Azure Marketplace Solutions

FTP Server solution

FTP Server Secure

Deploy an FTP server solution into your Azure tenant. Supports FTPS (TLS) secure connections

sftp server

SFTP Server

Looking for a secure file transfer server using SSH / Private keys then checkout our SFTP server solution.


Active Directory DC

Quickly deploy a new domain in Azure or quickly add a domain controller to your existing domain.

active directory template

Active Directory Deployment

Deploy Active directory 2019 or 2016 using our automated deployment solution

FTP Server solution

FTP Server for Azure File Share

Deploy an FTP Server that uses Azure File Share. Users can use AD to authenticate and share files.

squid proxy

Squid Proxy on Linux

Deploy a Squid proxy server into your Azure tenant. Cache websites, block websites, control access.


Squid Proxy on Windows

Deploy a Squid proxy server into your Azure tenant. Cache websites, block websites, control access.

active directory certificate services

AD Certificate Services

Active Directory Certificate Services in Azure. This solution will allow you to build a new Root CA or a Subordinate CA to establish a PKI hierarchy within Azure.

azure dns server

DNS Server on Windows

Deploy a DNS server into your Azure tenant. Manage both internal and public dns name spaces running on Windows

NFS Server

NFS Server

NFS 2016 & 2019 Server provides a file sharing solution for enterprises that have heterogeneous environments that include both Windows and non-Windows computers.



Provide wireless authentication using FreeRADIUS with daloRADIUS GUI on Ubuntu. Supports Azure AD Authentication.



Provide wireless authentication using Microsoft RADIUS Server 2016 or 2019 in your Azure tenant. Connect your APs to authenticate with RADIUS / NPS


WordPress on Windows

Deploy WordPress on Windows 2016 or 2019 to your Azure tenant. Comes setup on Mysql with phpMyAdmin.


WordPress on Ubuntu

Deploy WordPress on Ubuntu running Apache Web Server, PHP, Lets' Encrypt Certificates, ProFTPd, Webmin, MariaDB

setup RDS in Azure

Azure RDS

Deploy an Azure RDS Farm - Remote Desktop Services farm in Azure. Load balanced with Gateway, Broker, RDS Hosts & New AD

mysql azure

Mysql on Windows

Deploy Mysql 8 on Windows 2016 or 2019 in Azure using our latest image


WAMP Server

Deploy a WAMPServer into your Azure tenant with Apache, PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, phpMyadmin and Mysql Workbench

docker on windows

Docker Engine on Windows

Run Docker Engine on Windows on Azure. Create containers running on Docker Engine Enterprise on Windows

jitsi meet on gcp

Jitsi Meet

Run your own private video conference solution in Azure using Jitsi Meet. Runs on Ubuntu

mysql on ubuntu

MySQL on Linux

Deploy MySQL Server on Ubuntu or CentOS with the LAMP Stack (Apache, phpmyadmin, php)


Webmin on Ubuntu

Deploy a Ubuntu server with Webmin installed and fully configured on Azure

nginx on GCP

NGINX on Windows

Deploy NGINX on Windows Server (2016 or 2019) into Azure. Fully configured production ready.

nginx on GCP

NGINX on Ubuntu

Deploy NGINX on Linux Ubuntu into Azure. Fully configured production ready.

install keepass on AWS

KeePass on Windows

Deploy KeePass password safe into Azure, Securely keep all your passwords safe within an encrypted database


FreePBX on Ubuntu

Run FreePBX on Ubuntu with Asterisk and all the assorted dependencies in Azure

weka machine learning

Weka on Windows

Weka machine learning open source with the required Java requirements running on Windows server.


GeoServer on Windows

Deploy GeoServer on Windows server with the Java requirements into Azure


Firebird RDBMS

Deploy Firebird on Windows server with DBeaver GUI in Azure. Perfect SQL alternative



JasperReports server community edition on Ubuntu into Azure


Dolibarr ERP - CRM

Deploy Dolibarr ERP - CRM on Windows Server into Azure


RabbitMQ on Windows

Deploy RabbitMQ message broker on Azure. Comes fully configured with RabbitMQ and Erlang


Docker on Linux

Deploy Docker Community Engine on Ubuntu or CentOS on Azure

Terraform commands cheat sheet

Terraform on Windows

Deploy Terraform opensource automation tool on Windows server in Azure

Terraform commands cheat sheet

Terraform on Ubuntu

Deploy Terraform opensource automation tool on Linux Ubuntu in Azure

apache tomcat

Tomcat on Windows

Deploy Apache Tomcat Server on Windows with Java JDK in Azure

apache tomcat

Tomcat on Linux

Deploy Apache Tomcat Server on Ubuntu or CentOS with Java JDK into Azure

MariaDB vs MySQL Performance

MariaDB on Windows

Deploy MariaDB on Windows Server preinstalled with Mysql Workbench and HeidiSQL into Azure

MariaDB vs MySQL Performance

MariaDB on Linux

Deploy MariaDB on Ubuntu or CentOS into Azure

softether vpn

SoftEther VPN

Deploy VPN server into your Azure tenant. Hide your IP address, Allow external connections, Site to site connections and more


BIND9 DNS Server

Deploy BIND9 DNS Server on Linux into Azure, comes preinstalled with Webmin GUI for easy administration



Deploy an ADFS 2016 or 2019 farm to your Azure tenant. Deploy both federation servers and option WAP servers.


