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Secure SAML WordPress SSO Plugin Solution

WordPress SSO plugin developed by WordPress Security Experts, We’ve been working with IAM, Active Directory, SAML, WordPress and IT Security for 20 years.  We are a dedicated team who love developing tech solutions.


Enable Single Sign On for your WordPress users using your SAML Identity Provider.  Simple and secure integration.  Download our FREE SSO Plugin and see for yourself.

WP Cloud SSO offers WordPress SSO Single Sign On to secure WordPress logins.  Login to WordPress (WP) using Azure AD, Azure B2C, Okta, ADFS, Keycloak, OneLogin, Salesforce, Google Apps (G Suite), Shibboleth, Ping, Auth0 and other IdPs (Identity Providers). It acts as SAML SP (Service Provider) which can be configured to establish a trust between our WordPress SSO plugin and IDP to securely authenticate and enable SSO / Login for the user into the WordPress (WP) site.  WordPress hardening tool.

Developed by WordPress Security Experts

WordPress SAML SSO

Secure Your WordPress Logins (5 Min Setup)

WP Cloud SSO Features

WordPress Single Sign On

Integrate with any SAML identity provider (IDP). Single Sign On authentication between SAML 2.0 identity providers and WordPress as SP. Add any IDP and easy to use SAML import function and as many as needed.

Attribute Mapping

Sync user attributes from your identity provider, e.g (Name, Username, Email, Profile Photo, Job Title, Dept, Telephone, Manager and more..) Sync as many attributes as from your Identity Provider (IDP) as needed. Or customise which attributes to sync.

Protect Your Website

Protect your WordPress site (Auto-Redirect to IdP). Only authorised users can login to WordPress. Restrict WordPress to only logged in users by redirecting the users to your IdP if logged in session is not found

Auto Redirect SSO

Auto redirect your user logins to WordPress, authenticating against your IDP for SSO authentication. Automate the user experience with auto redirect, no need for username / password for a Single Sign On experience using your IDP to authorise the logins.

WordPress Role Mapping

Automatically assign WordPress roles to users based on SAML IDP group membership. Restrict access to WordPress based on IDP Groups. Control your WordPress security logins and WordPress permissions.

Multiple Environments Support / Migration (Dev, Staging, Prod)

Manage multiple WordPress environments. Migrate between test/staging environments keeping your SSO config and attribute mappings inplace. Supports platforms like (WP Engine, Pantheon, Sub domains & more).

Single Logout

Logs the user out of your Identity Provider on logout from WordPress site acting as Service Provider (SP) and terminates current login session on both ends. Easily customize the login button for the WordPress Login page

Profile Picture

Map profile picture sent from your IDP attributes to WordPress avatar. For example - map Active Directory / Office365 profile pictures to WordPress profile avatar.

Automate User Creation

WordPress user creation can be automated. User accounts get created at first SSO login. If a user is allowed login from your IDP, You can automate the WordPress profile creation with WordPress role mapping.

WordPress SSO - Single Sign On SAML IDP's

You can setup our WP Cloud SSO plugin to any SAML identity provider. Here is a list of the most popular WordPress Single Sign On SAML identity providers that can be configured.  You can add any SAML provider using the custom import settings. Click on any of the providers to see the installation details:

Easy to Setup WordPress Single Sign-On using our Plugin GUI

Simply choose your identity provider and follow the simple instructions to integrate and allow your approved users to use WordPress Single Sign On straight away.  Choose which features to enable from the tabs within the plugin.  Get access to our UK / USA / Europe based support team.

WordPress SAML SSO

Easily Import IDP SAML Settings

Automatically Create New Users

WordPress Login Security

WordPress SSO Login Security

Control WordPress User Access

Manage Multiple WordPress Environments

WordPress Multiple Environments SSO Support

Mirror WordPress SSO Environments

Play Video about WordPress SAML SSO
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WP Cloud SSO

WordPress Security - SSO Solution

Developed by WordPress Security Experts, We've been working with IAM, Active Directory, SAML, Azure AD and IT Security for 20 years. Use this plugin as part of your WordPress Hardening defense.

