Top 10 Best Open Source CRM Software Tools Systems (Self Hosted)

Top 10 Best Open Source CRM Software Tools Systems (Self Hosted). Customer relationship management or CRM enables companies to stay connected with their valuable customers. Additionally, CRM helps to manage the requirements of the customers and helps to fulfil them. Above all, open source means the source code of an application is available for public use.

Shall we start with Top 10 Best Open Source CRM Software Tools Systems (Self Hosted)? Read on.

What are CRM Software Tools Systems?

Firstly, developers often take the open source software from the official website and add more features. Also they modify the existing one and correct the bugs. Therefore, open source software works well with Linux. Also, can be combined with free software like, such as Apache web server and PHP.

As a matter of fact, open source CRM is very helpful. Basically, it offers all the enticing and valuable features like; pipeline management, customer support, contact management, and market automation. However, open source CRM and proprietary CRM are pretty different from each other. So what are the differences between them? 

Differences Between Proprietary Software and Open Source Code

Proprietary software is a boxed up, closed system and a finalized product. As a matter of fact some proprietary software is free but with others you need to buy a subscription. After downloading or purchasing it, you need to set the application according to your needs. As a result the proprietary software covers all the basic needs and gives ready to go services, that require very little modification.

Open source software codes are available for public use, to modify and develop. Besides open source code gives you a framework or an actual product. Certainly users modify it according to their specific needs. Also, several well developed open source codes are available and help improve work efficiency.

Advantages of Open Source CRM?

  • Freedom to develop something original, as it gives innovation and a sense of reciprocity.
  • Delivers more robust integrations. You can build customized integration because there is no vendor restriction.
  • Significant advantage of flexibility and scalability.
  • Ability to fix the bugs as they appear.
  • Create your security code instead of using the vendor’s one; this type of security is more robust.
  • And above all, this software’s most accessible or affordable, so what could anybody ask for more?

Now, it’s time to unveil the list of top 10 open-source CRM software.

Top 10 Best Open Source CRM Software Tools Systems (Self Hosted)

1. SuiteCRM

First on the list of Top 10 Best Open Source CRM Software Tools Systems (Self Hosted) is SuiteCRM. As can be seen, it is one of the most approachable and popular open source CRM applications. Certainly, it gives you the insight to make business decisions and create beneficial marketing strategies. Consequently, it also provides a 360-degree view of your business and application and assists you in marketing, sales, and customer service.

With the help of CRM, you can build the custom layout, modules, and amazing tools for the relationship development between you and your clients. Concurrently you can pass this module to your IT department. As noted, there is endless modular customization and excessive compatibility with extensions.

Equally, the interference is super easy to use and beginner friendly. Interestingly, it has the REST API that helps easily integrate your business with the CRM. At last, it is compatible with all the operating systems.

Pros of SuiteCRM

  • Enterprise ready platform providing you a lot of customization.
  • Provides an unlimited leads and contacts.
  • Complete CRM analytics and reporting.
  • The fully customized open source of CRM is free.
  • Super user friendly and easy to set up
  • Supports the third-party integration.

Cons of SuiteCRM

  • Customer support is a bit slow.

2. Bitrix24

If you want unlimited feature records, email marketing, sales tracking, CRM reports, you need to install Bitrix24. Evidently, the self hosted version of the application gives you complete control over the data and provides source code access, help desk, e-learning, and extra tools and integrations.

At this point, is the best CRM application for you to take your communication and collaboration to the highest level. Being that, the cloud version of the application is free for up to 12 users and offers up to 5 GB of data storage.

Following there are enticing features; like management reporting and sales tracking with the help of a clean UI. By all means, you will be amazed that Bitrix24 communication including email, chat, voice, and video help you reach the content via the most appropriate channel.

At this time, it is the best CRM platform for your files, messages, projects, contacts, and tasks.

Pros of Bitrix24

  • The cloud version is free for up to 12 users.
  • Provides all the necessary features in the free version.
  • Allows you to send 1000 CRM emails for free.
  • Helps to improve your collaboration and communication.
  • Kanban board allows users to maximize the efficiency.

