Why You Should be Hosting Your Print Server in The Cloud

Why You Should be Hosting Your Print Server in The Cloud. In this article we will look at the benefits of hosting the print server in the cloud. Let’s get started.

Hosting Print Server in the Cloud

Are you among those who think the cloud is a technology that you don’t know? If so, think about some things you do in your daily lives – streaming music, movies, or backing up the photos on your phone – they are all in the cloud. If you are using online spreadsheets, word processors, or any other software you are on the cloud. Even when you stream your video games, you are using the cloud. Almost everything has migrated to the cloud, including core business functions.

However, there are still several businesses that hesitate to migrate to the cloud. They feel it is still an unknown area and so are reluctant to make the move. But numerous SMEs start in the cloud. This includes services such as streaming services, personal email and other software, infrastructure services, and print management among others. All these areas are enhanced by cloud technology.

What is a Cloud Hosted Service

A cloud hosted service is a technology service that uses infrastructure located outside the user’s physical location and which can be hosted on the cloud. As the infrastructure is sited at a cloud vendor’s data center, the user can access it through a direct network connection, such as a VPN or a remote desktop.

Benefits of Cloud Printing

Cost effectiveness

One of the major reasons for hosting your printer server in the cloud is cost effectiveness. When compared to traditional hosting services, cloud hosted solutions are more cost effective as IT departments don’t have to invest in in house server hardware. Companies can also benefit from the pay per use payment with cloud hosting. However, before we consider the benefits of hosting the print server in the cloud, let us be clear that there is no perfect answer to anything. But when you consider the benefits, you’ll see how moving your print management into the cloud can be beneficial.


Cloud computing simplifies the use of technology. If you migrate to a suitable print server in the cloud, you don’t need to bother with the maintenance of print servers. The service provider will handle it. Several individuals and businesses such as Google print server, Microsoft 365, and others use cloud services. Managing onsite printer infrastructure can be a headache for many businesses. That’s why the providers have come up with effective alternatives to the traditional print ecosystem that suits all kinds of users.

The downside of it is that you may end up with less control over things. This could be difficult for managers that prefer hands on management. But the real question you need to ask is if things work well without you having to step in every bit of the way with a helping hand, isn’t it worth a try? You’ll agree that it makes better sense to go with cloud solutions

Infrastructure benefits

One of the major advantages of cloud based printing is that it reduces your infrastructure and offers maintenance advantages. When you use the cloud services the service provider handles the hardware maintenance for you. You might argue that self hosting is cheaper. But is so only if you have the expertise on site. However, the expertise doesn’t come cheap. You’ll have to incur some cost to acquire that expertise. So, in the long run, cloud solutions might make more sense than having on site infrastructure.

Cloud based print management is also quick and easy to install and hence, it reduces the burden of implementation and administration. Cloud based solutions also offer various advantages such as auto scaling according to your requirements or usage. If you are self hosting, you would need a server that meets your requirement and might need to buy a new one if your needs outgrow. If you are on the cloud, it auto scales as it is a flexible system.

The downside to this is that you might have to incur some ongoing costs for bandwidth. However, it might still be a better option than investing money in buying a standalone server that might not be able to meet your needs sooner than you thought.

Security & compliance

With on site or self hosted print management, you are solely responsible for the data and infrastructure management. It means that you are in control as you know where your data is and have full access and command. However, when you choose to host a virtual print server on the cloud, you will lose this control. But in that case, you will not have to worry about data and infrastructure management. In a sense, you are trading off for some benefits in simplicity and flexibility.

One of the advantages of hosting on the cloud is that the security and compliance will be managed by the service provider. You can use your resources for something else and not worry about data loss or leak. If you are a business handling sensitive data where security and compliance are crucial factors, migrating your print server management to the cloud can enhance safety. However, you should consider the credibility of the service provider before shifting.

Ease of access

Thanks to the rising popularity of cloud services, cloud printing is easily accessible as you can access printers and copiers from anywhere if you have an Internet connection.  

Less burden on IT infrastructure

A cloud print infrastructure is managed by a third party provider so a single, central platform can be managed and updated with regards to printer drivers or implementing print policies.

Support for virtual computing environments

Virtual computing is more used thanks to additional benefit of using VMware , virtual machine (VM) and Citrix virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) systems. They provide access to print resources for virtual computing users and provide consistent access to the print infrastructure.

Multi cloud and hybrid cloud

Cloud adoption will only increase due to their value led service by introducing Hybrid cloud and other offerings and deliver flexible and scalable solutions to their customers.

Why move your print server management into the cloud?

Cloud services are cost effective alternatives to on site hardware in the print management space. Hence, you’ll see more and more businesses transitioning to cloud based print server management solutions. The results have been positive and it is estimated that in the next five years or so, 73% of organizations could transition to cloud print management. Cloud print server offers enhanced printing security, scalability and mobility, which makes them ideal for print management.

Why You Should be Hosting Your Print Server in The Cloud? As highlighted above, cloud hosting opens the door for an adaptable, robust and dependable alternative to traditional data center . They offer:


  • Opportunity to add on and scale up.
  • Lower the overall print spend.
  • Improved ROI.

As a cloud based platform is scalable and adaptable to the changing environment, it can offer better support for quick delivery of other solutions such as security and analytics. However, you should always bear in mind that when it comes to cloud print management, what is right for you can and will change over time.

Cloud vs Hosted

People often confuse between cloud based services and cloud hosted services. They sound similar but are different. The major difference between the two is the location of the server. A cloud hosted is usually on prem software hosted on dedicated server managed by the vendor on behalf of the customer. Cloud based applications are designed and used specifically for cloud environments. These applications are in cloud infrastructure and delivered in a software as a service (SaaS). Cloud based services have multiple customers and by using the same service they allow for setting up infrastructure in locations with lower costs, maximum load capacity, efficiency and better utilization.

Cloud Hosting Advantages

Why You Should be Hosting Your Print Server in The Cloud? Cloud hosted services offer several advantages:

  • Highly reliable – when your print management is hosted on the cloud, it will always remain online as it has a large network of interconnected servers.
  • Scalable – with cloud hosting, you can always scale your hosting plan anytime you want according to your requirements. It means you need not get a new server every time your requirement grows.
  • Versatile – you can choose from a wide range of cloud hosting packages that can be customized to suit your specific business requirements.  

Why You Should be Hosting Your Print Server in The Cloud Conclusion

When it comes to choosing between cloud hosted services and traditional methods, there is no right or wrong answer. It all depends on your business and your needs. You must choose the right solution by evaluating your needs and match them with the solution that best suits you. Having said that, you must not completely overlook the fact that technology and user preferences are changing rapidly. As more services and customers move online, you might have to adapt and move your print management to a cloud print server for better efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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