Top Best 20 Free SFTP Servers for Secure File Transfers

Best Free SFTP Servers for Secure File Transfers.  Today, with a dramatic increase in the distributed network, secured files and data transferring have become relatively arduous. It has made users wonder about appropriate ways or software they can use to send large amounts of data around their network reliably and securely. It is where SFTP comes into the picture.

SFTP or Secure Transfer File Protocol is one of the most popular protocols used for transferring files from one network to another. This protocol uses the Security Shell Protocol (SSH) that prevents unencrypted transfers of credentials and social login information. While initializing the first copy of the transfer, SFTP offers the advantage of fingerprint, which is generated automatically to protect the transfer from malware activities.

In a Nutshell, SFTP is similar to FTP concerning functionality and performance. However, it eliminates the outrageous and shocking security flaws from the transfer operation. In this blog, we are going to provide you with the list of the top 20 free SFTP Servers that help you to transfer any files or data securely all across the network. So, without wasting much of the time, let’s get into it.

Top Best 20 Free SFTP Servers For Secure File Transfers

1. Syncplify SFTP Server

Free SFTP Servers

Syncplify is a full featured SFTP server that meets the needs of security conscious users. It supports the users of Active Directory and is even configured in a way that can prevent itself from attacks like DoS, DDoS, password harvesting, etc. It tends to transfer several files concurrently and also supports congregate remote configuration databases and Distributed File System environments.

Syncplify Features

  • It is highly extensible.
  • It enables the users to create custom scripts to add new functions.
  • It provides complete control of the file management process, thereby allowing integration with regular operation.
  • It contains Protector that uses AI integration for identifying cyberattacks.
  • It also offers HIPAA compliant file transfer options.

2. FileZilla SFTP Server

Best SFTP Servers

FileZilla is relatively popular for its cross platform FTP client tool. It provides services to download both FTP and FTPS. It enables the user to transfer files up to 4 GB and is relatively effortless to configure. You only have to connect with the server using login credentials.

FileZilla Features

  • It offers support to FTP and FTPS.
  • It enables the user to transfer files up to 4 GB.
  • It also provides a drag and drops option to its user.
  • It makes the search for files effortless.
  • It is available on Windows, Linus, and macOS.

3. zFTPServer Freeware

zFTPServer Freeware

zFTPServer is a sturdy application that is created for the most intensive needs of the corporate organization. It uses the updated security and encryption protocol, thereby providing speed scheduling, automatic updates, and high speed data transfers. It provides Active Directory users the benefit of login support and IPv6 capability. Using threading and careful memory allocation and de allocation, zFTPServer reduces the use of resources and enables realtime logging events and messages.

zFTPServer Features

  • It supports Active Directory Integration for making the management process straightforward on Windows servers.
  • It enables the users to customize the logo and branding.
  • It offers built in collaboration for teams that regularly share files with each other.

4. Bitvise SSH/SFTP Server

bitvise SFTP Server

Alike zFTPServer, Bitvise SSH/SFTP server is a robust application for secured transferring of files and data. It is an accurate option for users using Windows as they are console based and clunky or minimalist. Sometimes, it also requires configurations based on text documents. Since it is GUI driven, users find it effortless to set up and configure this server.

Bitvise SFTP Features

  • Supporting secure remote access either through console or GUI.
  • Keeping records of daily, monthly, and annual usage statistics.
  • It transfers files instantly.
  • It is HIPAA compliant.
  • It allows multiple users to connect to its servers.
  • It is effortless to install and configure.

5. Cerberus FTP Server 8

Cerberus FTP Server 8

Cerberus FTP Server 8 supports veried versions of SSh. It exaggerates a small range of reasonable, beneficial, and unusual features like web based transfer clients, email notifications, and some policy based settings for file retention and event support. It is considered to be the most appropriate choice for users having particular needs for transferring files.

Cerberus FTP Server Features

  • It provides support to users of Active Directory, LDAP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTPS, Secure SSL encryption, two factor authentication, and even IP banning.
  • It is compliant with multiple industry standards like HIPAA and FIPS 140-2.
  • It contains an advanced reporting tool that delivers users a glimpse of the statistics and performance of a particular timeframe.
  • Its comprehensive auditing enables users to monitor availability and performance.
  • It comes with a web file transfer client.
  • It also offers several options for event support and automation.

