How to setup MySQL Server on Windows in AWS

To install MySQL server on AWS, the best way is to use our AWS marketplace image that fully sets up a production ready MySQL server also running PHP, Apache, PhpMyadmin with MySQL connectors. Click on the link below to find our more information.

Setup MySQL on Windows 2019 on AWS


Deploy MySQL Windows 2019 on AWS

Install mysql on aws

Setup MySQL on Windows 2022 on AWS


Deploy MySQL Windows Server 2022 on AWS

Install Mysql on aws

Getting Started with MySQL Server on Windows Server AWS

Once you’ve deployed our MySQL windows virtual machine to your AWS tenant its ready to go. 


RDP into new MySQL server:


How to RDP to AWS Windows Instance

Start XAMPP for MySQL and Apache

This solution uses XAMPP, making it easier to manage Apache, MySQL and FTP.  Right click on XAMPP Control Panel on the desktop and choose Run as Administrator.


Once opened, click on start Apache and start MySQL

MySQL Server Details


MySQL database credentials are (also used for phpMyadmin login):


MYSQL Username: root

MYSQL Password: Password is blank, its recommended to set a strong password.



MySQL location



Apache location


Web Root: C:\xampp\htdocs


PhpMyadmin location:






MySQL Server Ports


The following ports need to be opened in AWS if you are using a firewall appliance or any security groups.  


3306 – TCP (MySQL)
33060 – TCP (MySQL X Protocol)
6446 – TCP MySQL Router
6447 – TCP MySQL Router
6448 – TCP InnoDB Cluster
6449 – TCP InnoDB Cluster


Apache Webserver Ports


TCP/80 – (http traffic)

TCP/443 – (https traffic)

To setup AWS firewall rules refer to – AWS Security Groups




If you have any questions about the setup of our MySQL Server on Windows solution in AWS, leave your comments below and we will reply within 24 hours.

Alternatively have a look at


Want some help (hire us)?


If you would like us to implement the MySQL server into your environment and fully configure it and get it up and running, get in contact with us and we will get you up and running asap

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