Top 12 Best WordPress Database Backup Plugins (Pros and Cons)

Top 12 Best WordPress Database Backup Plugins (Pros and Cons). Imagine you visit your site one day and witness that it is completely down. One of the biggest nightmares of your life, right?

So, it might be perhaps due to your site getting hacked, theme or plugin conflict, or you accidentally deleted something. Regardless of the reason, it can be crippling. Hence, it is because the website that gets down takes down your customers, clients, and followers from you. In worst scenarios, it can also cause a problem in your cash flow, a drop in search engine rankings, or permanent damage to your reputation. As a result, it can lead to the loosening of past orders or content.

In essence, securing your data from online threats is a crucial concern of every website owner. In general, to ease these concerns, you need the best WordPress Database Backup Plugins. These plugins require very little setup from your end and save your site automatically.

However, among several good options, how do you know which one to choose?

Don’t worry! We have got you covered. This blog is a detailed overview of the best WordPress Database Backup Plugins with pros and cons that will help you to select your website according to your preferences.

Let’s start with Top 12 Best WordPress Database Backup Plugins.

Top 12 Best WordPress Database Backup Plugins

1. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

First on the list of Top 12 Best WordPress Database Backup Plugins (Pros and Cons) is UpdraftPlus. Firstly, it provides you a complete backup of your WordPress website and even stores it on the cloud or downloads it to your computer. As a result, this plugin supports both scheduled and on demand backups. You can also select the type of files you want to backup. In particular, it also allows you to effortlessly restore backups directly from your WordPress admin panel.

Pros of UpdraftPlus

  • UpdraftPlus constitutes a free tier, including the majority of its functionalities.
  • Setting up this plugin is relatively effortless.
  • Also turns on automatic backups.
  • Highly compatible with WordPress multisite.

Cons of UpdraftPlus

  • In UpdraftPlus, you need to pay separately for storage.
  • It does not have a real time backup option.
  • If your site is completely down, restoring a backup can be very difficult.
  • Since this plugin by default stores backup on your server, your site can be at risk if it is hacked.
  • It does not provide additional security features.

2. BackUpWordPress

If your only purpose is to create backups and store them locally on the server, then choose BackUpWordPress. Certainly it is a great option. Generates backup both on an hourly basis or monthly basis as well. Basically, it also defines the number of backups stored on the server. Another key point, is that you can only backup the WordPress database or files as per your preference. In short, it helps you to exclude specific files from the backup.

Pros of BackUpWordPress

  • The plugin is incredibly easy to use.
  • You can define the maximum number of backups stored on the server.
  • It also enables you to file and backup databases, databases only, or files only.

Cons of BackUpWordPress

  • It does not restore website functionality.
  • It does not provide any support to non WordPress files and folders.

3. Backup Guard

BackupGuard is a power packed WordPress Plugin that helps you accomplish all the necessary tasks like backup, migration, restore, export, import, etc., with maximum perfection. Though, they also sell a cloud storage service, complimenting their main backup solution and releasing a security WordPress Plugin too.

Pros of BackupGuard

  • You can explore the real time status of the backup process in progress.
  • Its free version is used to schedule hourly website backup to Dropbox.
  • Most of the premium features are included in its free version.
  • It also provides you with an overview of what is backed up and what is not.

Cons of BackupGuard

  • Storing backup in cloud servers is available in premium version only.
  • Some users find its interface a little confusing.
  • It does not provide any support to non WordPress files and folders.

4. WP Migrate DB

WP Migrate DB very well knows the importance of managing a database. As can be seen, it conducts a detailed emphasis on handling the process of backup, migration, and restoration. Thus, it allows you to download the backup on SQL files and handles serialized data with perfection.

Pros of WP Migrate DB

  • A great plugin for both developers and non technical bloggers.
  • Regularly updates and enjoys impressive user ratings.

Cons of WP Migrate DB

  • Beginners tend to find it arduous to grasp the working of this plugin.
  • Its free version constitutes limited functions.

5. Duplicator

Duplicator has the most straight line development history along with incredible 25 M downloads. Certainly, the plugin works fast; is highly reliable, and contains an automatic backup function. As well as, its fastest backup storage records help your website in avoiding any kind of misfortunes.

Pros of Duplicator

  • No downtime in this plugin.
  • Provides 100 GB of data storage.
  • Both free and premium versions.
  • Regularly updates to maintain compatibility with the latest WordPress version.
  • Imitates every function through an email notification.

Cons of Duplicator

  • Only a few users have reported some critical issues.
  • Constitutes very few features in the free version.
  • Does not contain cloud services in the free version.