6. Sysax Multi Server

Sysax Multi Server

Sysax Multi Server not only supports SFTP but also several other simultaneous remote access and file transfer protocols such as FTP, FTPS, Telnet, and Secure Shell. It also supports HTTP and HTTPS based file transfers. It has simplified user account administration that enables administrators to use Window authentication on the network. They also help them to create custom accounts within the software. You can manage remote via any web browser.

Sysax Features

  • It is built with a combination of SSH and FTP servers.
  • It contains advanced features like SSL cert generation and IP restriction.
  • It is highly compatible with the Windows Server environment.

7. Rebex Tiny SFTP Server

Rebex Tiny SFTP Server

Rebex Tiny SFTP Server is designed specifically for Windows users sharing basic files. It enables you to complete any kind of file transfer effortlessly and view the activity in its log. This software can be installed from a ZIP file without the need for long winded configurations. Hence, it is ideal for the organization looking for a straightforward SFTP solution.

Rebex Tiny SFTP Server Features

  • It tends to complete SFTP file transfers.
  • It enables the user to view the activity log.
  • It eliminates the need for installing the software.
  • It is available for Windows.

8. Core FTP Server

Core FTP Server

Core FTP comes with multiple options and even offers an entirely free mini SFTP server that contains appropriate features for users who avoid complex activity. This much wider range of features makes it one of the most scalable and beneficial servers for larger environments having complex transfer needs.

Core FTP Server Features

  • It comprises a freeware version applicable for small organizations in a limited capacity.
  • It enables the sysadmins to use the verbose log feature to quickly troubleshoot problems if they occur.
  • It provides an auto start setting that allows the server to be ready, even after unusual shutdowns.

9. Cloud ftp is a cloud based file platform having built in FTP and SFTP servers. Since it is a remote based server, it offers multiple features that act as a buffer for the entire files transfer activity. Its Single Interface makes it flexible, secure, and easy to use enterprise grade solutions at an affordable rate. Features

  • It allows you to receive and send files through Email that is securely and fully encrypted.
  • It enables the teams and companies to integrate their Microsoft Office with the files/folders previews and realtime collaboration.
  • It offers advanced features for automation while changing, renaming, deleting, uploading, and downloading files with accurate integration into services like Zapier, Amazon SNS, etc.
  • It provides unique links for uploading and downloading files for clients and customers.

10. SolarWinds

SolarWinds is considered to be the best network management solution. It provides free SFTP/SCP Servers to transfer files quickly and securely from all across the network. It supports up to 4 GB files that include firmware and the latest iOS in the network. Its multi thread capability allows you to upload and download files from multiple network devices. This sturdy yet easy to use piece of software is compatible with the latest 64 bit operating system.

SolarWinds SFTP Features

  • Its SFTP/SCP Server is completely free.
  • It has in depth user authentication options.
  • It set limits depending upon the events like uploading, downloading, and deleting larger files.
  • It allows multiple devices to transfer files simultaneously.
  • It uses the highest security and reliability standards.

11. Oracle MFT

Oracle MFT

Oracle MFT is the best server as it protects against accidental access to unsecured files via end to end transfer of files. It helps in exchanging and managing files securely within the departments and external partners through managed file transfer solutions. It has an easy to use interface that makes it a universal solution for transferring files. It even has built in reporting capabilities.

Oracle MFT Features

  • It encompasses extensive reporting capabilities that assist the user in obtaining the status of file transfer immediately.
  • It has integrated WebLogic Identity Management.
  • It can encrypt, schedule, and compress the files.
  • It comes with embedded FTP and Secure FTP Servers.

12. CrushFTP


Crush FTP is a File Transfer Protocol server that enables the client to connect to download or upload files. It is a standard Internet Protocol that was planned appropriately for people who want to transfer files immediately and securely.

CrushFTP Features

  • It is one of the most secured protocols.
  • It enables the user to preview thumbnails.
  • Its WebInterface allows you to specify custom forms for welcoming the user on their first visit to your website.
  • It offers users customizable event actions.
  • It has built in reporting that enables you to monitor the performance of the server and even the activities of the user.

13. GoAnywhere MFT

GoAnywhere streamlines the exchange of data inside and outside the organization. It offers a managed file transfer solution to protect sensitive data. It tends to secure file transfer from performed between person to person or server to server. It has enhanced EDI that enables the user to translate and move X12, XML, and EDIFACT files. It also automates the batch file transfer.

