GCP Marketplace Solutions

FTP Server solution

Secure FTP Server

Deploy an FTP server solution into Google GCP. Supports FTPS (TLS) secure connections

Setup Active directory

Active Directory

Quickly deploy a new domain in GCP or quickly add a domain controller to your existing active directory domain.



Deploy an ADFS farm to Google GCP. Deploy both federation servers and optional WAP servers.

squid proxy

Squid Proxy Cache Linux

Deploy Squid Proxy Cache Ubuntu server or CentOS into your Google project.


Squid Proxy on Windows

Deploy a Squid proxy server into GCP. Cache websites, block websites, control access.



Provide wireless authentication using Microsoft RADIUS Server 2016 or 2019 in GCP. Connect your APs to authenticate with Active Directory


WordPress on Windows

Deploy WordPress on Windows 2016 or 2019 to your GCP. Comes setup on Mysql with phpMyAdmin


WordPress on Ubuntu

Deploy WordPress on Ubuntu running Apache web server, PHP, Let's Encrypt Certificates, Mariadb, ProFTPd and much more

jitsi meet on gcp

Jitsi Meet

Run your own private video conference solution in GCP using Jitsi Meet. Runs on Ubuntu

nginx on GCP

NGINX on Ubuntu

Deploy NGINX on Linux Ubuntu into GCP. Fully configured production ready.


FreePBX on Ubuntu

Run FreePBX on Ubuntu with Asterisk and all the assorted dependencies in GCP

docker on windows

Docker Engine on Windows

Run Docker Engine on Windows on GCP. Create containers running on Docker Engine Enterprise on Windows


Jenkins on Windows

Setup Jenkins on Windows 2016 or 2019 using ready made image into GCP fully configured and ready to go.

weka machine learning

Weka on Windows

Weka machine learning open source with the required Java requirements running on Windows server.


GeoServer on Windows

Deploy GeoServer on Windows server with the Java requirements into GCP

nginx on GCP

NGINX on Windows

Deploy NGINX on Windows Server (2016 or 2019) into GCP. Fully configured production ready.

softether vpn

SoftEther VPN

Deploy VPN server into GCP. Hide your IP address, Allow external connections, Site to site connections and more

Mysql server gcp

MySQL Server

Deploy MySQL server on Windows into GCP. Production ready and fully configured with PhpMyadmin, PHP, Apache

sftp server

SFTP Server

Looking for a secure file transfer server using SSH / Private keys then checkout our SFTP server solution on GCP.


RabbitMQ on Windows

Deploy RabbitMQ message broker on GCP. Comes fully configured with RabbitMQ and Erlang


Docker on Linux

Deploy Docker Community Engine on Ubuntu or CentOS on GCP

hmail server

hMail Server

Deploy a mail server to GCP using hMail on Windows server 2016 or 2019 opensource solution.


Terraform on Windows

Deploy Terraform opensource automation tool on Windows server in GCP


Terraform on Ubuntu

Deploy Terraform opensource automation tool on Linux Ubuntu in GCP

apache tomcat

Tomcat on Windows

Deploy Apache Tomcat Server on Windows with Java JDK in GCP

apache tomcat

Tomcat on Linux

Deploy Apache Tomcat Server on Ubuntu or CentOS with Java JDK into GCP

MariaDB on linux

MariaDB on Windows

Deploy MariaDB on Windows Server preinstalled with Mysql Workbench and HeidiSQL into GCP

MariaDB on linux

MariaDB on Linux

Deploy MariaDB on Ubuntu or CentOS into GCP

install webmin on ubuntu

Webmin on Linux

Deploy Linux Ubuntu or CentOS with Webmin control panel on GCP

GCP NFS Server

NFS Server

NFS 2016 & 2019 Server provides a file sharing solution for enterprises that have heterogeneous environments that include both Windows and non-Windows computers.


Nagios Core on Ubuntu

Deploy Nagios Core with all the pre reqs and Nagios plugins fully configured on Ubuntu into GCP

setup DNS in GCP

DNS Server

Setup DNS server in GCP using our DNS solution built on Windows. Manage both internal and public dns name spaces


WAMP on Windows

Deploy a WAMPServer into GCP with Apache, PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, phpMyadmin and Mysql Workbench

XAMPP Server

XAMPP on Windows

Deploy XAMPP on GCP. Comes pre-configured with Apache, MariaDB, MySQL, PHP, phpMyadmin, Tomcat, OpenSSL, Filezilla FTP Server & more..

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