Top 12 Best WordPress CDNs – to Speed Up Load Times

Top 12 Best WordPress CDNs – to Speed Up Load Times. A content delivery network (CDN) is a system of distributed servers that deliver content over the internet. Made up of multiple data center’s which distribute content to users based on the user’s location. CDNs are used in all areas of digital media, including web, video, audio and mobile applications. They help reduce latency, boost performance and free up server resources. 

CDNs also provide efficient caching capabilities to improve user experience. When servers within a CDN are connected with multiple backbones, they achieve high reliability and robust redundancy. This ensures smooth delivery of content even during intermittent failures or unexpected surges in performance.

A WordPress CDN takes it one step further and helps you easily integrate with its features such as caching, minification and gzip compression right into your WordPress site. Besides, the ability to increase website speeds, content delivery systems also provide good infrastructure for improved security. The availability of distributed services makes it harder for cyber criminals to launch DDoS attacks. Most CDNs use different security features such as SSL/TLS certificates to encrypt data in transit. 

This article discusses Top 12 Best WordPress CDNs – to Speed Up Load Times. Read on!

Top 12 Best WordPress CDNs - Speed Up Load Times

1. Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare CDN is a popular content delivery network for WordPress sites. Offers a variety of features, from analytics and web security to performance enhancement. Besides enhancing website speeds through its distributed servers, Cloudflare provides enhanced optimization, security, caching, and analytics across the globe using its global distribution network.

Cloudflare’s CDNs optimization features provide advanced tools for image compression and minification. The compressed images and videos reduce data load times in transition, saving bandwidth and increasing website efficiency. Similarly, the software synthesizes website data and provides detailed analytics that helps to inform business decisions.

The Cloudflare CDN is easy to use and is compatible with multiple web platforms. Although primarily used on WordPress websites, it is also perfectly compatible with Magento and Shopify, among others.

Pros of Cloudflare CDN

  • Vast network of servers and data centre globally that increases the efficiency of web content delivery across the globe.
  • Various optimization features that enhance speeds and reduce load times through caching and data compression.
  • High data analytics features that synthesize data seamlessly to provide meaningful insights. 
  • Added cyber security features through its built in web application firewall
  • High level compatibility with web frameworks like Magento, Shopify, and WordPress.

Cons of Cloudflare CDN

  • Advanced features are not available for free version users.
  • Considerably pricey compared to similar CDNs.
  • Its caching system limits website owners from controlling what their users see, as static website files are stored on distributed servers across the globe.

2. Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront has found it’s place in our list of Top 12 Best WordPress CDNs – to Speed Up Load Times. Well, a highly scalable CDN with extremely low latency offered by Amazon AWS. This solution is highly reliable as it provides the high end infrastructure of AWS to deliver content securely throughout the world. Its reliability makes it ideal for WordPress sites with logs of traffic. Besides, highly customizable, making it suitable for many use cases.

Amazon CloudFront works by caching assets like images, JavaScript, and CSS files. It then delivers them from geographically dispersed edge locations that are closest to site visitors. This reduces load times and conserves bandwidth. By serving assets directly from the edge instead of always hitting the origin server for each request, CloudFront greatly reduces latency.


  • Scales automatically to enable live content delivery and IoT updates at scale.
  • Provides a global network of large distributed servers that allows for faster relay of information to end users globally.
  • High performance with low latency and high data transfer speeds makes it suitable for delivering bandwidth intensive content.
  • Advanced security features such as SSL/TLS encryption to provide global secure content delivery.
  • Integrates seamlessly with other Amazon services such as S3, EC2, and Route 53 to allow interoperability.


  • Steep learning curve with complex setups and configurations.
  • Highly dependent on other AWS services that may increase the overall costs and add complexity.

3. KeyCDN

KeyCDN is a high performance CDN designed to deliver content at incredible speeds. Compatible with WordPress and provides a relatively easy to use control panel as well as user support. In addition to delivering content faster to your users, KeyCDN also provides various optimization techniques. These include data compression and image optimization to reduce file sizes significantly. This reduces the burden on server resources, leading to improved overall performance for WordPress sites.

To implement KeyCDN, you simply need to set up a Zone URL, add assets to the zones origin and then connect their domain with a custom CNAME record or a Push Zone. From there all assets uploaded to the zone are automatically served through the CDN and cached based on cache headers. This leads to improved loading times resulting in improved user experience.


  • Easy to use control panel that allows users to adopt the platform, configure settings, and get up and running fast.
  • Easy to integrate with third party caching tools.
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to similar CDNs that provide similar functionality.
  • Wide range of features that provide enough room for tweaks to accommodate large web content.