GoAnywhere MFT Features

  • It automates, centralizes, mobilizes, collaborates, encrypts, and compresses files.
  • It uses modern encryption technology and authentication method for protecting the file transfer.
  • It also offers collaboration features like Ad hoc file transfers, end to end encryption, and a detailed audit trail.
  • Its workflow feature is relatively comprehensive.

14. FreeFTPd


FreeFTPd is one of the most popular SFTP Server solutions in the market. It offers some of the most crucial functions, attributes, features, and performance to the users. It also enables them to set up and configure effortlessly. It is flexible, which allows them to scale and connect with another server during file transfer.

FreeFTPd Features

  • Users can install it as a system service whenever necessary.
  • It comes with a quick setup process for Windows.
  • It is available all the time when installed as a system service.
  • It contains graphical application support.
  • It also allows remote port forwarding.

15. Complete FTP

Complete FTP

Complete FTP is a Windows SFTP server that is highly customizable and integratable. It offers the same features as other SFTP servers. It is applicable for both Non Windows and Windows users. It is a virtual file system, which delivers a user friendly admin interface and a responsive web file manager.

Complete FTP Features

  • It offers a custom file system and customer authentication extension.
  • Its scriptable process trigger email notifications.
  • It encompasses Protocol translating proxy/gateway.
  • It offers web application hosting.
  • It delivers clustering with realtime config synchronization.

16. Tectia SSH

Tectia SSH

Tectia’s SSH server handles multiple protocols, including SFTP is outstanding to use. It is a relatively sturdy and reliable software that is free and is best for enterprise level applications.

Tectia SSH Features

  • It is compatible enough to provide more gear and features to transfer files.
  • It is suitable for beginners as it is easy to set up and configure this software.
  • It offers a secure and encrypted data transferring system.

17. SRT Titan FTP Server

SRT Titan FTP Server is considered one of the best options for broader implementations. It also provides an amazing deal for regulation compliance of PCI and HIPAA. It is scalable and less time consuming as compared to other SFTP servers because of its improved compression system.

SRT Titan FTP Server Features

  • It provides an excellent deal for regulation compliance for PCI and HIPAA.
  • It is scalable.
  • It is an improved compression system that makes it a fast server for transferring files.
  • It offers a wide range of compatibility for the servers.
  • It also offers remote administration, web based transfer, and an amazing user interface to its users.

18. GlobalScape MFT Server

GlobalScape MFT Server

GlobalScape MFT Server is a managed file transfer software suitable for all types of businesses. It offers enterprise level security to the users and also provides three options like EFT Arcus, EFT Enterprise, and EFT Express.

GlobalScape MFT Server Features

  • It has visibility, auditing, and reporting capabilities.
  • It allows the user to monitor folders and automate workflows without scripting.
  • It provides two factor authentication and high availability deployment options.
  • It encrypts both the data at rest and data in transit.

19. Cornerstone MFT Server

Cornerstone MFT Server

Cornerstone MFT Server offers high availability and failover for eliminating downtime. It’s advanced automation capabilities assist the user in improving productivity. Also, it enables the enterprise to deploy them on premise, in the Cloud, and in hybrid environments.

Cornerstone MFT Server Features

  • This solution comes with a streaming disc encryption module that writes the files to disk only in encrypted form.
  • It protects the files from ransomware.
  • It enables the user to automate the processes and security scans.

20. JSCAPE MFT Server


JSCAPE MFT Server offers advanced security because of the attributes like additional authentication options and access control mechanisms. It’s key management capabilities enable the user to manage all the host keys, server keys, and many more through an intuitive web user interface.

JSCAPE MFT Server Features

  • Since it encrypts the data in motion, the files remain confidential during the transmission process.
  • It provides authentication, data integrity, and logging.
  • It offers end to end file workflow automation that enables them to manage the entire file process effortlessly.
  • It also encrypts data while storing and during an extensive audit trail.
  • It provides functionalities for creating password policies.

Top Best 20 Free SFTP Servers For Secure File Transfers Conclusion

The security provided by these mentioned SFTP servers allows the user to use it while transferring both large and small data file effortlessly. Also, we recommend you to choose the one and try it yourselves to get the most suitable ones for your enterprise.

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