10 Day Free Trial

We’re so confident in our products that we recommend trying our Free Trial that will give you full access to all the features mentioned below, that you will want to be apart of our network of customers.  You can cancel anytime throughout your subscription.


WP Cloud SSO
$ 0
  • Auto-Redirect to IdP
  • Basic Attribute Mapping
  • Unlimited Authentications with 1 IDP


WP Cloud SSO
$ 97 Per Year
  • Advanced Attribute and Role Mapping
  • SAML Single Logout
  • IDP Metadata Sync
  • UK / USA / Europe Based Support
  • All Standard features


WP Cloud SSO
$ 197 Per Year
  • Multiple Environments Support / Migration (Dev, Staging, Test, Prod)
  • Multiple SAML IDP Support. Add Unlimited IDPs
  • Sync Users IDP Profile Pic to WordPress
  • UK / USA / Europe Based Support
  • All Premium features

Compare WP Cloud SSO Plans

WP Cloud SSO Features Free Premium Enterprise
Unlimited WordPress Single Sign On Authentications
Basic Attribute Mapping (Email, First Name, Last Name, Display Name)
Widget, Shortcode to add SAML IDP Login Link
Auto-Redirect to IdP from login page
Protect your complete site (Auto-Redirect to IdP login)
Automatically Assign WordPress Roles via IDP Group membership


SAML Single Logout


Auto-sync IdP Configuration from metadata


Custom Attribute Mapping (Any attribute which is stored in user-meta table)


Dedicated WordPress Support Team


Multiple SAML IDP Support (Add unlimited SAML IDPs)



Profile Photo (Sync Office 365 Profile Pic/Avatar to WordPress)



Multiple Environments Support / Migration (Dev, Staging, Prod)



Our Company is Trusted by Over 100k Customers

WP Cloud SSO

WordPress Single Sign On Solution

Developed by WordPress Security Experts, We've been working with IAM, Active Directory, SAML and IT Security for 20 years. If you're looking at hardening WordPress, this will help secure WordPress logins.

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WordPress SSO FAQ


Yes you can cancel anytime, simply cancel the WP Cloud SSO plugin subscription any time

Can we use more than 1 identity provider ?

Yes with our Enterprise plans you can add unlimited amount of SAML IDPs. For example you could have Azure AD, Salesforce and Okta all integrated as your identity provider.

IS Support Included ?

Yes our support team are available on email for all our plans, simply submit a support ticket and one of our WordPress tech team will assist.

Do i need any third party plugins ?

No other plugins are required. Simply install WP Cloud SSO and import your IDP SAML Config and then configure how you would like the plugin to work

Do you collect any data ?

Cloud Infrastructure Services Ltd does not store or transfer any data that is coming from your Identity Provider (IDP) to your WordPress website. All data remains within your  servers/cloud.  It is strictly prohibited to make any changes in the code without having written permission from Cloud Infrastructure Services Ltd. 

what permissions do i need ?

The only permissions you need are access to your IDP SAML config settings. Refer to our setup guides for your IDP permissions that are required.

WP Cloud SSO Reviews

Excellent WordPress plugin and documentation. Support are always quick to respond to emails. Would recommend
Gary Davies
Cloud Security Architect
Was looking for an Azure AD SSO WordPress plugin and came accross this company and works very well for our clients. Support is very good 🙂
Anita Wisniowska
WordPress Developer
Really simple to use. Was surprised how easy it was to get it working with our Active Directory domain
Mike Willis
IAM Consultant

About Us

Cloud Infrastructure Services Ltd was founded in 2014 by myself – Andrew Fitzgerald.  I’ve worked in complex infrastructure environments over 20+ years for many global companies (HSBC Global Banking, Microsoft UK, Deloitte, NHS, Lloyds of London, Serco, and more).  I’m a certified Microsoft Cloud Architect (MCSE Cloud).


I enjoy helping customers with their cloud transformations and hope we can add you as one of our many clients.  We are a dedicated team of Linux specialists, cloud architects, security professionals, WordPress developers and Microsoft pioneers. 

Andrew Fitzgerald
Microsoft MCSE Expert

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