Top 10 Best Magento Features and Benefits for your eCommerce Store

Top 10 Best Magento Features and Benefits for your eCommerce Store. If you are looking to pick the right ecommerce platform for your business needs this can be an a challenging task. Additionally if you are looking to start an online store, there is one tool and amongst most popular to pick- this is Magento. One of the most popular eCommerce solutions available. So what are the features and advantages of using Magento for your store? 

Let’s find out Top 10 Best Magento Features and Benefits for your eCommerce Store.

Magento for your eCommerce Business

If you are in the e-commerce business, you surely know what Magento is? Well firstly Magento is one of the most famous and trusted online e-commerce platforms. First  introduced in 2008 and now it shares the 30% load of the e-commerce market. That percentage increases day by day.

Foremost Magento is the most famous and well known open source platform. Recently the developers have released the most modern feature Magento 2.0. The breakthrough of the e-commerce market. On one hand Magento 1.0 was helpful, but Magento 2.0 especially has an excellent user experience. And it offers several useful features to improve the online business experience and increase sales.

We all know that online B2Bbusiness is getting more complex day by day because of increased competition. That is why you need a robust platform for your B2B business so that website can help you in the business.

With Magento B2B platform and its advantages and modern features this is what you really need for your business.  Additionally it provides you with a better buying experience, power search functionality, advanced search engine optimization, seamless ordering, powerful merchandising, multichannel selling, and much more.

If you want to know all the beneficial features of Magento, stick to this article, we will tell you ten enticing features and benefits of Magento that will help you to increase your sales.

Shall we start with Top 10 Best Magento Features and Benefits for your eCommerce Store.

10 Best Features and Benefits of Magento for your eCommerce Store

1. Best Performance and Scalability

Basically Magento provides you with the best performance and scalability. With advanced indexer to fasten the query performance. Indexer updates catalogue data, user information, price and almost all the information of inventory regularly to keep things updated.  Overall it improves the speed and efficiency of your online store.

Introduction of Magento 2.0 led to integration with varnish cache. This is an advanced HTTP accelerator technology. Provides full page caching for your online store. Loading of the page is faster and reduces the eating time. So ultimately customers need not spend time on loading, and it increases the sales.

Altogether Magento has given keen importance to the loading time of the website. If your website takes more than 3-4 seconds for loading, customers lose interest. They jump to other websites! That is why the shorter the loading time, the better it is for your ecommerce business. Shorter loading duration of Magento could earn a massive number of customers.

As a matter of fact Magento has the lowest HTTP request among all the e-commerce stores. All in all it helps to give your customers a smoother online shopping experience.

2. Custom Themes and Templates

Setting up Magento is super easy because the platform has pre designed themes and templates. And the latest update has provided an opportunity to customize the templates by following simple steps.

Now with Magento, you don’t need to spend much time designing the templates. Use the attractive premade templates and themes and spend your valuable time thinking about the other crucial things.

3. Customer Persuasion

Nobody can deny the importance of customer persuasion in B2B business. Good persuading skills and content can take your online store to the top in no time. The whole responsibility is not on you. The eCommerce website can help you a lot in persuading the customer. So, they start availing of your services.

Besides Magento provides various upsells and cross sells to increase the order value potential and to give the user the best shopping experience. The display of the coupons, sale tags, gifts, cross sales and up sales tags makes things more interesting for the customers. And it considerably increases the sales.

Another key point with Magento that it allows you to add all types of promotions to the checkout page to boost your sales potential. Also you can add videos and other features to improve the overall sales.

4. Advanced SEO

Nothing can boost the sales of your online store more than organic search. Search engine optimization is a thing that brings organic searches to your website. That is why it is crucial to have a properly optimized website.

As a result Magento 2  provides you with the most advanced SEO features. Thanks to that the merchants and the dealers can develop the SEO friendly meta implementation, SEO sitemaps, and URL structure helps in getting organic traffic.

Certainly use Magento to create intriguing snippets. These snippets rank on the Google page, which attracts users and eventually increases sales.

5. Analysis and Report

The application is integrated with various analytics reports. To further increase its credibility, it has a link with google analytics. The analytics and reports are crucial features for the developers. Why? because it helps to provide the report of everything like; sales, search, least search, most liked and other things, so it helps to organize things in better ways.

In return the reports help the seller to keep an eye on the stock availability. And give notification when stock is running low. Helps in making the invoices.

The customer behaviour report of Magento helps the user to decide the future sales. If you take action according to this report, you will observe a considerable increase in your sales.

6. Advanced Security Features

As well as the Magento helps you to decide on various customized levels of security features. The most enticing customized security features of the Magento include the secondary password prompt, PCI data security as standard, and google re CAPTCHA login. All the features ensure the security of the seller and keep the website safe from unwanted breaches.

Let’s not forget about a feature called two factor authentication. By all means it helps to add an extra layer of security to an already secure site. You can choose a custom way to access your login. Further it also helps you to keep unwanted intruders away.

A secure socket layer or SSL is also a benefit of the Magento; Extra confidence is given to your customers whilst shopping. Takes full responsibility for their users, and so they often monitor the security of their platforms. They update the security protocols often to provide new and modern security patches.

So, if you are looking for a secure e-commerce platform, go for Magento and enjoy top class security.

7. Product Browsing

Buyers lose interest in shopping when they find poor product browsing results. According to the reports, 70% of the users leave the site after poor product browsing results.

Likewise Magento understands that best quality predicted browsing is one of the decisive factors while shopping, so they have added several features to improve the overall browsing experience.

For improving the browsing experience, Magento has added the feature of image room in and zoom out. You can also add multiple images and videos of the product. There is also an option of product wish list addition, showing the stock availability and much more.

8. Mobile Friendly

Recently the trend of online shopping has increased several folds. This led to increased number of users who shop via mobiles. 62% of people do online shopping via their mobiles. That is why; your eCommerce store needs to be easily accessible with the mobile.

In effect Magento is developed carefully to be super mobile friendly. With responsive mobile apps and themes that can be uploaded instantly. You can design the executive designs on the website and see their view to see how they will appear to the users.

The Magento touch screen panel is also responsive and super smooth to further increase the online shopping experience.

9. Multiple Stores

In the e-commerce market, you have to run different stores together to earn a good amount of profit, and Magento is a platform that will help you in this. Users can run multiple websites through a single system.

For handling the multiple stores, you got one dashboard. You can handle all the store setup via one dashboard. The authorized person logs in to access to the dashboard and control all the things. This centralized pattern considerably controls everything for you.

10. Consultation

This is last on our list of Top 10 Best Magento Features and Benefits for your eCommerce Store. If you are new to the e-commerce market, you probably need a lot of consultation and training to get success in the field. There is a team of professionals in Magento and those skilled individuals will offer a variety of help and assistance. 

In addition those professionals help you to understand the platform in a better way and help you to set up your store, and make all things easier for you. Along with the consultation, Magento also provides training for a businessman that assist them and help to grow their business.

 Thank you for your time with the article Top 10 Best Magento Features and Benefits for your eCommerce Store.

Top 10 Best Magento Features and Benefits for your eCommerce Store Conclusion

Finally Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms. So many benefits are with this platform  for the sellers. Also the platform is focused on providing the best user experience. Which is why they are constantly working on improvements. The recent version has improved the user experience, and it has also attracted thousands of users.

It is not possible to cover all the features and advantages of Magento in a single article. That is why we have tried to add the most realistic one. We are certain this article helped you to understand the platform.

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