FTP Cloud Services: How to Choose the Right Provider

FTP Cloud Services: How to Choose the Right Provider. This article introduces FTP and after it displays the key elements to consider when selecting the right FTP cloud service provider.

Well, to choose the right FTP service provider is a difficult task for most businesses. There are several factors that you must look into in order to make an informed decision. Here are some of the main factors that one must consider when choosing an FTP service provider. First of all, let’s understand more about FTP cloud services.

What Is an FTP Service?

FTP is a standard network protocol that business use for file transfers between systems. Even  you are able to upload files to a remote server or download them using the FTP service. It uses FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and other protocols to connect to a cloud server. Most modern FTP service providers have an intuitive web interface that allows you to control the platform. Some offer two factor authentication options for security.

You may find many FTP service providers in the market, but in order to choose the best one, consider these factors.

Key Elements to Consider When Choosing the Right FTP Provider

1. Security

Security is one of the most crucial aspects to take into account when selecting an FTP cloud service provider. Check that your provider has security measures in place to guard your files against unauthorized access. This feature looks after the security of your data at all times.

With the rise in technology, hackers’ techniques are improving every day. Hence, it has become essential to have an FTP host that reduces workload and addresses vulnerabilities in data security. When looking for security measures in different FTP hosts, make sure to look for these essential features first.

Multi Factor Authentication

  • Multi Factor Authentication: An organization faces irreversible financial and reputational damage in case of a stolen device or compromising passwords. The hacker may expose all your company data and you may face major loss. If you do not focus on security issues today, a lost or stolen device could end up being your network’s key.

Multi factor authentication, however may resolve this issue. Under MFA, user enters the password and a push message or an email is sent to the user. The email contains a one time code that only accessible users verify. As a result, only the authorized user accesses the content. Multi factor authentication technique makes sure that any user trying to access your FTP solution is actually who they say they are.


This security measure allows only the intended receiver to decipher it. As a result, even if your data is accessible to the public internet, you shall be more confident that hackers wont access it.


  • Compliance: Besides, it is vital to understand how important it is to comply with security standards. If your company is bound by compliance rules (for example HIPAA, ITAR, PCI DSS, GLBA and others). Having the right FTP service provider eases the compliance posture. Hence, make sure to choose an FTP solution with built in security measures. Look for solutions that offer encryptions, firewalls and server location transparency, to help you stay compliant with laws and regulations.

2. Disaster Recovery

Another key feature that you must look for is disaster recovery. Have you ever thought what happens to your data, if the power goes out? To keep data safe even in times in case of power loss, or other disasters, you must have disaster recovery capability. This feature helps to protect your important files and maintain productivity.

It is best to connect with service provider and check, if it offers disaster recovery. Check how often does your service provider creates back up of data. Also, make sure to check if it allows storing backup information on a server located at a different location.

3. Cost

Cost plays a major role when comparing different services in the market. Therefore, always take cost into account, even in the case of FTP cloud service. Investing in a service that suits your budget is crucial.

In contrast to maintaining your own file sharing solution, a hosted FTP only costs a reasonable monthly charge. Additionally, this price structure allows you to choose plans depending on your company’s needs. Further, it offers an opportunity to upgrade or downgrade your plan to take into account changes in the future. Hence, to pick the option that best suits your needs, make sure to evaluate pricing schemes and features.

4. Storage Capacity

Further, another factor is  storage capacity. Vital with selection of FTP cloud service provider. How much data you keep depends on its storage level. In a nutshell, pick a service provider that offers enough storage and meets your needs. Keep the present storage demands and any potential future expansion in mind. Compare the different pricing plans of FTP service providers and their storage capacity when making a decision.

5. Compatible with Existing Tools

Another important part to consider is the support of  existing tools and software for file transfers. In case you use a proprietary software solution, select a provider that offers specialized integrations or custom assistance.

6. Access Controls

Despite security advancements, cloud security breaches still happen frequently. Apart from encryption and other security measures, it is important to check if you maintain complete control of your data.

Hence, look at the degree of access control that an FTP service offers. Are you able to restrict access to specific directories depending on the role an employee holds? Your FTP service provider should be able to accommodate the fact that not all employees need access to all files.

7. Flexibility

Another key feature that you must look forward to is flexibility. In a nutshell, pick a service provider that gives you options on how to access and manage your files. Look for a solution that expands with your business and offers enough storage to meet your data needs. Don’t just decide depending on the current requirement. Because, it is essential to keep future demands in mind as well.

Hence, go for a solution to which you easily add or subtract the value, i.e., make sure it is flexible enough. In fact, when choosing a data storage facility, consider flexibility.

8. Automation


With Automation, any organization takes productivity to a new level. With the help of this feature, users streamline file transfer process, save time, and lessen the chances of errors. 

You may find various FTP service providers that offer access to this feature. Do not ignore this feature as it adds great value to your service. Also automate file organization, uploads, downloads, and numerous other file transfers.

9. Ease of Use

Following factor to consider when selecting an FTP service provider. Make sure it has an intuitive user interface and users easily manage, upload, and download files with it. Also, cross check, if the service providers support drag and drop options and comes with a simple navigation system.

FTP Cloud Services: How to Choose the Right Provider Conclusion

To pick the best service provider from numerous options is quite challenging. Hence, you have found our checklist that aids your decision making process. Firstly, having a strong security feature helps guard your files against unauthorized access. Secondly, multi factor authentication, then encryption and not forgetting about compliance rules like HIPAA helps you consider the strongest feature loaded service for your needs. Further, do not forget to look out for disaster recovery features and compatibility with your existing software. Lastly, check how often they back up the data.

Follow the above pointers to select the right FTP service provider for your organization. Compare various features and base it on price, automation, security, storage capacity, recovery options, and other features. Also, check if your service providers offer user training and customer assistance.

By following these factors, you find the ideal solution for your company. But find one that is affordable and satisfies the necessary requirements for secure file sharing. Lastly, compare different options depending on these factors before making any final decision.

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