  • Complex platform to navigate, especially for users unfamiliar with web development.
  • Creates a high level dependency on CDNs making content delivery nearly impossible without CDNs.

4. Akamai

Akamai is an effective content delivery network tailor made for WordPress websites. By creating distributed points of presence (POPs) served by multiple global server locations, Akamai quickly delivers content to website visitors regardless of their geographical location. This significantly reduces the time it takes for web pages to load, resulting in an improved user experience for your website visitors.

With Akamai CDN, you also benefit from better security, as malicious or suspicious requests are identified and blocked quickly. Akamai CDN has improved reliability by incorporating advanced load balancing features and reducing overall latency.


  • Wide range of customizable features that ensures sufficient tweaking options.
  • Advanced analytical features that help web managers track their real time performance. 
  • Growth based billing model makes it worthwhile for small companies and start-ups with little data traffic.
  • Advanced DDoS protection measures and implements failover capabilities in case of a network server failure.
  • Advanced compression algorithms.
  • Servers as proxy server for edge locations.
  • Steep learning curve that requires specialized training.


  • Limited geographical reach. 
  • Server distribution can negatively impact SEO performance.

5. StackPath

Following place in the article about Top 12 Best WordPress CDNs – to Speed Up Load Times is StackPath. Modern WordPress CDN that delivers incredible user experience. With over 70 edge locations strategically deployed, this platform achieves high performance and seamless hardware and network architecture integration. In addition, it has a wide range of built in capabilities that solve issues such as asset optimization and content protection. Robust customization tools help you to fine tune content delivery and achieve unique functionality.

StackPath provides web acceleration to create a rich end user experience. Improves video and audio streams as well as page loads. Also, it comes in handy for users who want to download large files like game installers and 4K video. Finally, use StackPath CDN to tailor how content is delivered to individual users.


  • Advanced security features such as web application firewalls, DDoS protection, and SSL certificate management.
  • Besides WordPress, it’s compatible with several content management systems like Drupal, and Joomla.
  • Built in analytics and reporting features that you manage from the portal.
  • RESTful API and multiple customization options that give you full control.
  • Designed to help users lower bandwidth and downtime, which leads to overall lower costs.
  • The Serverless Scripting feature enables you build stateless application on the global edge computing platform.


6. Sucuri

Sucuri is a cloud based WordPress content delivery network that provides users with low latency streaming of static and dynamic content, enabling quick responses to end users. Additionally, the platform is optimized for secure communications, utilizing TLS encryption to keep data safe while in transit.


  • Cloud based platform that delivers content with zero downtime.
  • Affordable pricing models that allows both small companies and large companies with huge traffic to deliver content seamlessly.
  • Integrates with other CDNs such as StackPath and CloudFlare.
  • Smart caching capabilities to reduce server load and bandwidth.
  • Supports HTTP/2 by default.


  • Limited customization features which limits user flexibility. 
  • Limited server locations globally that may affect web content delivery in some regions.

7. Bunny CDN

Bunny is a content delivery network that provides incredible website speeds. This platform is designed to deliver enterprise grade performance and security. Variety of features that work in tandem to deliver content across the globe. It has a free SSL encryption certificate that with a single click. Besides, it has real time log forwarding and a monitoring dashboard that allows you to get full insights for data driven decision making. 


  • Real time analytics to streamline decision making.
  • Advanced routing system. 
  • Protects your website against DDoS attacks.
  • User friendly interface for technical and non technical users.
  • Configure timeouts, delays, and request retries to solve any potential network issues.
  • Flexible pricing options.


  • Advanced settings can be tedious to configure.
  • You have to embed code manually into the HTML editor.

8. Rackspace CDN

Rackspace is a content delivery network designed to improve website performance. By enabling Rackspace CDN on your WordPress site, you pull content from servers faster, implement caching rules, and more. This CDN enables decreased load times of images, videos, and ads by caching them on globally distributed edge nodes. You either provision the Rackspace CDN via the cloud control panel or API.


  • Works seamlessly with other Rackspace tools such as Cloud Load Balancers, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Files, and Cloud Servers.
  • Seamless integration with Akamai.
  • Delivers both dynamic and static content effortlessly.
  • Supports content time to live (TTL) values in seconds down to zero so you deliver content in real time.
  • Offers a variety of dedicated, private, and public cloud solutions for your workloads.
  • Enables you to implement edge rules based on resource path so your rules apply to multiple levels of granularity.


  • Limit of 8 KB for request body in the API.
  • Limit of 10 domains per service.

