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WordPress SSO using Shibboleth as SAML IDP

WordPress SSO (Single Sign On) using Shibboleth SAML can be integrated using our WP Cloud SSO WordPress Plugin

Establish a trust between Shibboleth and your WordPress blog to enable SSO, so users can login using their Shibboleth user account and enable the single sign on experience for your users.

In this guide we will go through the steps to configure WordPress to use Shibboleth SAML using WP Cloud SSO plugin.  We will configure Shibboleth as your SAML identity provider (IDP) and WordPress as your service provider (SP).  WP Cloud SSO allows unlimited user login authentications from Shibboleth.  

First step is to download our plugin and then Step 1 Setup Shibboleth as WordPress IDP

Shibboleth WordPress SSO

with WP Cloud SSO

List of Supported SAML Providers for WordPress Single Sign-On

Getting Started Setting up WordPress SSO using Shibboleth

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