Cons of Bitrix24

  • The app lacks sometimes, and the work process slows down.
  • Customized features are not sufficient for the niche business.

3. Insightly

Third open source CRM application on our list is Insightly. Best thing about this software is that it helps manage the workflow and organize all the tasks. Moreover, it has a social integration for the non experienced user, called an integrated tracking system. By all means, it guides you in the management process.

On the other hand, the free version delivers an apparent user interference, customer, contact management, and sales pipelines. 

Further, the software provides integrations with Microsoft 365, G Suite, Mailchimp, and many others. Also, the free version gives you around 25000 records, including the contact, organization, project reports, and much more.

Pros of Insightly

  • Access to the 25000 records for free.
  • Extensive analytics and reports provided.
  • Helps with sales tracking, project, contact, and customer management.
  • The application has a super user friendly UI.
  • Comprehensive tutorial with videos are available for better understanding.

Cons of Insightly

  • Limited leads and contacts.
  • Only two users can use the free version.

4. Odoo CRM

Odoo CRM is another popular open source CRM. The greatest thing about it is it’s third party integration. Furthermore, the extensible architecture and the fantastic modular designs let you mix and match different users. Secure and reliable application.

To improve your work efficiency Odoo CRM plus into the 10000+ applications. These applications configure and integrate seamlessly. Fourthly, it also provides CRM analytics and reporting.

If you want to improve your sales, this application has a handy sales app. Hence, it helps to follow the sales data seamlessly into the inventory management, email marketing, and sales.

Indeed, Odoo captures customer data, manage sales efficiently, and task automation. In turn, it helps to reduce the workload. With enticing features, such as :live chat, contact management, templates, email campaign, custom alert, and many integrations, makes your work more efficient.

Pros of Odoo CRM

  • Provides pipeline management with the drop and drags interference.
  • Odoo warehouse is a valuable integration for the people who sell the products.
  • The application offers a wide variety of third party integration.
  • A free trial is also available

Cons of Odoo CRM

  • The setup structure is a bit complicated.
  • Some companies find it challenging to implement.

5. OroCRM

Oro is the most flexible CRM. Simple put,  it provides extensive features ranging from contact management and lead management to dashboard and workflow management. Few CRM applications work efficiently on mobiles, and Oro is one of them. Even more, it works best on almost all devices.

Indeed, Oro offers access management tools. For example, you can also modify the access setting and assign multiple roles to a user. For instance, the application is free for ecommerce, retail, wholesale, and financial service providers.

Moreover, Oro is based on Symfony2 PHP for web development. For instance, creating the new customizations and implementation is super easy. For that reason, one of the cost effective CRM on our list.

Pros of OroCRM

  • Easy integration with Mailchimp, Zendesk, and many other apps.
  • Integrating the modification is super easy, and it is super flexible.
  • Use symfony2 PHP for the web development.
  • The mobile application works efficiently.
  • Also offers the access management tools.

Cons of OroCRM

  • Not efficient for the ecommerce business.
  • Oro is only available in English, and no localization is alliable so far.

6. X2 CRM

Meanwhile, if you want to manage a marketing campaign, X2 CRM is best for you. For this reason, it shares the code through SourceForge, GitHub, and Bitnami. Above all, all of these sources help the customer to customize the CRM feature for the best use.

X2CRM shares all the features of paid one. Well, the most significant feature of the application is its marketing campaign. Great marketing automation tools like drip campaign builder, A\B testing, and web visitor tracking.

Given that, there are several custom options for managing leads, contacts, and opportunities. Overall, the workflow is manageable through the drag and drops and with android and iOS versions, you can download it on almost all devices.

Pros of X2 CRM

  • Great market automation tools are available.
  • Document, and contact management features.
  • Customized option for managing leads and opportunities.
  • X2 CRM providers the on premises and hosted functions.

Cons of X2 CRM

  • High technical knowledge is required for the application setup.
  • Customer support is not reliable.

