How to Embed YouTube Videos in WordPress Blog Posts

How to Embed YouTube Videos in WordPress Blog Posts. Displaying YouTube videos in WordPress increases user engagement and is an excellent way to bring life to your website. You keep people engaged and start growing your blog with ease. 

A little expertise or additional WordPress plugins were required in the past to embed YouTube videos. However, since the release of WordPress 2.9, that has changed. WordPress has made embedding videos from video hosting sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and others accessible.

So, if you no knowledge of inserting YouTube videos into posts on a WordPress blog and are interested in learning, please follow this guide. 

Why Should You Embed YouTube Videos in WordPress Blog Posts?

Today, more people prefer to watch videos than to read text based contents. We know YouTube is the most popular website for hosting videos online

Embedding videos is a creative way of grabbing your readers’ attention. It increases engagement and conversions on your WordPress blog. Many users prefer watching a video to reading text, hence, videos tend to lengthen the time users spend on your website. So, to maintain readers’ interest in your blog, adding relatable YouTube videos is helpful for bloggers.

The image above shows YouTube videos embedded on a blog post. The videos further demonstrate the idea of the post and assist in engaging your visitors, growing your blog, boosting your social media following, and much more. 

Plus, the videos are hosted on YouTube, so you can show tons of videos without taking up any space on your web hosting. Now, let’s examine the ways to embed YouTube videos in WordPress blog posts. 

Ways to Embed YouTube Videos in WordPress Blog Posts

There are three options to choose from. First is to automatically paste the Youtube URL into your blog post. Second is to embed Youtube videos using blocks. There is 3rd way. By, using WordPress plugins also adds YouTube videos to your blog. 

1. Pasting YouTube URL Into Your WordPress Blog Posts

All in all, WordPress makes it really easy to attach video content into your pages or posts. Embed YouTube videos, as long as they’ve been uploaded to YouTube first, especially if you intend to upload your own YouTube videos. To use this method, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the video you wish to embed on YouTube.

Step 2: Click the Share icon under the video; it is always in the form of an arrow.

Step 3: After that, you would see an option to copy the video URL to your clipboard. Go ahead and click the ‘Copy’ button.

Step 4: Log into your WordPress Admin panel and navigate to the post or page you wish to add your video, then direct your cursor correctly to where you want the video to appear in your blog post.

Step 5: Paste the YouTube video URL previously copied.

Step 6: Immediately, WordPress automatically identifies and embeds the video for you. Click the Update button to complete.

Note: If you wish, you have the option to alter features when you copy the embed code. Features including where you want the video to start or if you want the player controls to be shown.

2. Using Video Block

WordPress has a personalized option for inserting videos to your page or post using blocks. First, you need to add the Video block to your page by clicking the plus (+) icon on your page.

A block inserter window pops up afterwards where you insert a new block and choose the “video” options you want.

You have the options of uploading a video file from your computer, adding a video from your media library, or inserting a from a URL. So once you insert a URL from a supported block type, such as YouTube, the video block  automatically transforms into a YouTube block.

3. Using WordPress Plugins

Use a YouTube WordPress plugin to automatically embed YouTube videos, if you don’t want to go through the default way of retrieving the URL embed code and adding it to your blog posts. If you plan to regularly use videos or want other personalized options, there are many plugins that easily help you with that.

However, note that if you have a WordPress site, you need a plugin enabled subscription plan to install plugins. Here are some helpful Youtube plugins that we have compiled, and believe you should install.

YouTube Feed Pro

YouTube Feed Pro is one of the best plugins for quickly displaying YouTube videos. Quickly and easily display different YouTube video types with no coding needed. Plus, your blog’s design is carried over to all YouTube videos you embed, ensuring a seamless match.

Once the plugin is installed and activated, create a new YouTube video feed. Also, it allows you to customize features such as the share, comment and like buttons, and it lets you stream live YouTube videos.

Easy Video Player

Easy Video Player is another plugin that makes embedding videos simple. Provides you with extra control despite the fact that  the default options for embedding videos in WordPress are already straightforward. Also use it to embed mobile friendly videos that your audience would find helpful.

With Easy Video Player it also offers the ability to mute, loop, or auto play videos. These features come in a highly user friendly design, making it simple for you to edit your video content.

WP YouTube Lyte

The WP YouTube Lyte plugin embeds Youtube videos in your blog posts, and also helps you lazy load your videos, ensuring that your website speed is optimized. So, YouTube only starts working when your visitor decides to click on the video thumbnail, consequently decreasing your website’s speed.

When you have a video gallery embedded on your page, this feature is useful. So, instead of the entire gallery being constantly heavy and slowing down your website, you want YouTube to demand more speed once the user has actually picked a video to watch.

However, the plugin’s full functionality cannot be unlocked unless you obtain a Youtube API key. The WordPress YouTube Lyte plugin connects to the YouTube API with a key and retrieve the thumbnail, title, and description of the videos you add.

Envira Gallery

The Envira Gallery is the simplest option for adding YouTube videos to image galleries on your website. It is a high end WordPress gallery plugin with a built in drag and drop builder. With this function, it’s simple to make appealing image and YouTube video galleries for your target audience. Envira Gallery automatically gathers the image thumbnails for you after you provide the URLs for your video.

ELEX WordPress Video Gallery

ELEX WordPress and Youtube Video Gallery is a great plugin for adding and personalizing as many YouTube galleries as you’d like to your website. Its performance focused design makes use of the YouTube API to provide personalization choices. If you’re a YouTuber, you grow and manage your channel’s subscriber base and the amount of time website visitors spend watching your videos by embedding your YouTube videos directly on your page.

Furthermore, it automatically syncs and optimizes the appearance and loading time. It also allows you to add a subscribe button to every gallery, which instantly redirects visitors to your channel. When you post a new video, the plugin allows you to manually sync your channel or particular playlists.

YourChannel Plugin

The Videozoom plugin is excellent if you want to add videos from your YouTube channel to your new website, exactly like the other plugins mentioned above. Easily publish all of your YouTube channel’s videos to WordPress by using this plugin. The videos are arranged in any way you like, even in the same arrangement as your YouTube channel.

WordPress SSO Single Sign on Security Plugin

Check out WP Cloud SSO. In summary, it is a WordPress hardening tool, that limits login attempts to your WordPress site.

How to Embed YouTube Videos in WordPress Blog Posts Conclusion

Generally, use YouTube videos to engage your visitors, boost your YouTube channel, and grow your blog. Video marketing is a booming industry right now, and adding videos is a great way to increase dwell time, collect leads and convert visitors into customers.

Also, we’ve discussed how to embed YouTube videos. You’ve learnt that by pasting your YouTube video URL into your blog post, WordPress automatically identifies and embeds the video for you. Also, by using Video Block on WordPress, you have the options of uploading a video file from your computer or pasting your YouTube video URL.

Lastly, you’ve also discovered that YouTube plugins enable you to create, upload, and share YouTube videos and channels on your website with ease. Now that you are aware of these three methods, you are in the best position to choose anyone you want to use.

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