Nagios Core on Ubuntu

Deploy Nagios Core with all the pre reqs and Nagios plugins fully configured on Ubuntu into Azure

XAMPP Server

XAMPP on Windows

Deploy XAMPP on Azure. Comes pre-configured with Apache, MariaDB, MySQL, PHP, phpMyadmin, Tomcat, OpenSSL, Filezilla FTP Server & more..

Azure Jenkins

Jenkins on Windows

Setup Jenkins on Windows Server 2016 or 2019 using ready made image with all the Azure Jenkins Plugins installed.

packer on gcp

Packer on Windows

Create images for Azure using Packer running on Windows Server

packer on gcp

Packer on Ubuntu

Create images for Azure using Packer running on Ubuntu Server

hmail server

hMail Server

Deploy a mail server to your Azure tenant using hMail on Windows server 2016 or 2019 opensource solution.


Docker Compose on Ubuntu

Deploy Docker Compose with Docker Engine Community on Ubuntu Server into Azure


Docker Compose on Windows Server

Setup Docker Compose on Windows Server in Azure


HPC Pack 2019

Setup HPC Pack cluster on Azure, using the latest HPC Pack 2019 on Windows Server

printing in GCP

Print Server

Setup a Print Server running on Windows in Azure. Manage your printers on prem in the cloud

Joomla server

Joomla on Linux

Deploy Joomla on Ubuntu or CentOS with the full LAMP Stack - Apache, MySQL, Phpmyadmin

apache web server

Apache Web Server

Setup Apache Web Server + MySQL Server, phpMyadmin on Ubuntu or CentOS Server

windows server core

Windows Server Core

Setup Windows Server Core on Windows Server 2022 Windows Server 2019 or Windows Server 2016


Ubuntu Minimal

Deploy Ubuntu minimal server. Less installed packages, smaller disk space, faster boot times

CentOS Server

Deploy the latest version of CentOS Server on Azure

hyperv server

Hyper-v Server

Deploy Hyper-v on Windows Server. Enable Nested Virtualization on Azure


GitLab CE Server

Deploy GitLab Community Edition Server on Ubuntu or CentOS into Azure.

Debian server

Debian Server

Deploy Debian 10 / 11 Server on Azure


MongoDB Azure

Deploy MongoDB community server on Azure. Deploy on either Ubuntu or CentOS

Redis Server Azure

Redis Server

Deploy Redis on Ubuntu or CentOS. Create a Redis Cache, database or message broker on Azure


Magento Open Source

Install Magento2 Open Source server on Ubuntu into Azure with Apache, MySQL, PHP & ElasticSearch


PostgreSQL Server

Install PostgreSQL Server with pgAdmin on Ubuntu or CentOS in Azure


Jenkins on Linux

Deploy Jenkins on Ubuntu or CentOS Server into GCP. CI/CD self hosted solution.


Ruby on Rails

Deploy Ruby on Rails on Ubuntu or CentOS into Azure.


LAMP Stack

Deploy LAMP Stack on Azure, includes Apache Web Server, MySQL Server, phpMyadmin, Let's Encrypt

Cassandra cluster

Cassandra Cluster

Setup a Cassandra Cluster on Azure. Either on Ubuntu or CentOS Server.


Node.js Server

Install and setup Nodejs on Linux into Azure


Redmine Server

Deploy Redmine project management tool and issue tracker on Linux into Azure


Django Server

Setup Django on Ubuntu or CentOS into Azure

Ansible Azure


Deploy an Ansible Control Node onto Azure and manage your servers with playbooks.


osTicket Server

Deploy osTicket open source self hosted helpdesk solution on Azure

Kafka on Google cloud


Setup Kafka event streaming server on Azure. Deploy on Ubuntu or CentOS

Kanboard on Google Cloud


Deploy Kanboard Project Management open source server on Azure



Setup Bugzilla web based bug tracker and testing tool on Azure

SQLite Google GCP


Deploy SQLite Database Server on Azure. Runs on Ubuntu Server

aad connect aws

AAD Connect

Deploy Azure AD Connect server to your Azure tenant. Easily sync your onprem Active Directory with Azure AD / Office 365


WSUS Azure

Setup WSUS Server on Azure running on Windows Server. Manage Windows Updates from Azure.

TinyProxy GCP


Deploy TinyProxy Server on Azure. Light weight HTTP/HTTPS fast proxy for cloud and on-premise networks.

Kali Linux Azure

Kali Linux Azure

Deploy Kali Linux with XFCE4 Desktop GUI on Azure with access to 1000's of Kali Linux tools.

Snipe-IT Azure

Snipe-IT Azure

IT Asset Inventory Management by Snipe-IT. Deploy on Ubuntu 22.04 on Azure. ITAM Solution.


Keycloak Azure

Deploy KeyCloak on Ubuntu. The identity and access management self hosted solution.


OpenLDAP provides directory services, LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) on Ubuntu.

FreeIPA on RHEL 9

FreeIPA is an integrated Identity and Authentication solution for Linux/UNIX networked environments

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