Top 10 Best WordPress Management Tools to Manage Multiple Sites

Top 10 Best WordPress Management Tools to Manage Multiple Sites. WordPress is an easy to manage platform. However, when running multiple sites, it can be difficult to keep up with the task. You will find it challenging to update themes and plugins, moderate comments and manage security when you have multiple sites. This is where WordPress management tools come into play. They help you update sites easily, manage themes, set automatic updates, and perform other crucial tasks.

To help you manage multiple sites, you can use the built in feature called WordPress Multisite. While this tool has some handy capabilities, it has some limitations. Therefore, having the best WordPress management tools can help you manage multiple sites at once without logging into each.

Please read our list of Top 10 best WordPress management tools to manage multiple sites.

Top 10 Best WordPress Management Tools to Manage Multiple Sites

1. WP Umbrella

WP Umbrella is an easy to use WordPress management tool that allows you to manage your sites from a single dashboard. This tool was designed to improve user productivity and enable agency owners to manage multiple sites at a go. With WP Umbrella, you can perform automatic updates on sites with one click saving a lot of time.

This tool has a unique feature, PHP monitoring. PHP monitoring enables you to discover errors generated by conflicting plugins and themes. This improves your WordPress performance and makes your sites easily crawlable by Google.


  • Provides critical warnings .
  • Unique PHP errors monitoring.
  • Performance and uptime monitoring. 
  • White labelling.
  • WordPress error logs monitoring.
  • Client reports.
  • Single dashboard for multiple site management.


  • Limited features.
  • Not able to restore a backup directly from the dashboard.
  • Limited 14 day free trial.

2. InfiniteWP

InfiniteWP is a self hosted and self contained application for multisite WordPress management. You can install InfiniteWP on your server and manage multiple websites. It features a master login for all sites, so you don’t have to log into each site separately. You can install plugins, install updates and create backups, all in a single click. The admin panel is powerful and intuitive and provides hassle free WordPress management. There are impressive features such as 2FA and limiting access to specific IPs only.

InfiniteWP’s premium package includes advanced features such as Sucuri Malware Scanner, client reporting, and Google Analytics.


  • One click update of plugins, cores and themes.
  • Advanced features on the premium version.
  • Backup and Restore.
  • Free version for life for unlimited sites.
  • Master login feature.
  • Checks for broken links.


  • The Premium version is relatively expensive.
  • Difficult installation.
  • Lacks SEO/keyword tracking.
  • Additional features come with extra costs.

3. MainWP

Next solution for Top 10 Best WordPress Management Tools to Manage Multiple Sites is MainWP. A suite of WordPress management plugins developed to help control unlimited WP sites through a customizable dashboard. This tool is open source and free, and provides an intuitive interface where you can manage all tasks seamlessly.

There is a large set of extensions with MainWP. These extensions add numerous performance, security, administrative tasks, and visitor data features. Unlike other tools that charge for core updates, MainWP allows you to perform crucial core updates to unlimited sites for free.

This WordPress management tool performed updates automatically. Detects abandoned themes and plugins and sends email alerts so you can make the necessary updates.


  • Security scanner and uptime monitoring.
  • Open source and free.
  • Offers a great user experience.
  • Database maintenance.
  • Yoast SEO integration.
  • Client reports.
  • Provides extensions for popular WordPress backup plugins.


  • Setting configurations is time consuming.
  • Can’t update plugins and themes individually.
  • Not suitable for shared hosting.
  • Server load.
  • Lacks SEO and keyword tracking

4. WP Remote

WP Remote is an easy to use tool for monitoring unlimited websites. This tool seamlessly provides regular updates, backups and security and plugin updates. This tool was designed for small businesses and agencies to run multiple client sites.

WP Remote integrates with AWS and SFTP such that you can store backups in them.


  • Ideal for freelancers and startups.
  • Integrates seamlessly with cloud platforms.
  • Allows users to monitor fluctuations and progress in real time.
  • Systematic and automated generation of reports.


  • Limited functionality in the free version.
  • Some PHP processes eat up CPU, impacting performance.

5. Jetpack

Jetpack acts as a connector between servers and all your websites. It has a powerful system for managing multiple WordPress sites.

You can install Jetpack either at an individual site or network level. With a network level connection, the admin can control which sites have jetpack enabled and the default enabled features. Each Jetpack site can have an individual site connection. In this case, you have to enable Jetpack on each individual site.