9. Imperva CDN

Imperva CDN is a high speed CDN built with incredible resilience and content caching capabilities. Comes with load balancing and failover functionality to securely deliver applications globally. To provide seamless content delivery, it leverages machine learning which enables it to efficiently cache dynamically generated pages and improve cache utilization. This helps decrease bandwidth by up to 70%. 

In addition to being in our choice of Top 12 Best WordPress CDNs – to Speed Up Load Times, Imperva has multiple content and network optimization techniques to help minimize page rendering. Through its network optimization, it increases connection speeds by up to 50%, improving user experience significantly. Ideally, Imperva secures and accelerates websites and web applications, APIs, and microservices.


  • Advanced load balancing algorithms to distribute content and improve performance.
  • Extensive network of data centre’s that cache dynamic and static content.
  • Leverages the Imperva WAAP security platform to protect your content against security threats.
  • Easy management rules that allow self service customization to meet specific environment needs.


  • Its Attack Correlation Validation policy generates lots of false positives.
  • It can become expensive once you implement extra modules for log analysis.

10. Google Cloud CDN

Cloud CDN provides a powerful platform that enables users to deliver content over Google’s distributed edge caching infrastructure. It also provides secure storage to help companies accelerate performance, improve availability and deliver content quickly. Using Google’s powerful global network of Points of Presence (PoPs), it caches content as close to users as possible. This reduces latency, increases responses during large spikes in traffic and improves deliverability for streaming media that requires low latency. 

Cloud CDN supports modern protocols such as QUIC and HTTP/2 to improve site performance. It pulls content from any HTTP-capable engine, including Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Storage, and Compute Engine backends. The improved performance and scalability makes it the perfect tool for mission critical applications and workloads. With regional caching and dynamic compression, Cloud CDN reduces data size by over 60% to improve page performance.


  • Google provides new users with $300 in free credits to spend on Cloud CDN and get up and running.
  • Uses Cloud Load Balancing to provide advanced configuration and comprehensive routing.
  • Competitive pricing model through its pay as you go model.
  • Integrates seamlessly with other Google services such as App Engine and Compute Engine. 
  • Highly scalable and capable of handling large web content for robust websites.


  • Provides several customization options through its complex setup which can be challenging to new users.
  • Requires users to have some experience in Google Cloud.

11. Microsoft Azure CDN

Azure CDN is a content delivery network that provides WordPress users with high bandwidth by caching content strategically. It also accelerates dynamic content by through network optimizations using POPs. Whether you are running a website of web application, Microsoft CDN reduces load times significantly. Users stream and download large files quickly thanks to improved responsiveness and low latency.


  • Integrate seamlessly with other Azure services.
  • Secures your content from DDoS with WAF.
  • Highly scalable to handle sudden traffic spikes and high loads.
  • Flexible pricing model. 
  • Geo filtering feature to enable you control who accesses your content.
  • Ideal for non cacheable dynamic content generated by web applications.


  • Costs can escalate significantly when handling high traffic.
  • Does not integrate/support web sockets.

12. Fastly CDN

Last on the article list about Top 12 Best WordPress CDNs – to Speed Up Load Times is Fastly. All in all, a WordPress CDN developed to ensure fast, reliable, and scalable content delivery. A real time CDN designed to integrate with your development stack. This CDN provides real time content update as well as caching both static and dynamic content. In addition, this tools enables quick configuration. 

Fastly CDN is designed with the developer in mind. It supports agile DevOps so you create new features effortlessly. The full featured API makes it possible to manage content, clear cache, and turn on features through an API call. Besides, it provides real time observability and baked in security to help you deliver dynamic experience to users. View logs streamed from the edge and metrics, potential problems, and threats. 


  • Utilizes edge caching that significantly reduces latency.
  • Real time logging and analytics that help in analysing performance.
  • Dynamic site acceleration features to improve SEO, retention rates, and ad revenue.
  • Provides dedicated IPs for your domain.


  • Its WAF is hard to configure.
  • Minimum monthly cost of $50 regardless of whether you are using the service or not.

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Thank you for reading the whole article about Top 12 Best WordPress CDNs – to Speed Up Load Times. We shall conclude this list now. 

Top 12 Best WordPress CDNs - to Speed Up Load Times Conclusion

With the help of WordPress CDN, even the busiest websites get the speed boost they need to stay ahead in the game. Therefore, it’s essential to get a high quality CDN and accelerate your website’s performance. Using one of the above best WordPress content delivery networks on the market ultimately translates into fast load times and eventually increased user engagement and improved search engine rankings. All you need is to ensure you have a reliable CDN to get the work done.

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