How to Duplicate a Page or Post in WordPress

How to Duplicate a Page or Post in WordPress. First of all, you may want to need to clone a page in WordPress for a few additional reasons. For example, if you’re making, updating, or redesigning your website, copying your pages help you to get online faster. Also, retain the page template, SEO data, images, and other information.

Furthermore, are you aware that WordPress makes it simple to duplicate posts, pages, and all related data. You can get it done in three ways; using code, the Gutenberg editor, and a plugin. However, to choose the right option, you need to know your tasks and understand which elements should be preserved.

Hence, this comprehensive guide shows you how to safely and quickly clone WordPress pages or posts and 3 ways to do it.

Let’s start with article How to Duplicate a Page or Post in WordPress.

Why Duplicate a Page or Post in WordPress?

Do you consider manually copying and pasting your WordPress post or page to create a clone? Well, WordPress now includes a ‘copy all content’ option in its block editor. This approach, however, is better for duplicating pages and posts. When you manually replicate a post or a page in WordPress, you end up copying the text of your content. 

Then, you have to copy your page templates, images, and SEO elements separately, such as meta descriptions and title tags. If you need to duplicate many WordPress pages, articles, or custom post types, the procedure takes a short time but also can be frustrating.

Fortunately, there are three proven ways to duplicate a post or page in WordPress. They include: using code, the Gutenberg editor, and a WordPress plugin. Of all methods, the easiest way to duplicate a post or page is through a simple and free WordPress plugin. However, we still proceed to examine all of them. 

How to Duplicate a Post or Page in WordPress

It is simple to duplicate a page or post with WordPress. However, to find the best method, you must first understand your tasks and which components must be maintained. There are three methods for copying the content:

  • Using Code.
  • With the help of the Gutenberg editor.
  • With a Plugin.

Using Code

It is the most time consuming and inconvenient process, but best option for you if the following two options do not suit you for some reason. So, to duplicate a post or page in WordPress, you need to follow these steps: 

1. First, open the page or post you want to duplicate, then go to options. 

2. Open the HTML code editor and copy all the code in this section.

3. Next, create a new page or post, then go to options and open the HTML code editor.

4. Paste the copied code and switch to the visual editor.

If you followed the instructions correctly, you should have a copy of the page or post. Then make the necessary adjustments without worrying about them being reflected on the original page.

Using the Gutenberg Editor

All in all, the simplest, but not the most convenient, method of duplicating pages and posts. You do not need to install plugins or look for the right lines of code. Just follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the page or post you wish to copy.

2. At the top of the post, you see three dots. Click on it.

3.  Select “Copy all content” from the Tools menu.

4. Create a new post or page.

5. Use “Ctrl+V” to paste, or right click on an empty page field and select “Paste.”

Duplicate with Plugins

Well, in WordPress, cloning a page is made simple by a plugin. Everything is handled through your dashboard. Basically, plugins are the ideal approach to duplicate a page or post because they do not change the code of your site. If you’re seeking the right tool, have a look at these plugins: 

1. Duplicate Post

Firstly, you need to install and activate the Duplicate Post plugin. Simply a popular choice for WordPress pages or post cloning. Why? As the plugin is easy to use and copies text, including comments, posts, and page content. Additionally, you can add a prefix or suffix to differentiate between the original post and the copy. Follow these steps to duplicate a post using this tool quickly:

1. Install and activate the plugin.

2. Navigate to Posts > All for cloning posts or pages > For cloning pages.

3. Navigate to the page or post you want to copy and click clone. 

Image source:

With “Bulk actions,” you choose numerous pages or posts and clone them all at once.

2. Duplicate Page

Other copying software only has some extra functions that Duplicate page has. This plugin duplicates all pages, posts, and custom post types. Also, save the produced copies in pending, public, and private drafts. Using this tool, you easily duplicate a post by doing the following:

1. Install the plugin and activate it.

2. Customize the settings to your taste.

3. Go to pages > All and Posts > all to find the content you are looking for.

4. Click on the “Copy This” option.

3. Duplicate Page and Post

Next, to Duplicate Page and Post it has few features and makes it up for this in speed. This plugin is lightweight and fast. Besides, you also easily duplicate a post using this tool by simply following these steps:

1. Install the plugin and activate it.

2. Find the Posts All and Pages All depending on what you try to duplicate.

3. Click on the page or post you wish to clone.

4. Click on the Duplicate button.

4. Smart Manager

Alternatively, with an Excel like sheet editor, the Smart Manager plugin lets you duplicate posts, pages, WooCommerce items, orders, coupons, and any other WordPress post with just one click. Instantly duplicate any posts, pages, or other posts on your website in a couple of seconds.

Follow these steps after installing and activating the plugin:

1. Go to your WordPress Admin panel, then navigate to Smart Manager.

2. Select the dashboard from the drop down – Posts, Pages, or any other.

3. Select the posts you want to duplicate by checking the appropriate boxes. Select the header checkbox to duplicate everything.

4. Click on Duplicate > Selected Records.

Additionally, you immediately modify duplicate records using the spreadsheet.

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Thank you for reading How to Duplicate a Page or Post in WordPress. We shall conclude this article now. 

How to Duplicate a Page or Post in WordPress Conclusion

Finally, duplicating a page or a post in WordPress is helpful. For example, if you’re running a busy blog or have sales pages that have proven to work, duplicating a page in WordPress is a great way to improve your workflow. Also, working multiple components, from code through layouts to text, helps to have a risk free option in your content. 

Hence, with the plugins and other methods discussed earlier, you create perfect copies of your existing content with the simplicity of a single click. We hope you find this guide and all the recommended tools helpful in duplicating a page or a post on your WordPress site.

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