  • Provides traffic growth statistics.
  • Provides a centralized website management.
  • Fortified security like brute force protection.
  • Plugin Updates and Security Scanning.
  • Frequent Updates.
  • Accelerated load times.


  • Reduced performance when you have multiple plugins.
  • Advanced features come at a huge price.

6. ManageWP

ManageWP is a powerful multi site management tool from GoDaddy that includes all the functionalities for managing multiple WordPress sites. With GoDaddy, you can manage WordPress from a centralized dashboard and handle security, monitoring, and maintenance functions.

Additionally ManageWP is easy to set up and use. With a single click, you can run all updates and create a backup for free. Moreover it enables WordPress users to automate workflows and save lots of time. This tool allows collaboration between teams and clients. You can easily switch between accounts. Optimize your site speed and performance thanks to the Performance Check feature.


  • Enables SEO monitoring and site uptime.
  • Collaboration between teams.
  • Provide reliable data backup to protect the website.
  • Performs regular security checks.


  • Can be a bit complicated.
  • Not self hosted.

7. iThemes Sync

Another tool for Top 10 Best WordPress Management Tools to Manage Multiple Sites is iThemes Sync.  A premium WordPress management tool with a ton of features ideal for managing your sites. You can use it to manage multiple sites in a single place and perform admin tasks. Ideally, this tool is designed to take all the hassle from you and reduce the headache of running multiple sites at a go.

iThemes Sync gives a quick view of available updates, allowing you to make the necessary updates with a single click. You can use this tool to monitor downtime and uptime and receive notifications when sites go down. Also iThemes Sync comes with Google Analytics, Search Console, and SEO reports. You can track crucial SEO metrics and identify whether your SEO efforts are bearing results.


  • Customizable dashboard for clients.
  • Provides a single dashboard for all websites.
  • Bulk Install of Themes and Plugins From
  • Whitelist Your IP Address.
  • Allows remote handling of admin task.
  • Security and Backups-2FA, protection from brute force attacks. 
  • Provides WordPress database optimizations.


  • No free version

8. WPCentral

WPCentral is a SaaS tool for managing themes and plugins in multiple WordPress sites. With WPCentral, you can create sets of plugins and themes to install directly on websites. This saves you time, as you don’t have to install them individually. You can log into the dashboard and access the admin panel for your websites with a single click. Provides you a detailed report on all your websites in a single dashboard.


  • Enables automation of daily tasks.
  • You can activate and deactivate themes and plugins at once.
  • Allows users to backup website data s they can restore it in case some unexpected data loss happens.
  • Single dashboard for updates, backups, and activations of plugins and themes.


  • Limited support that can make the tool difficult to use.
  • Not ideal for very many websites.

9. iControl WP

iControl WP is a comprehensive security and task management tool suitable for managing multiple WordPress sites. This tool consolidates site management and backup in a single platform, enabling the admin to control all sites at a go. iControl WP offers Google Analytics integration and Cloudflare protection to improve your website performance. Helps you to clean up data on all websites, enabling them to run optimally.

This tool enables you to set some plugins to update automatically. Besides, it provides support in real-time in case you need to troubleshoot some issues.


  • Top security features included.
  • Provides visitor data for all websites.
  • Allows for IP address restrictions.
  • You can control how and when to update plugins.


  • Relatively expensive when managing lots of sites.

10. CMS Commander

Last on this list of Top 10 Best WordPress Management Tools to Manage Multiple Sites is CMS Commander. Cloud based premium tool for multisite WordPress management. Comes as a third party rather than a self hosted platform. But has all features you may need to manage your websites centrally, including an intuitive dashboard that provides 360-degree visibility into all WordPress sites.


  • Easy to use with good value for individual users.
  • Bulk posting and plugin installation features.
  • Affiliate network integrations.
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Easy to understand documentation and intuitive dashboard.
  • Provides updates with a single click.
  • Provides page speed monitoring.


  • Free plan but only available for up to five sites.
  • Not self hosted.
  • No SEO/keyword tracking capability.

Manage Multiple WordPress Sites SSO Solution

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That is it. Our Top 10 Best WordPress Management Tools to Manage Multiple Sites. Thank you for reading.

Top 10 Best WordPress Management Tools to Manage Multiple Sites Conclusion

With the above WordPress management tools, you can easily run multiple sites efficiently. They have top features you can leverage to manage various websites simultaneously. Best to choose the website management tool that suits your individual needs. For managing many websites, choose a powerful tool with advanced features. This way, your management of all sites is secure and efficient. 

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