7. Dolibarr

Dolibarr is one of the most accessible CRM applications to use. Those who don’t know have the slightest information about the CRM and Dolibarr can run the author installation process for getting the app.

Particularly, the Dolibarr manages the contacts, customers, and sales. Additionally, helps in simplifying the workloads. In addition, Dolibarr will take care of invoices for you as invoice management is one of the coolest features. 

In any case, it is all in one suite. Secondly, it has all the features you need for successful business management.  LDAP and many other integrations and modules help in technical interference.

Pros of Dolibarr

  • Super easy to integrate with other applications and software.
  • Helps in the inventory management, sales, accounting, customer engagement, and invoicing.
  • Installation and modification of the app are super easy and quick.
  • Free, open source CRM application.
  • Dolibarr handles all the business tasks even without modification.

Cons of Dolibarr

  • There are some bugs in the accounting, that need to be fixed.
  • Customer support is not a great feature.

8. Vtiger

Vtiger is also one of the best applications for running marketing campaigns. Very few CRM applications allow unlimited users in the free versions, and Vtiger is one of them. 

Vibrant community and an easy to navigate documentation system are big benefit. Similarly, it has the ability to sends the AMP emails and all the essential features required for the functioning of the CRM application.

In effect, you need to get the premium version if you want the customized and advanced features. In either case, the cloud version provides customized functionality like the pipe view, call popups, converter, VTE currency, and more.

Pros of Vtiger

  • Provides the contact and engagement score and has outlook integration.
  • Free version allows the unlimited users.
  • Can be combined with all the modern adds on and extensions.
  • The open source version is based on the sugar CRM.
  • The regional pricing option is also valuable.

Cons of Vtiger

  • No reports and analytics are available.
  • It does not provide unlimited leads and contacts.
  • Paid version features are somewhat heavy.

9. EspoCRM

EspoCRM is one of the modern CRM software, yet an enticing one. In fact, EspoCRM is best for those who want a full feature for tracking opportunities, contacts, accounts, and leads. Still, it also allows the user to track the activities and follow specific records related to your work for efficiency.

An ideal software for finance, banking, real estate, and customer service freaks. The hosting plan provides extensive reporting that helps in the overall management.

In general, this tool is user friendly, configurable, and flexible. Only download the application for the setup. Truly speaking , there is extensive guide and documentation on the installation and configuration. And most importantly, if you want the cloud application, you can switch to on-premises anytime.

Pros of EspoCRM

  • Alerts and notifications to keep you updated.
  • Helps you with the activity, lead, and document management.
  • Sales forecasting is also available that helps in the best management.
  • Can be integrated with many software and application.

Cons of EspoCRM

  • It is a web based application.
  • Installation help documentation is available in only one language.
  • There is no dashboard view in the EspoCRM.

10. CiviCRM

Last but not least, we have got CiviCRM on our list. Surely, one of the free and open source CRM. In like manner, fully customizable, and the customization is super easy. Modern and enticing features like; online fundraising, case management, and other valuable features.

In particular, it has compatibility with other CMS like WordPress.  All those who know WordPress will set up the CiviCRM in minutes. Remember, learning and setting up will be complex for the newbies.

Thus, CiviCRM provides accounting integration, contact management, email, and case marketing.

Pros of CiviCRM

  • Gives access to unlimited CRM emails and unqualified leads and contacts.
  • Extensive reporting and analytics are also available.
  • Mapping, fundraising, management, and multiple integrations are super easy with the CiviCRM..
  • Entirely free and open source.

Cons of CiviCRM

  • Installing and tailoring the website is a bit tricky for the newbies.
  • The UI is of the somewhat old version.
  • Specific for sales only.

Thank you for reading through Top 10 Best Open Source CRM Software Tools Systems (Self Hosted). We shall conclude. 

Top 10 Best Open Source CRM Software Tools Systems Conclusion

Summing up, we have talked about top 10 best CMR software tools systems and we hope you will chose the best for you. The choice of the CMR application depends on your business niche, so make sure to keep your business in mind before choosing the best CRM application.

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