Top 10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins (Pros and Cons)

Top 10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins (Pros and Cons). In this post, we have prepared top 10 best WordPress Backup plugins to help you analyse, which one is best for you. Also, we will go through with pros and cons of WordPress backup plugins for a better understanding.

Are you looking for the best WordPress backup plugin to safeguard your site? Do you want to use a simple WordPress backup plugin to take regular site backups?

If yes is your answer, we will guide you the right way. Let’s get a start with Top 10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins (Pros and Cons).

Top 10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins

1. Blogvault WordPress backup plugin

Blogvault is one of the best options if you search for excellent WordPress backup plugins. Therefore, the backup plugin is great for you, whether running a WooCommerce store or handling several clients’ websites.

Over 4,50,000+ WordPress websites trust Blogvault. Also, it offers a 100% successful website restore rate. You can bypass the hassles of manual backup of your website and use Blogvault as a safer and simpler option.

In Blogvault backup login, you don’t have to play around with cPanel and phpMyAdmin to download data. Hence, Blogvault backup plugin is a fully featured WordPress backup plugin with reliability as its USP.

The WordPress plugin enables you to automate the daily backup schedule to safeguard your data and avoid losses. You can safely back up your websites and instantly recover in case the servers crash or even data failures.

You also get a staging site feature for testing your website and a migration option for your website to a different host.

Pros of Blogvault

  • You can fully restore your data.
  • Comes with daily backup.
  • Has an emergency connector to restore a fully crashed site.
  • Blogvault plugin supports multi site backup options.
  • Free staging with the one click merge.

Cons of Blogvault

  • Does not take individual backups.
  • Blogvault is cloud only, and it does not support any local backup.
  • You will not get any free tier.

2. UpdraftPlus

Next plugin alternative on this list is Updraftplus. Another backup plugin and excellent for small site backups. If your website size is less than 1GB, the UpdraftPlus WordPress backup plugin is a good option because of its unique capabilities and features.

Additionally, you can use its standard backup features for your site’s files and database. Also, includes an automated backup feature and helps you to save backups easily to remote locations.

The Updraftplus backup plugin ideally integrates with cloud storage like Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Google Drive. More to add, with UpdraftPlus also provides a paid storage service called UpdraftVault.

Pros of UpdraftPlus

  • Manual and automatic backups.
  • Free to use the backup Plugin.
  • Incremental backups for premium users.
  • An external dashboard free of up to 5 sites.

Cons of UpdraftPlus

  • Backup store in the user’s cloud storage.

3. BackupBuddy

Half a million people trust Backupbudyy. One of the most demanding and premium WordPress backup Plugins. Also, Backup Buddy helps you schedule daily, weekly, and monthly backups and automatically stores your backups in cloud storage.

You can choose between Amazon S3, Dropbox, and FTP as the cloud storage service providers. The most favourable use of backup buddy is that it is not on a monthly subscription. You can use this plugin on various sites mentioned in your plan.

In BackupBuddy, you will also get premium support forums and daily updates. You will also get 1GB of BackupBuddy stash storage to store your backups.

Well, the interface of the plugin is smooth and robust. It’s designed for beginners to help them understand precisely what they are doing. You can also restore your WordPress website with a few clicks.

The plugin helps you customize the email notifications and exclude the files and folders for your WordPress that you don’t need to back up.

Pros of BackupBuddy

  • Comes with offsite backups.
  • You can simply connect this backup plugin with cloud services.
  • It has an independent dashboard with iThemes sync.
  • BackupBuddy has incremental backups with stash live.
  • It’s a one click automatic restore.
  • You will get hourly automatic backups.

Cons of BackupBuddy

  • Your backup storage will be an on site server by default.
  • It’s difficult to restore for large sites and prone to failures.
  • External dashboard works as intended.

4. Jetpack Backups

Next alternative plugin for WordPress is from Co founder Matt Mullenweg, a creator of Jetpack. In the starting days, the Jetpack Backups under the name was VaultPress.

Surely, it provides real time and daily cloud backup solutions without slowing down your site. You can set up Jetpack backups and also restore from backups within a few clicks. This backup plugin also provides security scans and many other powerful but inexpensive features.

In Jetpack Backups, you can easily disable all the unnecessary features of JetPack except for backups to avoid site slowdown.

Pros of Jetpack Backups

  • Get an effective and reliable backups.
  • Comes with offsite storage.
  • Ability to backup, restore and migrate your website.
  • Provides frequent patches will keep this plugin going strong.

Cons of Jetpack Backups

  • You will get partial backups only.
  • In a free service, you won’t get backups.

5. BackWPup

Next is the BackWPup. A free plugin to create complete WordPress backups. You can also store them on the cloud, like Dropbox, Rackspace, Amazon S3, and so forth.