6. Backup & Restore Dropbox

Backup and Restore Dropbox is very essential to secure your data on cloud storage. Equally, it helps in diminishing the risk of data loss. Backup & Restore Dropbox follows this concept and focuses on providing data backup, export, import, and migration services on Dropbox. At the same time, it also allows you to save backup content at local storage.

Pros of Backup & Restore Dropbox

  • Provides all the advanced features free of cost.
  • The option to create a WPAdm account for efficient handling of every backup.

Cons of Backup & Restore Dropbox

  • In terms of database backup, it provides limited functionality.
  • It only supports Dropbox cloud services.

7. BackWPup

BackWPup is an older player in the Backup Plugin Department. Since WordPress has had it for more than 12 years, and people have downloaded it 4 million plus times. Especially easy to use and is proven to be the most suitable WordPress backup plugin. Simultaneously, that means that the data in your site get backed up appropriately whenever an attack or crash signals are sensed. Eventually, it also allows you to pick schedule backups with it.

Pros of BackWPup

  • The plugin is well documented.
  • It does not have any storage limit.
  • It provides a tutorial to learn how to use this plugin.
  • It also checks the WordPress database for corrupt files and repairs them.

Cons of BackWPup

  • Its restoration process is relatively slow.
  • It does not provide any money back guarantee.
  • Its interface is quite confusing for beginners.

8. VaultPress

VaultPress, a popular WordPress backup plugin. Being that, it provides automated regular and real time cloud backup solutions without slowing down your site. In just a few clicks, you can set up the backups and restore from the backups effortlessly. When you choose higher plans of this plugin, also acquire security scans and other powerful features.

Pros of VaultPress

  • Allows you to restore your website even after it is offline.
  •  Its real time backup option makes it an appropriate option for WooCommerce stores too.
  • Supports non WordPress files and folders.
  • Ability to add malware scanning and spam protection to your plans.

Cons of VaultPress

  • It does not provide any free version.
  • It provides fewer customization options than other solutions and does not provide any additional features, like website staging.

9. WP Database Backup

Maybe you are looking for more control over Database backup? Then, WP Database Backup is the best option. By all means, the free version of this plugin can be used to back up the WordPress database manually or automatically scheduled backup hourly, every 12 hours, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Pros of WP Database Backup

  • Offers you tremendous control over backing up the WordPress database.
  • Its premium version provides you the features, including one click restores and website cloning.
  • Provides a search and replaces personality that helps you migrate WordPress websites.

Cons of WP Database Backup

  • To back up files and folders, it is important to upgrade to the premium version.
  • It does not provide any restore functionality in the free version.

10. Snapshot Pro

Snapshot Pro is a user friendly backup plugin that keeps your WordPress content safe and secure. Further, it schedules timely backups for the entire database and even excludes some files as per your requirements.

Pros of Snapshot Pro

  • Gives you with the option of purchasing a WPMU DEV membership to access their products and services
  • Offers commendable 24/7 support.

Cons of Snapshot Pro

  • Lacks exclusiveness, which means that most of its features are available in free WordPress backup plugins.

11. BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy is a backup plugin that knows about its priorities and focuses on four crucial tasks that include complete backups, scheduled backups, safe storage, and restoration. Furthermore, its Stash Live feature creates a backup of dynamic content in real time. Significantly, as soon as the changes are made, they are stored in the storage space.

Pros of BackupBuddy

  • With the help of this plugin, you can backup individual files, like .php, .html, etc.
  • It is efficient in performing malware scanning and troubleshooting too.

Cons of BackupBuddy

  • Its features are far beyond the understanding of non technical bloggers.

12. All in One WP Migration

Last on the list of Top 12 Best WordPress Database Backup Plugins is All in One WP Migration. Meanwhile, another most popular database backup plugin developed for non technical users. For instance, its core version is free to download. You can directly export backups to your computer. Nonetheless, you need to download its premium version to use its functionalities further.

Pros of All in One WP Migration

  • Straightforward to create and restore a backup in this plugin.
  • Delivers several useful configuration options to help you migrate your WordPress website.

Cons of All in One WP Migration

  • In the core version, you can only save and restore the backup to your computer.
  • The plugin extension tends to unlock much needed functionality. But, it can become costly if you require multiple features.

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Thank you for reading Top 12 Best WordPress Database Backup Plugins.

Top 12 Best WordPress Database Backup Plugins Conclusion

In this guide, we introduced best WordPress backup plugins with its advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless these WordPress Backup plugins constitute pros and cons. In any case, the thing that is common between them is the ability to completely backup WordPress files and full database backup. In another case ensure to select the one that goes well with your needs and the WordPress website.

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