messages based on their behavior.
  • Makes your customer support team more efficient and responsive.

Keep on reading about Top 20 Best Open Source Ticketing System (Self-Hosted). The next on the list is Faveo.  

15. Faveo

With its user friendly interface and cost effective ticketing solution, Faveo is the perfect help desk solution for any business. The great customization features will help you customize it to suit your specific business needs. With this open source help desk, users are able to create custom forms and canned responses in multiple languages. Furthermore, it provides an app for setting up a knowledge base for your team and customers. Additionally, the software offers easy integration of email and does not limit agent usability. With Faveo, you can also customize the look of the help desk system to match your brand.

Faveo Features

  • It has an interactive dashboard.
  • Manage customer service and incidents using this help desk ticketing system.
  • Ticket merging and ticket rating are two of the most powerful features of Faveo.
  • Integrate a knowledge base and create SLAs.
  • It provides you with the ability to forward tickets to high level authorities.
  • The ticketing system can be integrated with email addresses.
  • Easy to integrate platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • For every ticket, there is an Auto Response system.

16. Zammad

No matter what size or industry your business is in, Zammad helpdesk tracking system will definitely meet your needs. You can do more than just raise tickets with it. It supports various channels like chat, email, telephone, Facebook, and Twitter.

The back end of Zammad is impressive. In addition to Ruby and JavaScript, it uses only the latest web technologies. The frontend uses HTML5 and WebSockets. The backend is supported by Ruby on Rails.

Zammad Features

  • A full text search feature is available with Zammad filters and search.
  • Zammad allows you to escalate individual queries.
  • There is an auto save feature.
  • A variety of text modules are included.
  • Various security mechanisms are supported by Zammad, including device logging and two factor authentication.
  • Whenever you have a query, you can track it using a customer interface.
  • The software is available in 9 languages.
  • Zammad’s information is easy to audit, so financial institutions can also use it.
  • The program allows you to generate reports.

17. Ticketit

Ticketit is an open source, and free helpdesk ticket system. It’s designed to seamlessly integrate with Laravel’s default authentication and users’ systems.

Ticketit Features

  • The integration process is simple and straightforward.
  • Open Source
  • Installation is easy.
  • It has a simple text editor.
  • Tracking graph overview.
  • An interactive dashboard with statistics.
  • Provide an upload option for images.

18. Redmine

It is not just a ticketing system, but also a web based project management tool. The Redmine project management system allows you to manage multiple projects and subprojects simultaneously. In addition, this software comes with efficient features, such as per project wikis and forums, time tracking, as well as flexible, role based access control for each project. Any project can be tracked and reported back whenever necessary by your support team.

Redmine Features

  • Self registration is available.
  • Numerous custom fields can be created. Users, projects, and time entries are all included.
  • Calendars and Gantt charts are available.
  • It is available in 49 languages.
  • Are you looking for more than just tracking tickets? That’s great, Redmine manages news, documents, and files all in one place.
  • With CVS, SVN, Git, Bazaar, Mercurial, and Darcs, it synchronizes with a wide range of SCM systems.
  • A flexible role based access control system is available in Redmine.
  • Issue tracking is available.
  • You can view web feeds and receive email alerts.
  • LDAP authentication is supported.
  • Multiple projects can be tracked simultaneously.

19. Best Practical

Best Practical is a open source ticket tracking system that can be helpful for any business. A couple of things can be done with this solution. From task coordination to request management; this system is a better than many expensive ones. Despite this, the software is free to use and open source (FOSS). Many SaaS companies use this software to raise tickets, track bugs as well as optimize workflows.

Best Practical Features

  • Permissions and controls can be accessed.
  • It comes integrated with an Active Directory.
  • There is an intuitive dashboard.
  • The Ad hoc Query can be used at any time to run a query.
  • Receive instant alerts/notifications
  • An Asset Management feature is included.
  • A Compliance Management feature is also available.
  • With a workflow feature, you can customize your workflows.
  • It comes with an user friendly search box.
  • It’s support ticket tracking allows your team to track tickets.

20. HubSpot Help Desk Software

The last of top 20 Best Open Source Ticketing System (Self-Hosted) is HubSpot’s. Help Desk and Ticketing Software is a great tool for connecting with your customers. It has the capability of handling a large volume of queries. It also makes the process of tracking tickets, organizing questions, and escalating them easier for the support team. Through its intuitive dashboard, your support team will be able to keep track of each issue your development team resolves. Therefore, with this tool, you and your team will be able to provide quality service to your customers.

HubSpot Features

  • It offers an excellent dashboard.
  • Your customer records can be organized using it.
  • Logging in is super easy.
  • Prioritizing requests from customers is possible with it.
  • There is a live chat feature, which makes it easy to communicate with customers.
  • Conversational bots are also available.
  • Reporting is built into the software.

Great! We have gone through Top 20 Best Open Source Ticketing System (Self-Hosted).

Top 20 Best Open Source Ticketing System (Self-Hosted) Conclusion

Businesses who want to improve their customer support capabilities should consider these open source ticketing solutions. Even though these tools have a few features in common, they operate very differently. Their unique features and functionality make them each exceptional in their own way.

It is therefore suggested that you carefully assess the needs of your company so that you can choose the best option. In other words, choose ticketing system that perfectly aligns with your customer’s preferences and the IT support team’s needs.

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