Apart from the cloud, you can also store the backup on the FTP, email, or your computer. Additionally, it is very simple and enables you to schedule automatic backups according to your site’s update frequency.

You can restore a WordPress site from backup within no time. The Pro version offers priority support, the ability to store backups on Google Drive, and other excellent features.

Pros of BackWPup

  • Automatically get scheduled backups.
  • Encrypted backup files in the premium version.
  • You can easily repair and optimize the database.

Cons of BackWPup

  • You will get a restore feature only on premium.
  • The interface is not intuitive.
  • Most features are free, but you must pay for the offsite storage.

6. Backup Guard

The Backup Guard gives you a well designed and intuitive dashboard. You can easily navigate and access different features of the plugin.

Generally, this WordPress backup plugin lets you download your backups and store them on a cloud server. You can schedule your backups automatically, but at a minimum frequency of an hour.

Pros of Backup Guard

  • Automates scheduled backups.
  • Backup Guard is fast and easy.
  • You will get integration with cloud services.
  • Fast and reliable solution for backing up cloud services.

Cons of Backup Guard

  • There are no real time backups.
  • Backup Guard doesn’t offer manual restoration.
  • There is no offsite storage.

7. Duplicator

Another plugin on our list of Top 10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins is Duplicator. Basically a plugin, which works for migrations and can also use it to take backups. In this plugin, you can easily manually restore the backups through cPanel or FTP.

Besides, the Duplicator provides you with hourly scheduled backups. Duplicator is not for non technical persons. But requires a technical understanding to work with.

As a beginner, you might face difficulties accessing the software’s technical features and achieving your desired results.

Pros of Duplicator

  • You can schedule automatic backups.
  • It can simply connect with cloud services.

Cons of Duplicator

  • There is no offsite storage.
  • It’s not a friendly Plugin.
  • Confusing UI.
  • It comes with manual restoration.

8. WP ALL Backup

WP ALL Backup or WP database backup is a free of cost Plugin that provides you to create free backups of their WordPress website database only.
With the help of this plugin, you can create and restore your entire website backup on single click.

It has a mini plugin to back up the database. It’s a partial backup, which inserts the files on your website but delivers very unreliable restores.

Pros of WP ALL Backup

  • Schedules automatic backups.
  • You will get dropbox only on the free tier and other features on the Pro plan.
  • Offers multi site support.
  • Fast backup speed.

Cons of WP ALL Backup

  • It has no offsite storage.
  • Unreliable restores deliver ineffective and poor results.

9. WP Time Capsule

Consequently we also have WP Time capsule. Also one of the popular plugins, and it’s known for its interface, unlike the regular dashboard.

This WordPress backup plugin has a calendar view that shows backups taken on any date. WP Time capsule makes restore points on those dates and gives permissions to restore backups from the calendar quickly.

This backup plugin provides you to schedule your automated backups and store them on cloud storage. It comes with a 30 day free trial test.

Pros of WP Time capsule

  • Only has the option to encrypt database backup.
  • Offers both incremental backups and restores.
  • WP Time capsule has a calendar view of backups.
  • One click restore.
  • Suitable for beginners.

Cons of WP Time capsule

  • In WP Time Capsule, backups take a long time.
  • The restores are not effective.
  • There is no offsite storage.

10. WPVivid

The last plugin on our list Top 10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins (Pros and Cons) is WPVivid. Equally, it gives you automatic scheduled backups and simple restore options for desired results. You can schedule backups from once a day to monthly frequencies, but it might not be enough for WooCommerce sites.

Evidently, WPVivid has a fairly basic interface but is not intuitive. It would help if you looked right or left on the screen for the next steps to complete the job. The WPvivid Plugin has migration and staging capabilities for better and quick results.

Pros of WPVivid

  • It has partial and complete backups.
  • Offers multisite support.
  • WPVivid has incremental backups but in premium features.
  • It has integrated staging.
  • WPvivid has one click auto restoration and great migration capabilities.

Cons of WPVivid

  • No offsite storage.
  • In WPVivid Plugin, you will not get real time backups.
  • There are just three backups on the free tier so you need to purchase the pro version for more backup actions.

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Thank you for reading Top 10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins (Pros and Cons). We shall conclude. 

Top 10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins (Pros and Cons) Conclusion

Backing up your WordPress website is ideal for migration or as a safety precaution. You can choose one of the top WordPress Backup plugins to achieve your desired goals and outcomes.

Now you know the features, pros, and cons of the top 10 best WordPress backup plugins, we hope your filtration process gets simple. Make a good decision and download the best WordPress backup Plugin for your website.

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