Azure Management

We offer a service to design or  manage your Azure tenant from anything to:


Full setup and management of your Azure tenant :


  • Networking (ExpressRoute,VPN, Vnets, Subnets)
  • Security (NSG, Firewall Appliances, Routing, RBAC)
  • Azure AD / Office 365 Sync
  • Virtual Machines (Creation and Management of your VMs)
  • Deploy RDS Farm (Remote Working)
  • Backups (Azure backup service)
  • Resilience (ASR replication of VMs to another Azure Region. Load balancing)
  • Monitoring (Health & Security monitoring using OMS and Azure security center)


Azure costing management and reporting. We have tools that will monitor your cloud infrastructure and give recommendations on how you can lower the cost of your Azure spend. It will give recommendations on using correct VM sizes


And much much more. We can tailor a package to suit your needs and manage your tenant on a monthly retainer. Just get in touch..

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